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  1. I started watching F1 at the wrong time to really appreciate Prost I think. My first full season was 1989 and that year he totally lucked into the title due to Senna, who had spent most of the season being comfortably quicker, having an insane amount of bad luck. Then the way he moaned his way out of Ferrari, followed by the shenanigans that got him into the Williams for 1993 and how many times Senna embarrassed him in an inferior car that year. What I wasn't around for were the years 1982 - 1988 where he made fuel and tyre consumption an art form and was able to go quicker than he had any right to for longer than his fuel and tyres should have allowed. Having subsequently watched either extended highlights or full races for every race in the 1980s, it really is remarkable just how much more he was able to squeeze out of his cars. I think the other thing that really stops people getting misty-eyed over Prost was that he was glacier-smooth all the time. You watch a Senna qualifying lap and it's bursting with mad energy. Prost is like a guided missile gliding serenely and quickly to his target.
  2. Set some laps in C, B and A class - really enjoy this circuit! All about balancing the throttle and getting the nose tucked into the apex. Am finding getting the inside front wheel on the dirt/grass on the inside of some of the corners really helps swing the car through it a little quicker.
  3. There is definitely a helicopter shot, but couldn't find it on any of the videos online. Doesn't look quite as bad from above IIRC. I think the main thing is that the accident probably would have been avoided had race direction actually done the sensible thing and told Mercedes first and then told Red Bull. As it was, Lewis didn't have a clue what Max was doing as his team hadn't been informed and the resulting confusion along with Max wandering around a little and trying to be clever with the DRS resulted in the collision.
  4. I think the majority of Max's problems are caused by three people: Christian Horner, Helmut Marko and his Dad. They've basically created an environment for him like they did with Vettel and it's turned him into being incredibly petulant. It's hard to realise you are doing wrong stuff when you spend all your time being told you're in the right by the people that pay you or bought you up. I'd love to see the guy out of that team and with Ferrari or Mercedes. Very much get the feeling he's a decent dude whose just in a pretty shitty environment. Easy to forget he's the same age as Russell and Leclerc and younger than Gasly and Ocon. Plus, he's one hell of a driver too. If he'd finished that qualifying lap on Saturday it'd have been one of those Senna at Monaco in 1988 kinds of laps that people would have been remembering for decades to come.
  5. Using my patchy memory, I think Lewis won three of his championships having trailed in the standings at one point
  6. Sadly we just missed a fun Ocon/Bottas moment so we could watch Lewis coasting home in the lead.
  7. Ocon is flying. Superb defensive performance.
  8. Max is now only going as quick per lap as Ocon, so don’t think Red Bull will be able to find a space.
  9. Congrats to the director for missing that.
  10. Can we just appreciate how in the fuck Lewis is going so quick with a knackered end plate.
  11. It takes a lot to get Ron Meadows angry. He is livid. Would not surprise me if Lewis puts Max in the wall when Max has to let him through again.
  12. When this is green it’s an amazing spectacle. Odds are as high as they will ever be and these two are leaving nothing on the table. This is stuff people will remember for years.
  13. Yeah, it’s really taken him out of play. Merc could have used him to put pressure on Red Bull but instead he’s just gotten himself stuck behind Ocon and Riccy.
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