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  1. First day posting on here in ages http://img856.imageshack.us/img856/3786/20130609125044.jpg Steel Tin 24 PS2 Game £1.00 Clock Tower 3 50p Just Dance 4 Wii U Factory sealed £5.00! Lumines PS2 £1.00 Animal Crossing DS £3.00 Pokemon £2.50 Rascal PS1 game (never heard of it) 50p 4 Gameboy games Chase HQ, Space Invaders, QIX and 5 in 1 50p for all of them LHX Attack Megadrive 50p Unknown tv plug in game (which me and Super Quincy will endeavor to find out how bad it is) 50p and a Dell Pocket PC for £3.60 as it was all I had left.. Edit: Oh and a Leap Pad 2 For £15.00 just went in to Tesco and saw it for £64.99 and Just Dance 4 for £34.99
  2. Yeah must have shame its not factory sealed could have been worth some money
  3. Just went into my basement to have a sort out of my games and i just found a sealed copy of Faxanadu on the Nes does anyone know if this is worth any money sealed. And also in the Nes days did Nintendo put the seal of approval on there games or 3rd party games Upon closer inspection its been re sealed
  4. Absolutely gutted today turned up nice and early to boot fair today to see a near mint copy of Suikoden in the hands of a young polish women who probably had no idea what it was and the seller let her have it for 50p!! It actually ruined my whole day i was crying inside Bar that I came away with some factory sealed GC games resi and sonic adventure battle 2
  5. Yeah me to i dont want to alter the size of my 3DS coz i want to get the circle pad extension (Shudder!!)
  6. Also (not sure if this is the right place) Does anyone want to Join my Mario Kart 7 Community If so the code is 54 7436 5412 6010 Rules are 150cc All Items
  7. 3DS Battery Replacment I recently purchased a new Battery for the 3DS. This battery to be precise http://www.play.com/Games/DS/4-/20060619/G5-Online-Replacement-Battery-3-7V-2000-mAh-For-Nintendo-3DS/Product.html?searchtype=allproducts&searchsource=0&searchstring=3ds+battery&urlrefer=search Now the standard 3DS battery that comes with the 3DS is a 1300mah so when i bought the 2000mah i thought i would be getting a slightly better battery, little did i know i was wrong. I decided to do a test with my girlfriends 3DS still with the original battery, i charged both 3DS's to the maximum made sure the 3D slider was up to max and the brightess on both was at the highest i also left both consoles on the Dashboard. after just over an hour my 3DS with the new 2000mah Battery had already dropped one Bar and my girlfriends was still at full power. Sadly i could not do a full battery test as i had other things to do but it just shows that the Official Nintendo Battery is better. There are actually 3 of these 2000mah Batterys on the play.com website and they are all different prices but they all look exactly the same. So i dont know if there more expensive ones are any better im guessing not.
  8. Very late booting today but still came away with some nice finds. By pinkspider31 at 2011-10-02 Poplocross and Blade Dancer - 2.00 each Street Fighter Dragon Punch Energy Drink - 50p Terminator MD - 50p Fist of the North Star Gameboy - 1.50 By pinkspider31 at 2011-10-02 DS Games Dementium the Ward, Dead and Furious, Mega Man Star Force, Flower Sun and Rain (From the People that made Killer 7 Looks very Interesting) and Diner Dash - 15 quid the lot By pinkspider31 at 2011-10-02 And in the same vain as Superquincy's Weird VCR Game I found a rather similar Sega VCR Driving Game for 3 quid Has anyone played this?
  9. Would be interested in the Wii Case Closed game if your wanting to sell it. Cheers Mate
  10. Also a seller had a copy of Final Fantasy 9 for sale, i asked him how much? he said ""its 7 quid but its got the first disc missing but apart from that its all there" lol Another guy had a Gameboy color and about 20 games or so. how much? "30 quid but i may take 25" i told him i was interested in a few games and would he be willing to sell them separately, expecting him to say no he thought about it and said ok. i chose 4 games and asked him how much? "15 quid!" he said, i said "what how did you work that out? you said 25 quid for the lot a second ago, he said thats what the price is, i put them down and walked off.
  11. Today's bits House of the Dead Hand Cannon - 2 quid Intellivision Console - 2 quid Megadrive games - 4.50 the lot DC Game Shadow Man - 50p PS1 Games Beast Wars and Creatures - 1 quid Wii Game Rune Factory - 4 quid Mario GBA 1.50 and Millennium Falcon TV game (for superquincy) By pinkspider31 at 2011-08-29
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