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  1. Doesn’t take a Genius to figure that out.
  2. This has made me realise I don’t (I think) have any Wu albums on vinyl. I chose to buy them all on CD. P!
  3. Camel

    Dredd 3D

    Yeah what. That must mean he’s older than you. That’s surely impossible.
  4. Camel

    Dredd 3D

    I love the film but this is an amazing description.
  5. Does it care whether it's a PAL or NTSC unit? One thing I didn't realise until recently about the Super Game Boy is that the clock speed is all wrong. Fixed in the Super Game Boy 2.
  6. Sooooooooo stupidly difficult. Ridiculously so. Such a shame.
  7. On the Mega Drive it has a hidden version of C64 game P.O.D.
  8. Yeah I always wanted to love Spindizzy but I just found it frustrating.
  9. I’ve got a saver between my PSU and C64.
  10. Proof that this old pirate was happy to give up three disks for Alter Ego. That’s the wonky Geoff Capes. Wonder if it works. I’ll try it when I’m back in the same place as my C64.
  11. There are definitely old school ones that let you plug in a VMU; I have one that also supports Saturn twin sticks.
  12. This is what I would do. Don't buy anything online from CEX though.
  13. This is brilliant.
  14. New Bronx Slang album.
  15. Didn't the 360 version have a horrible soft filter that couldn't be turned off? Is that present in the PS4 version?
  16. I should have been more clear. My guess is Mugsy's Revenge.
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