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  1. Hah, that's cool - the 'keeper for England ('Palferman') is actually named after my old buddy Rob Palfreman who worked for Silicon Dreams for a bunch of years and eventually ended up at Rebellion, where I worked/car-shared with him for a good while. Lovely chap. Am guessing a lot of the other player names are Silicon Dreams staff too
  2. If it’s raining outside, ask Lando if he wants to come in to change to wet tyres. (Actually, don’t!) On a serious note, you could ask Zak Brown if preserving and celebrating McLaren’s history is as exciting for him as developing their new cars. The guy is a big petrol head who loves driving around in old racing cars.
  3. I can hear that picture I also have this on the top shelving part of my work desk!
  4. A very good point, that. Definitely something you have to keep in mind when lauding Chapman. Beautiful cars that really pushed the envelope, but that would also fold up like one if you so much as looked at them the wrong way.
  5. Hm tricky one if we have to pick an F1 car. I'd love a 156 (Sharknose) Ferrari from 1961, but they were all chopped up eventually and none remain. Obviously love the FW14B too. The Ferrari F2004 is possibly the most dominant (and fastest) F1 car ever. I can't take my overall choice as it's a series of cars, but I'll take arguably the best version of it: The Lotus 72D. The most successful form the 72 took over its 6 (!) years of service. 72D spanned the end of 1971 until the start of 1973 and gave Emmo a world title. Plus, I mean... just look at the thing. Before the Lotus 72, F1 cars looked like this: After the Lotus 72, F1 cars looked like this: That's an insane amount of progress in six years, and it can all be traced back to Colin Chapman waving his magic wand and changing the entire face of the sport again back in the Spring of 1970.
  6. Hm, well... 1967 Ferrari 330P4, chassis 0856. Only one left in good condition (four were built). This exact one finished 2nd at the Daytona 500 and 3rd at the Le Mans 24 that year. It also won the 1000km of Monza, which was one of the very last races that Lorenzo Bandini was able to drive before his tragic Monaco crash in May. It kind of bridges that gap between the old and the new, in a lot of ways. Sports car racing was about to be totally re-invented by Porsche and the 917 (I'd happily have a 917 as my second favourite after the P4). It looks incredible. It sounds even more incredible. Currently under the ownership of one Mr. Lawrence Stroll.
  7. So, having heard much about it I’ve been playing this little gem the past few nights: It’s fantastic! So much personality and variety packed into such a little file size. Not hugely challenging but still a total joy to play - controls are good, music is great and it packs a bunch of character into its visuals too. Sadly, it’s also hideously expensive. You’re looking at £100 and above for a genuine English-language copy. I’m using a… er… ‘tribute’ cartridge sourced from AliExpress. You can also find it on the Castlevania Collection (which I also own) if you fancied a slightly more legal/moral way to play. Highly recommend it!
  8. Myself the the wife plan to once we’ve done The Quarry (which we are nearing the end of and distinctly so-so about). She got me into the series as she’d played Until Dawn and loved it. I also really enjoyed that, and I actually really liked Little Hope too. Wasn’t hugely keen on Man of Medan and House of Ashes wasn’t particularly memorable for me. Will be interesting to hear your thoughts on Devil In Me. It’s apparently rather divisive
  9. Amazing! Looks like the chassis of one of their mid-eighties CART cars with a million other things bolted to it. Remember listening to a podcast about the dreadful 1993 Lola F1 car and discovering it had its roots in a wind tunnel refurb they had done in 1990/1991. Ended up screwing up their F1 stuff and CART stuff for a number of years and almost bought the entire company down. (It amazingly wasn’t an excuse for their 1997 disaster as the wind tunnel had been fixed and that car didn’t actually run in the wind tunnel anyway). Sad they’re gone, really. An iconic name.
  10. All this talk of rubbish commentators reminds me of one of my few ‘I was near a famous person’ stories. I’d been in London for a day or two and had hopped on my usual train back up to the midlands. There I was, reading my Autosport and sipping my coffee, when an awfully familiar voice rang out from the chair in front of me. Who else could it be but our lord and saviour I always relentlessly mocked his commentary on the FIFA games and would make clear my disdain to anyone within earshot when he was co-commentator on any game I was watching on telly. Anyway, it was a quiet train and I couldn’t help but overhear the phone conversation he was having. Dunno who it was to or quite what about, but I ended up feeling bad for the years of anti-Townsend propaganda as he sounded like a really lovely bloke, repeatedly telling whomever it was on the other end not to worry and that be delighted to help in any way he could. This all lasted as far as my usual destination of Banbury. Had a cursory glance as I disembarked and sure enough, it was definitely him. I did have to summon insane amounts of self-control not to turn around and say ‘You’re right there, Clive!’ as I walked past, mind.
  11. I enjoy pretty much most types of games, but I've never clicked with 2D fighters at all. I'm awful at them, and despite many attempts to get into one I just can't. Tekken, Soul Calibur etc I am alright with, but Street Fighter. King of Fighters, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure etc aren't my bowl of pudding. That said, I can really appreciate the depths of understanding many have for them and I find watching two skilled players fighting it out good fun.
  12. Max's potential for record-breaking is scary. He's 25, has two world championships and 35 race wins. At the same age: Hamilton: 1 world championship and 14 wins Schumacher: 1 world championship and 10 wins Vettel: 3 world championships (!) and 25 wins Alonso: 2 world championships and 15 wins Inoue: 2 safety cars and infinite embarrassment If Newey knocks around for another decade we could be about to go into a Schumacher and Ferrari level of complete domination unless Merc can make a good car again and Ferrari can stop being themselves.
  13. Interesting year in some ways. The new cars looked awkward, heavy and cumbersome in testing and the porpoising made it worse, but once the season got rolling they weren’t too bad. They’re still entirely too big and heavy, but they weren’t a total disaster and likely improved the quality of the racing a little. Obviously Max/Red Bull kind of made that a moot point. Ferrari didn’t help by squandering a great car with strategic ineptitude. Merc’s much-hyped revival never came, but was good to see Russell doing well and getting his win. Was quite disappointed by McLaren. They ended 2021 racing for victories on occasion, but never looked even close this season. Alpine were a watered-down Ferrari in how much they wasted a potentially great car, this time due to unreliability. The rest were a bit *shrug*. AlphaTauri went backwards. Alfa Romeo started brilliantly but then did the classic Sauber Slide as they got out-developed by almost the entire grid. Zhou completely surprised me, though - he looked well worth his seat. Haas proved that focussing on 2022 was worth it, and it was good to see Albon peddling that Williams well into the midfield. Oh, and Aston were there too. Sad to see Seb go. Proof positive that once you’re outside of the Horner and Marko bubble then you’re likely to become a very likeable driver indeed. Main highlight of 2022 for me will forever be watching the second half of the season with my little son. I’ll quote reply this post after the 2040 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix when he’s just crossed the line to become the youngest F1 champion in history.
  14. I saw the Panasonic Q and quickly realised my wallet was in dangerous territory so declined to watch too much more!
  15. Thought it would be rude not to etc etc: Lovely little thing, this. The IPS screen really brings out a load of the colours/detail I'd not even really noticed all those years ago on the old AGS-001 unlit screen.
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