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  1. Yeah, he's been great. I've not always been on his side (the stuff with Gibernau at Jerez in 2005 was a bit silly, for example) but he's been wonderful for the sport. He's just confirmed that Valencia this year will be his last MotoGP race.
  2. Incidentally (and only because I am currently doing the same) - if folks are looking to delve back to older, full races, I have an alternate suggestion. YouTube currently has, from what I can see, complete CART seasons from between 1983 until the mid 2000's. This includes what I consider to be the 'golden era' between 1991 and 1999. Amazing, brutally powerful cars on complete mixture of circuit types and with a whole bunch of different driver personalities. Mears! Emmo! Fat Nigel! Al Unser Jr! Pre-F1 Jacques Villeneuve! Alex Zanardi! If anyone would like a taster, I'd suggest the 1998 Long Beach Grand Prix or the utterly bonkers 1997 Portland Grand Prix Plus, you get to sample the all-too-brief career of Greg Moore, who was my favourite driver between 1996 and 1999. I've just watched a race where he got into a full-blooded powerslide coming out of a turn on an oval. Guy was a legend, as anyone who could flip the bird at Juan Pablo Montoya whilst going at 230mph would be.
  3. Valentino Rossi calls 'an exceptional' press conference for today at 16:30. Am guessing he might be about to hang up the leathers for the last time. Probably a few years late by my estimate, but then again given how exceptional he's been I can't begrudge him going out when and where he wants.
  4. A subscription to F1TV’s general Access tier (about £3 a month) will gain you access to an archive of all races since 1981, although only selected ones are full and most of the older ones pre-2000 are usually highlights packages between 40-minutes and 15-minutes long. As an example of this, out of 17 races in 1997, 6 have full race options. Looks to me like all races from 2007 onwards are available in full, and recent seasons also have qualifying and practice available to watch in full too. Highly recommended giving it a go - I’ve always felt that it is good value for the amount it costs.
  5. *small and pointless retro F1 interlude begins here* Browsing through this page and saw... ... and my brain's internal predictive text immediately yelled 'SALA!' *small and pointless retro F1 interlude ends here*
  6. I agree that something needs to be done - perhaps some kind of 'repair pool' fund that teams can dip into. In other news... Danny Ric is really struggling
  7. Hah, yes - that said, I was very pleased for Latifi as it did come a few days after Dan Ticktum (who is a Williams reserve driver) called Latifi a bit rubbish. I mean, Latifi is no future world champion but anyone who rubs Dan Ticktum up the wrong way is likely to be looked upon favourably by me. Plus, he has been driving pretty well this season. On another topic, in a world where we can ascertain infinite amounts of detail about any kind of fluid from a drop the size of a pinhead, why do the FIA still need a whole litre of fuel from an F1 car to judge if it is legal or not?
  8. The main team (apart from Aston obvs) that is hurt by Seb’s DQ is Alfa Romeo. Williams now have ten points I believe, which is going to be pretty bloody hard for them to catch up to even if Kimi has gained 1 point from today.
  9. As ever with F1, we are heading towards a huge rule change next season thinking 'er... actually F1's been pretty good this year...'
  10. Hey guys I just got back from being out, am guessing I missed a classic processional Hungarian Grand Prix? Right? RIGHT?! (oh no)
  11. Had the stream on in the background and happened to catch it (director thankfully cut away very quickly) and it looked utterly appalling. Very sad - no-one can race without these guys and girls volunteering their time.
  12. The irony about Verstappen saying that Mercedes celebrating at the end of Silverstone showed 'who they really were' is that all this process has done is clearly show who Red Bull really are, and who they have been for well over a decade now.
  13. Hm, certainly sounds like they said *something* a bit prickly as even the FIA were not impressed by it:
  14. Apparently one of their bits of ‘evidence’ was they got Alex Albon to try to replicate Lewis’ line into Copse on a filming day last week. I believe this warrants a hearty ‘lol’.
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