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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted Lewis to not be able to overtake the person in front of him as much as I currently don’t want him to be able to pass Lando.
  2. Meers’ purchasing of McLaren things has gotten a little out-of-hand as this picture, taken outside his actual house (background) shows:
  3. Ah cheers man, nice of you to say . It’s reasonably okay to go quickly on a pad, but there’s definitely time to be found with the smoother and more precise inputs my wheel will allow. Definitely struggle to be consistent with the pad! Plus it’s murder on your hands. As such I’ll still be practicing rather than racing for the next month, but am really looking forward to actually being on the grid with you guys at some point soon!
  4. I'm probably showing up the fact that I basically spent all of my time on F1 games since about 2010 - for some reason, I just can't get my head around the Aston, Mercs and Bentleys being fast (which they very clearly are). I'm very much from the school of thinking anything with an engine in the front is old-school! But I am going to give the Aston a try later . I suppose it probably says a lot to the Ferrari's nervousness on Oulton's bumps that I found what is likely an equally nervous car a leap and bound better.
  5. I've got a new favourite car (based on pad use): the NSX. It's so, so much more composed than the Ferrari it's unreal. Managed to better my Oulton consistency a whole bunch and the thing is a joy to drive.
  6. Good ol’ Tomato Adventure. There was a guy on an old forum I was a member of who was mad about it and reckoned it the best thing ever. We didn’t believe him. Turns out it was done by AlphaDream just prior to them doing the first Mario and Luigi so he could very well have been right.
  7. Got back to a 1.36.0 I think. Either that or a 1.36.1 - also got to follow Erik around a bit. Really impressive consistency and speed, can see why you win so much! Thought I'd try to copy some of your lines and stuff but you were just too quick for me. I did, however, get this nice snap of us going through the banked hairpin!
  8. Yup, new server worked absolutely fine for me too - connected no problem and seemed stable. Improved my time a little, although Oulton really does make me wish my wheel and pedals weren't in a box in storage . Really hard to be precise at corners like the first one and the chicanes on the pad.
  9. Finished it myself last night and yeah, echo @Garwoofoo - the story, characters and setting are fantastic, but it's noticeably 'thin' - I kind of wonder if the world situation over the past 18 months kind led to planned content having to be cut or something. It even felt shorter than Before The Storm, which was a DLC side-story and priced accordingly. It certainly didn't feel like a £50 game when set against the previous entries and their price points. Wonder if they'll flesh it out in the future with additional stuff alongside the Steph DLC. I hope so, anyway, as I feel the characters and setting really deserved more time.
  10. Noticed a few of you guys ran in the ol’ Power Q league - what’s he up to these days? Is he done with the sim racing thing? Noticed that all he’s posted in the past three months is an Escape from Tarkov video. Oh, and Oulton is a bit of a rollercoaster. Very tricky with the pad!
  11. Seems to me like it would be - you'd definitely get extra buttons to map things to, and the form factor should make it all a much nicer experience to use. The Formula Rim is an amazing bit of kit, and feels a lot better in extended races than the stock rim did. Also, once you buy the rim then you can buy these official McLaren sunglasses because you'll be looking like such a badass with your branded equipment:
  12. My theory is that once the idea of getting one is in your head to the point where you are almost buying it, you've already subconsciously made the decision . I had the same when I bought the Formula rim for my CSL Elite. I've not regretted it since, though, and I actually enjoy using it much more than the stock rim. I find it much more comfortable and the button locations are much better (well, they were for the F1 games, imagine it'd be similar for ACC). Plus, it's your birthday tomorrow! You enjoy sim racing and it's a hobby you partake in reasonably often (often enough to more than justify a new rim I'd say) so I reckon you should just slap down your money and get one of those rims on the way to Holland ASAP. Incidentally, if I load into the practice server on a week that has a break in it, does it teleport me to a beach somewhere with a drink in-hand?
  13. Well, I had my first 'test' at Misano using the pad - this comprised mostly of spinning off and at one point, losing track of where I was and driving the wrong way down the circuit . Was using the 'stock' 488 and running whatever setup was on the thing already, think I got down to a 1.42 with plenty of time to find . First time I've been around Misano, really like how many tightening radius corner braking zone type things it has! Great fun, though. Will shell out for the DLC packs to get the other cars and circuits! I remember from my short experience of this on the PS4 with my wheel that it was immensely satisfying to drive, so looking forward to being able to hook that up. Good luck to everyone racing tonight, and hope all is well @Valverand that you and your family get through things as well as can be!
  14. It's a bit of a long-term investment as until about November I won't have access to my wheel, but I figured what I'd do is get the game and at least run some practice on a pad at the tracks you go to and then perhaps if there was room, sign up for next season when I should (in theory) be all set up in my new house
  15. Me three! What I certainly don't do it spend a good 15-minutes pouring over long run times and practice reports every Saturday morning before making changes that inevitably then screw my team over!
  16. As ruthless and envelope-pushing as he was, I always felt like Michael was portrayed comparatively poorly in this country's media for daring to go up against (and beat) the much-loved plucky Brit. My friend worked with him for a little while during the Mercedes years and always spoke very highly of him, saying he remembered his partner's name and would ask how she was doing whenever he was in the factory. He didn't use the simulator much back then because it made him feel ill, but he'd go in anyway to say hello to everyone. He did some pretty questionable things on circuit, of course. The Monaco qualifying thing in 2006 was really very silly, and the move on Rubens at Hungary 2010 was ill-judged and incredibly dangerous. I won't excuse either of those things. I think things like Adelaide 1994 and Jerez 1997 were the result of him dedicating himself so much to winning that when, at the last possible moment, things were set to slip away from him, he couldn't in that instant accept that someone else was going to take away his title. I reckon a good percentage of the other drivers on the grid those days would have at least have seriously considered turning in on Hill or JV in the same circumstances. On the other side of the coin, though, he did some magical things out on circuit too. His last win in China in 2006 was - for me, anyway - one of his best wins, as he spent half the race on tyres that might as well have been bars of soap compared to the Michelins. Every other Bridgestone runner was binning it or going infinitely slower than Michael. Barcelona 1994 with his car stuck in 5th on a circuit where you really do need 2nd/3rd/4th. Hungary 1998 where he basically did qualifying laps every lap to leapfrog the McLarens. Imola 2003 where he went back home to be with his mother when she died, before coming back to the circuit and winning the race. I think the best way of summing up Michael is that you have to be a good driver to win a Grand Prix, but the truly great drivers win races in a car or situation that you can't be sure any other driver on the grid would have won in on the same day. I think Michael has the highest amount of those latter kind of wins of anyone, with Lewis and Senna somewhere in the mix too.
  17. kiroquai

    NFL 2021!

    Yeah, Arthur Smith was the old OC. Now head coach of the Falcons (and... er... looking good for the 2022 number 1 overall pick as of now!)
  18. Hey, remember how each F1 team has about 60 - 70 folks at the circuit these days? Six people to run two cars
  19. I think there is certainly room for 'something' to happen on the Saturday and I do quite like having a point of interest on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That said, the sprint as it is hasn't impressed me. It needs to be something more to justify its existence, rather than just being a starter-sized portion of what we are getting for a main anyway, just with all the interesting sauces taken away (strategy, pitstops). I don't think they will get away with shortening too many race weekends to two days, which is what I was originally going to suggest. That Friday at most circuits is a chunk of extra income they need to offset the frankly exorbitant hosting fees they're all signed up to. Maybe if Liberty can swing circuits better deals (like they seem to have done with Imola) then a Saturday/Sunday condensed weekend would just make things more interesting with comparative lack of track-time before qualifying sure to mix grids up relatively often. I don't think there's an easy answer to how a standalone separate race could work, but my suggestion is this: FP1 and Qualifying on Friday. FP2 and Reverse Grid Sprint on Saturday, with the grid order for the race being set by reverse championship order and not reverse qualifying order. Then, on Sunday the race, which has its grid set by qualifying as it always has been, and offers the lion's share of the points. Oh, and make sure the reverse grid race offers something like 10-9-8-7-6 etc for the top ten, and a point for the fastest lap so enough drivers can score an even spread of points that it won't seesaw the main championship around too much. Actually, the more I re-read that, the more I really like it. Just going to call Ross Brawn, brb. EDIT: Hah, me and @mexosthinking alike it seems
  20. kiroquai

    NFL 2021!

    Yes, agreed. On the one hand it's positive because we went up against the Chiefs and they didn't beat us as much as we beat ourselves. But, it's still a loss. I think Mayfield was trying to throw it away on that last pass and got clipped/slipped as he did. He's certainly no Mahomes/Brady kind of talent but thankfully we've got a superb run game and some great receivers. Still reckon we might get into the playoffs. Really surprised by a few results yesterday. Titans, like you say - I have them penned for the AFC South this season, so hopefully it was just a blip. And @Spleen yeah - reckon the Cards are amazing offensively. Really exciting to watch! The NFC West is going to be a really competitive division this season.
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