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  1. Expansion and iPad version!!!!! So so so so so so hyped. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2013/11/12/bye-life-ftl-getting-free-avellone-penned-expansion/
  2. This is simultaneous coop/comp? I genuinely had no idea and I've played this a lot!
  3. I don't get how it's better than the chase camera you got in BF3 as you could if there shots landing behind the player you were going to spawn on?
  5. The suppression change is really bad new for me, I loved the idea of it. yes bullets shouldn't bend round your target, but then why doesn't the suppressed characters aim become shaky as hell. If snipers become any more powerful in BF4 it's going to be boring as piss.
  6. For a company that just made a BILLION DOLLARS, two weeks is more than enough. They knew they had clocked 8 million at launch. It's a slack way of trying to keep money.
  7. I;m not in the BF4 beta, but the BF3 beta was ropey as hell as they used a real early build and were just testing servers and balancing I think.
  8. True, but fuck the police! (in the game, much love for the police irl, nigga)
  9. Does anyone not have Half Life 2 + Ep1 or Bioshock, that would like it. Please take these off me!? 7 of the headline games on the store are early access or beta offers right now. Personally, I'm only interested in finished products, so it's a bit tedious. Feels like a lot of this stuff should be done by playtesters and QA, they get a public demo and done. I guess Kickstarter and Greenlight are genuinely changing the landscape.
  10. I bought them after they hit an all time low after the event, still waiting for them to climb....
  11. First person mod + oculus rift + gta v = goodbye sweet world
  12. Also - Bob Seger, never heard of this guy before, Hollywood Nights is a banger. man the radios are just fucking great. AS ALWAYS. GTA4 introduced me to 'Be Your Dog' by Iggy and the Stooges, for which I am eternally grateful (and also all the stuff on the ambient radio show).
  13. So when you're flying the helicopters you get a beatless version of 'We were set up' which is utterly amazing, but the spotify album doesn't have this, only the version with loads of horns and a classic Shadow break on it. No bad thing, but I want that ambient version for night time driving round Bristol! Is it on any of the special edition stuff you lot got?
  14. Probably, but won't mention that till a big conference like E3. Controller will be the next announcement. Cross platform compatible with steam shortcut buttons. But please god not that fucking awful trackball.
  15. Streaming from a base computer to the steam machine, it seems to mean. not worded well.
  16. Also once you find the first parachuting mission, there'll be a chopper at every jump site that you can nab. EDIT: saw above response, never mind!
  17. I think htat improves with your progression through flight school? They're bastard hard to nip in between buildings regardless!
  18. I think it does have impact by having the 3 male protagonists, there's a clear story line centering about what is masculinity in the modern age. What is men's purpose in the world and so on. I certainly would love to see a good female character at some point, or even god forbid, an actual non skin replacement charcter to play as. But for the game world and story as I have experienced so far, a female protagonist wouldn't have added anything to the story. (Only 22/4% in)
  19. I'm not far in and I'll probably be left disappointed, but the women in GTA don't seem badly written to me thus far, they seem very deliberately one dimensional to suggest and highlight plot points and central themes to the game. Maybe that's too apologistic for the Housers and I have yet to see how the plot plays out. But the way the females are written seems to be quite specifically highlighting flaws in the protagonists' world views and the way the game (a take on the modern culture and media) portrays what females should be.
  20. A lot of people are kicking off about the one sided female characters and just how nasty the game's protagonists are and after the I certainly understand the latter comment. the females I've encountered are all screaming harpies looking to get theirs in the game, but is this justified by: I'm only 24% in though so it might all change!
  21. http://www.vg247.com/2013/09/16/gta-5-reviews-begin-get-all-the-scores-here/ Preorder reordered
  22. That's a cool video! looking forward to the new version!
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