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  1. kiroquai

    NFL 2020!

    Really proud of the Browns. At the start of the season no-one would have believed someone saying we’d run the Chiefs damn close in the divisional round.
  2. I'm almost entirely sure this is because he doesn't fancy dealing with Alonso.
  3. kiroquai

    NFL 2020!

    Oh yes, that would absolutely happen to us more often than not. We'd probably have lost at least three players on the same play due to them running into each other in the confusion and getting hurt, too. My only regret about all of this is that it's happening in the year when we can't have fans in the stadiums/attendances are hugely reduced. The amount of noise Browns fans can make when the team is doing well is unbelievable. That said, the fact we are getting any kind of NFL this year is worth the empty stadiums every day of the week so can't complain too much. On anot
  4. Ah yeah, good shout there! Good ol' Michael. Didn't show quite how talented he really was during his F1 stint. Talking of 1993, amazing to think of how much of the sport's winning history is captured in this one battle during the 1993 South African Grand Prix: 14 World Championships, 183 race wins and 166 pole positions.
  5. kiroquai

    NFL 2020!

    Okay okay I take it back - maybe we should only get to practice one time every week! Man, that's our first playoff game won since 1995. Unbelievable.
  6. kiroquai

    NFL 2020!

    So we (the Browns) have been unable to practice all week due to our facilities being shut down, our head coach and a number of other coaches have tested positive for Covid and now a number of players have too... and yet the NFL have said our playoff game against the Steelers this weekend will go ahead as planned. Absolute madness. Earlier in the season a similar outbreak for the Ravens led to their game (also with the Steelers) being delayed for almost a week. Not entirely sure why the NFL are playing hardball here in completely similar circumstances.
  7. Yup, me too! There was a definite element of 'too good to be true' about it as the renders did look quite advanced at the time, and as the months went on the complete lack of any demo or moving footage began to make everyone (rightly, as it turned out) sceptical. Funnily enough, a lot of what Racing Legends was positioning itself to be is what we ended up with in iRacing some six years later. On a related note, I highly recommend subscribing to GPLaps' channel on YouTube. He mostly focuses on Grand Prix Legends and his stuff is a great watch. He recently did an 8-hour stream in whi
  8. A fun little F1 fact nugget that I was reminded of today and thought I'd pass on: That ^ is Jack Brabham during the 1957 Pescara Grand Prix. It was usually a non-championship race, but for 1957 was a proper championship event. The circuit was also 16 miles long and wound its way through country and village roads, making it (not the Nurburgring) the longest circuit that Formula One has ever raced on. Anyway, Jack started running out of fuel late in the race so he ended up parking his car at a local petrol station somewhere along the lap. The petrol station a
  9. Meerman is, of course, actually a fan of mid-80's Dutch F1 backmarker Huub Rothengatter and is secretly president of his fan club!
  10. So Toto is hanging around for another three years. Wonder if Lewis will too? I think Daimler having a lesser share of the team is good for it in the long-run; kind of protects it against a future manufacturer withdrawal a little more.
  11. I would agree with that. I think somewhere between 16 - 20 races is ideal for me. I watched through a couple of 35(ish)-race NASCAR seasons a few years back and after the initial 'cool - there's another race this weekend!' thing wore off, the last third of the season really began to drag a little. Plus, yeah - we're beginning to hit the point now where people are going to be away from their homes for over half a year. It's going to put a pretty big strain on the guys and girls working behind the scenes in the garages, and their families at home. Rather curiously, despite having re-
  12. Looking more and more like Perez is getting that second Red Bull seat.
  13. Good news: Callum Ilott is Ferrari’s 2021 test driver. Bad news: Sir Frank Williams is currently stable in hospital with an as-yet undisclosed medical condition.
  14. kiroquai

    NFL 2020!

    This is true. Plus, looking on the positive side, it means us and the Titans are still going to be in a playoff race with each other to a degree, which will hopefully ensure Henry and Chubb keep racking up the big yards for my fantasy team in my league's playoffs!
  15. 'Word on the street' is that Red Bull really rate Tsunoda. Like... so much they even considered putting him straight into the main Red Bull team for 2021. Won't happen and I still think it'll be Perez in that second RB seat and Tsunoda alongside Gasly at Alpha Tauri. Oh, and seems like there's no bad blood between these two despite the rather awkward job situation!
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