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  1. Red Bull protest against DAS has been thrown out. Pretty sure Horner and co knew it would be and just wanted clarification to make sure their own interpretation of the system was legal.
  2. Seems to be a bit of a lunch-hour exercise club forming on my Island...
  3. This car is pretty stunning. Could do without the red but eh, that was the case with the silver version too. Looks pretty damned fast, too. We'd best hope Red Bull are keeping their powder dry because initial signs from Ferrari are about as bad as everyone had feared.
  4. Never been so pleased to see cars out on a Friday morning.
  5. That's a fair point. Am wondering if it was narrow enough whether they could cover/remove it when the two-wheeled nutters go at it .
  6. The old-timer in me thinks that the easy solution to all this would be replacing the sausage kerbs with a wide strip of gravel that would slow the cars down/cost them time if they ran wide but not potentially launch them towards Narnia if they hit it at speed. Not a proper gravel trap, just something a metre or so across that runs alongside the exit of the corner.
  7. kiroquai

    F1 2020

    Yeah I’m in day one on this. Looking forward to it.
  8. I sat down for my first career race on the PS4 version last night. 40 minutes of Zolder. Had a silly/inexperienced moment in the middle but that led to the second half of the race being very fun. Led away from pole position and for the first 20 minutes of the race I was pulling away into a tidy lead. The Aston is a pretty nice car really, and I was banging in laps consistently between 1.32.5 and 1.33.0. Then, pitstop time and I really screwed up. For some reason I figured that as I had left the speed limiter to be automatic, the pitlane driving would be automatic too. As such, I looked at my phone and BAM, car smashed into the concrete divider in what is admittedly a stupidly narrow pitlane. Massive damage. I then spent about a dozen seconds reversing and going forwards into my pitbox as the game didn't seem to like my initial attempts at parking. By the time I left the pits I filtered out in 9th in what was a semi-fixed car. Spent the remainder of the race chasing down Robin Frijns and on the last lap stuck a really satisfying move on him into the penultimate hairpin to take 8th. I should have won handily, but given things ended up being so much fun chasing down Frijns and driving around my car's slightly wonky handling that I had a great time anyway.
  9. I think we named it after Boozy as tribute for his excellent attitude to online racing with us - just turning up and having fun. There pretty much every week too. Felt appropriate! Gary is still around but unfortunately not for too much longer, it would seem. His age has finally caught up with him and he's pretty ill. On a more positive note, you should team up with @Thor for old-time F1 league lols.
  10. @Meerman - the Gary leaderboard was for the top three fastest laps in each race (3-2-1 points awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd) and the Boozy leaderboard was adding up peoples' grid positions each race, with the lowest score obviously being better for that one (the higher the number, the lower the position on the grid after all)
  11. Many thanks to you and your Missus @Rayn - left a Nook Miles Ticket and a 99,000 Bells tip on my way home
  12. Indeed. I am half-wondering if Racing Point might be ahead of them this coming weekend.
  13. No patches in sight yet. I think the main problem with it is that a lot of people are going to be used to Gran Turismo and Forza, which are both cases of turning the wheel on, turning the game on and then just driving. Gran Turismo was a bit of a marvel to me in that I didn't need to tweak any settings at all with my wheel and it felt great out of the box. Going to something where you have to spent a good few hours changing values in-game and on the wheel itself to make it feel good isn't going to be fun for most folks... especially if you add that to the current bug where some wheels aren't recognised on first load and require a full bindings reset. Obviously, ACC is a full-on sim whilst GT and Forza aren't so a bit of tweaking might be expected I suppose, but the sensitivity issue doesn't help. If you, for example, drive the McLaren first and get a setting that feels good for that, you'll then hop in a Porsche and understeer like a shopping trolley and not really know what's going on unless you happen across the information above. As for the framerate... to be fair, I got used to it pretty quickly. I am using a PS4 Pro and have not raced around a group of cars yet, but out on circuit with a couple of others during practice and qualifying at Zolder yesterday it seemed relatively stable 30fps. It certainly doesn't look great or run well in comparison with other games on the console (including, slightly bizarrely, the original Assetto Corsa) but I felt for me it was alright. Having finally gotten some wheel settings that felt good and allowed me to concentrate on where I was placing my car rather than what the piece of metal and plastic in my hands was doing, I have to say it's a great driving experience and this is coming from a fairly recent GT3 type car convert. The Aston is nice and predictable to drive so that helped. There is a great driving game in there for console users, but it's buried a bit so people need to dig (and hope for a few helping patches) to really get the most out of it and let it shine. I can totally see why PC players, who don't have these concerns, love the thing.
  14. Got my shiny Zeraora today. Still plugging away on trying to encounter chain a shiny Axew. Up to 457 encounters now and no luck so far! Might try and breed for one instead
  15. I reckon Red Bull might be very handy this weekend. They've been burning the midnight oil getting new bits for the car, and they'll have an upgraded Honda too.
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