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  1. Oh MAN, I almost got Ixion on my first go without even really intending to have it be a proper run at him. Skipped straight out of Biome 1 without levelling anything and ran pretty quickly through core path doors in Crimson Wastes just so I could unlock the shortcut back up the mountain. Rocked up at Ixion with about a third of my health bar left and got him to half way down his last bar before his red impact rings o' doom caught me out one time too many. I definitely feel like Crimson Wastes and Ixion are an easier proposition than Overgrown Ruins and Phrike. Overall I think my bi
  2. Yeah I had the same happen to me - sold a shitload of fish and a one-off piece of rare meat. Ended up meaning that I couldn't craft some of the more useful recipes. They definitely needed to open up the cooking stuff earlier and make the description of meat less open to interpretation that you might as well sell it. I completed this the other night. Quite enjoyed the last major area all the way through to the end credits, actually - having said I felt like the second half of the game dropped off from the first, I still think it does but the last hour or so lessened the extent I fel
  3. We can certainly agree on that - utterly loathed that ship section. 7 was a really fantastic series reboot in so many ways, but that bit was naff.
  4. I'm nearing the end of the game now. Thoughts are somewhat mixed, but seem to be relatively in-tune with what most think in that I really enjoyed the first half of the game and have felt like it's tailed off pretty significantly in the second half. Will reserve full judgement until the final credits roll, mind.
  5. Played a few hours of this last night and, like others it seems, the opening hour or so left me a bit underwhelmed, which is odd as this is basically a blend of my two favourite previous Resi games. It improved a lot for me once I got inside into what feels like the game's first 'main' new location. Anyhow, am looking forward to playing a bit more tonight as it did feel like it was beginning to really hit its stride when I turned it off and went to bed.
  6. My PS5 version turned up earlier from Game Collection, housed in a neat little lenticular sleeve. Got it installing now.
  7. Yeah I don’t like that change so much. Biome 1 is pretty bloody difficult as it is (or was) - the last thing they needed to do was stack the odds even further against new players.
  8. Ugh, had two runs ended by two crashes this afternoon. I love this game but think I’ll hang fire on it until tonight’s patch or a few more stability patches. Losing an hour of progress each time is gutting
  9. Cant say for anything beyond the second which is where I am, but that is significantly different
  10. I finally beat Phrike! Took me the best part of 8 fucking hours to do it, but I got there! Got a lucky roll of the dice for once and had a level 5 Carbine and a whole bunch of Integrity Resin drops but wow, what a feeling it was seeing that prick go down after the repeated beatings it’s given me! Current mood:
  11. Patch notes: - Fixed game loading issues. - Addressed various game crashing issues. - Added stability fixes. - Added game performance fixes. - Other minor fixes.
  12. There are rumblings that pace in F2 might be slightly skewed by people with deeper pockets getting fresher parts each round. I know Callum Ilott and Guiliano Alesi mentioned things along those lines earlier this year. Wouldn’t surprise me if Mazapin Jr was getting parts that contributed somewhat to his competitive performances. Not entirely, of course. You still have to be reasonably decent to win in F2. I just think he’s ill-prepared mentally and physically for what F1 requires from a driver.
  13. I know he’s got a numpty as a teammate, but I’ve been quietly impressed by Mickey Schu so far. He seems to be doing a good job in a very, very average car.
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