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  1. I know this isn't a serious post (I think?) but all "official servers" are now empty because rented ones are getting preference on matchmaking,. Anyway there are two reasons I quit this game, and 99% (not an exageration) of servers being some sort of hell with 500% tickets, fast respawns, metro only, fast vehicle respawn, no shotguns, kill the admin and get kicked or other idiotic settings is one of them. It's literally impossible to get into a server with "normal" settings with a normal map rotation for conquest without having to pay $30 for a rented server. I don't know what it is about this game, I have no problems playing TF2 or CoD4 on dedicated servers with normal rules, but the BF3 playerbase loves clusterfuck type maps/modes/settings where they can sit in a corner racking up points throwing grenades into one of the locker rooms on metro etc. What DICE have done here is pretty horrible really.
  2. You wait years for a new Xcom then 2 turn up at once. This and Xenonauts makes it a great year for Xcom fans.
  3. After getting to 50 and doing some dungeons and PvP I think I'm done with the game. The levelling was really really good until around level 40 where it sort of fell apart, still the best levelling in an MMO I've played so that's pretty good. The PvP though is just really bad, I don't get why they don't let you queue as an ops group, I don't get why there is only one bracket for every player, even with the scaling level 20's and 30's are going to get steam rolled by a level 50, and if it's a level 50 in champion pvp gear you may as well leave. The fact you have to grind this mode over and over since it seems to have the best gear in the game atm is terrible, the gear is also random, you get a loot bag that you spend the points on then you have a chance to get a random item for your class, sometimes you won't get anything, it's ridiculous. Dungeons are OK, nothing special, buggy but serviceable. The problem with them is the standing around for an hour spamming chat looking for dps/healers etc. People in the guild are either still levelling or have no interest in doing them. WoW perfected this with the LFG system, standing around for 30-60 minutes trying to get a group together is a killer nowadays. It also doesn't help that the best place to search for people (Imperial Fleet) only has 120 people on it at peek time on one of the heaviest servers in the EU. I kind of predicated the game would have good levelling and poor end game, but I expected it to hold my interest for longer than 2 days, only so long you can stand around looking for a group before it's too much. I can see a lot of people feeling the same way once they reach 50, it's either grind pvp arenas or stand around searching for a group.
  4. There's no way this is deliberate, you skip half the course.
  5. I haven't played this in a week so went on it again tonight and I can't believe they haven't fixed the wuhu island/mountain exploit yet. Like 50% or more people pick that course and it's ALWAYS the Japanese players that exploit it, what's with that? Awful stuff, going from 1st/2nd to like 6th with no one overtaking me. Would be OK if I wasn't playing this course >50% of the time, sigh.
  6. New maps are very good, not a single old map I'd want to replay now. Conquest Assault on the other hand is a terrible game mode. Good expansion overall. Also they fixed the super long load times for me which is excellent.
  7. THPS2 is one of the best games ever so this is good news.
  8. You sure? I went from around 630 to 720 purely from online worldwide but didn't unlock anything.
  9. The only "disappointment" in this game is that the coins you collect online don't unlock Kart parts. If they would have allowed that then this would have been perfect, I don't want to play vs AI now I've tasted the online. Still the best MK game though imho.
  10. I hope more online games steal the communities idea in the future, it is great.
  11. Feels like it's more than that. Either way the guns have changed for the worst, I don't know anyone that complained about the guns as a whole before the patch, so why change it? The M16A3 is the only one that feels any fun to use now. Before the patch I'd switch between M16A3, AEK, F2000, M249, G36C and all felt different and fun. Now I won't touch any of those apart from the first. It makes me
  12. I don't get it, why did they change how all the guns feel? They all feel awful now, not a single gun I like to use whereas before there were 5 or 6 I could switch between happily. I don't get why you'd even change that. Engineer is out of the question for me now, their guns are the worst. This game went from fun to not very fun so fucking quickly, I can't believe it.
  13. Has anyone else noticed two people killing eachother at the same time now? Like: <John> M16A3 Killed <Jimmy> <Jimmy> F2000 Killed <John> has happened quite a few times since the patch. One other thing I've noticed is the guns feeling different. More recoil, more spread I think. Whatever it is I can't find a gun that feels good, I just end up switching between loads each round and I'll be "nope, something off with this one" and so on. The only one that feels half as good as the guns pre-patch is the M16A3.
  14. Sounds good to me. The guy must have had a load of crazy ideas for games that never got realised. Hopefully this move will mean some of those ideas are released as games via DD.
  15. tbf I'd pay full price (£30) for both those games with online play if they were released on a cart Now I've got myself all excited for something that'll never happen
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