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  1. Belated reply, but really enjoyed this. Watched a few more of your vids too and enjoyed those as well! Do more video stuff! *gesticulates encouragingly*
  2. in my case, I've never had a problem with their online side of things! Granted I only get a couple of things from them per year, but they're always on-time and as expected. This time, though... yeah I think we can assume I've learned my lesson.
  3. Having a fun time trying to cancel my GAME pre-order for the PS5 at the moment. Sent three support tickets to them about the order, all of which have received a seemingly stock reply of 'sorry you couldn't make your order with your GAME account - don't worry, we will sort out the reward points once the order is processed!'. Tried the automated system on the GAME UK Twitter DM's that does have a 'Cancel Pre-order' button... which then links you to a page to claim on product warranty instead. Sent them and the GAME Help Twitter account both DM's asking them to get back to me about cancelling the
  4. No problem dude , cheers for the tip! Last call for my island: will be closing my gates around 5pm.
  5. Hey! Hey you! You want 446 Bells for your Turnips? Of course you do! Dodo Code above. I’ll be afk but it should be open for the next 4-5 hours. Tips not necessary but very much welcomed . Help yourselves to any fruit you’d like and have a wander about. I’ve got some ace villagers. My Nooks is pretty much a straight shot from the airport. Just run past the left side of my plaza.
  6. Yes, this is true! Your F1 league stats were as follows: First 15 races = 1 poles, 0 wins, 2 podiums. 15 races after = 4 poles, 6 wins, 13 podiums The latter 15 races formed part of your challenge for the title in Season 3 . Coincidentally, we both ended our RLLMUK F1 careers with the same amount of wins: 7.
  7. As a Dallas Stars fan I am currently very excited - I missed out on the Stanley Cup win by a few years having supported them since 2003. I fully expect the Lightning to fight back but man... amazing stuff!
  8. If anyone's struggling to get the Charging Station or Pulse 3D Headset, they are currently both back in stock to pre-order on Amazon. Non-affiliated link to save you time! EDIT @ 11:54 - Charging Station gone again. Headset still available.
  9. Midnight, according to a post from their Twitter account. (EDIT - they originally said midnight, now a vague 'sometime early morning')
  10. Ordered the PS5 Physical, headset and media remote. Remembered I wanted a charging station too, but in the few minutes it took me to realise they'd sold out on Amazon and pretty much everywhere else Am sure they'll pop back in stock for pre-order at some point.
  11. This could be quite a fun Italian race!
  12. kiroquai

    NFL 2020!

    Looks like the Browns are still the Browns. Oh well, at least I have my team on the verge of the Stanley Cup finals in the NHL so I can pretty much completely ignore how consistently awful my NFL team are.
  13. The madness here and at Monza has torpedoed any chance I had of catching up in Fantasy. Had Perez as my turbo drive in Monza and that looked brilliant until Leclerc crashed. Had Stroll here and he looked ok until his tyre went pop.
  14. Mugello is about as fantastic with these cars as I thought it might be. Some truly balls-to-the-wall corners.
  15. Yup! About midway through 2007 they revamped the dayglo red they were running in favour of something a bit darker. Continued to run it through 2008 as well Early season 2007: Later season F2007:
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