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  1. Good to see Aston filled that hole nice and quick!
  2. As much as I tried, I could never, ever get used to this thing.
  3. Got the N64 version of this from a really small second-hand games shop in Poole in autumn 1999 I think - actually have really fond memories of it. I didn't complete all that many games back then but I stuck with this right to the end. Always been a bit wary of going back as that generation as a whole hasn't aged amazingly for the most part, but definitely interested in taking a look at the remaster
  4. Yeah this one was tough - only got it as the combination of letters I had left barely spelt anything else. Wordle 207 5/6
  5. I reckon if you are a relatively decent (probably World Champion at least) F1 driver than you could probably buy, drive for 10 miles and then sell any supercar at a profit just because you owned it at one stage and that has a certain element of prestige to it For example, I would certainly pay at least £50 for an Austin Allegro that had been driven by @Meers
  6. Not sure if everyone's already seen this, but it's excellent:
  7. Hopefully Russell can get his elbows out if he needs to. He's a bit of a wildcard really - seeing him up against Lewis is one of the things I am looking forward to the most. Despite finding their continued failure despite their enormous resources somewhat amusing, I am also hoping Ferrari sort themselves out next year too. Having Leclerc and Sainz in the mix rather than scraping the occasional podium would be nice.
  8. I'm optimistic that he'll do well, too. I think he's a bit of a Frentzen in that if he can get in the right headspace (which HHF did by leaving - ironically - Williams at the end of 1998) then I think he will be as good for the team as Russell was. Rumblings from a lot of senior journalists and F1 folk on Twitter (Maurice Hamilton, Ian Philips) that all is not particularly well at Aston Martin and that Otmar paid the price for protecting the staff from Lawrence Stroll's ill-tempered tantrums.
  9. Lovely stuff - cheers for starting a thread @T Pot Was hoping to go to Silverstone this year, but as it turns out I am due to become a father the week after so will have other matters to deal with. Looking forward to this year and especially seeing the new cars.
  10. A fair point about not disrespecting them - there is that ol' saying about those in GLAS houses etc etc... (I'm more proud of that joke than I have any right to be). Oh, and just seen on Twitter that Max is the first World Champion since Niki Lauda in 1984 who never got to race Michael Schumacher in Formula One. That's a bit mad, isn't it?
  11. Nope! As much as I convinced myself I was ready for a break from F1 I’m already at the point in the off-season where I resort to watching YouTube F1 game championships and using obscure F1 cars as my avatar on forums. Reckon some 2022 chat is juuust fine. As for Aston… interesting. I hope they are competitive, as I’d love to see Seb fighting at the front again. It sounds far-fetched but rules changes have sprung some pretty surprising shuffles in the competitive order before so I wouldn’t rule it out.
  12. I think it's the cover the races that Gio can't do reserve duties because he's doing Formula E/other stuff
  13. In Ferrari-related news, they've signed up with Santander again and they've ditched Mission Winnow, although still in talks with Philip Morris as to which way is best to stealth tobacco advertising onto their cars next year.
  14. Doesn't surprise me. One of the most genuinely unpleasant by-products of this season has been the amplification of the social media tribal bullshit that Twitter/Meta/Whatever has been causing across the world in varying forms of life. F1-related Twitter is utterly poisonous these days.
  15. The more I have thought about this over the week, the more I've realised the solution I'd be happy with is the simplest: whatever order the field are in when the safety car comes out, that's the order they stay. Even lapped cars. It's the safety car, not the Spice Up The Race car - it's there for safety.
  16. Pretty dismal, this. England looking toothless and going through their overs at a crawl. Giving off the kind of vibe of a team who haven't got a hope of winning this series at the moment.
  17. So Pirelli reckon the new cars will start next year about 0.5s per lap slower than the 2021 spec cars and end the year 2 seconds per lap quicker. So much for them being three seconds per lap slower!
  18. I particularly enjoyed one race at Silverstone when I watched you both swapping fastest lap whilst I circled in the lead until I decided to troll you both by going Full Rich mix on the last lap and grabbed the fastest lap for myself Really good to see you back around here dude
  19. Quite a controversial and divisive incident, this one. Instead, let's look at something we can all enjoy: A picture of Olivier Grouillard in the 1989 Ligier JS33 Ford. Interesting fact: Olivier Grouillard is @Meers' 17th favourite Formula One driver of all-time, just behind Jan Lammers.
  20. After a decent sleep, my final thoughts (on the race, and the season as a whole): I think Max does deserve the title. If you look at his lineup of results: That ^ is an amazing run. He got really unlucky at Baku and got skittled by Bottato at Hungary so that's arguably 43 points that he lost through no fault of his own. The fact that Lewis was able to challenge him was amazing in itself - it kind of reminded me of the Premier League a few years back when Liverpool had an amazing season and were pipped by Man City who had an equally amazing season. Both teams deserved it back then, and both drivers deserved it this year. Max does push his luck a bit, but I think yesterday under the greatest possible pressure he performed brilliantly. Lewis did too, but we all know what happened. My main gripe with Red Bull has always been the team principal (thanking Latifi for the safety car was pretty classless yesterday as he well knew that NL was already likely getting an almighty kicking online) and the advisor. Still, the way the title was decided yesterday does annoy me (and probably will continue to) and it's a problem that extends way back beyond this race or even last weekend's one. The race directing needs a big shakeup. In the previous few years it's been hidden by the fact we've had a runaway champion and no massively high stakes, but this year with two teams at loggerheads and throwing their toys out of the pram, it all unravelled in spectacular fashion. To do his role you need to be basically traffic warden levels of immovable object to deal with the onrush of unstoppable forces of highly-paid, grown men whining at you every Sunday. I don't think Masi has that. The net result is that we have a no-win for the sport. One deserving champion who now has a giant asterisk over his success, and another who lost out through absolutely no fault of his own. It'll overshadow what was an epic season and a head-to-head that was every bit as good as Senna vs. Prost in terms of how far ahead of the rest the two protagonists pushed each other to be. There'll be documentaries and books about this year decades into the future, I am sure. F1 is clearly at a difficult intersection between entertainment, business and sport now - more so than it ever has been. The Netflix series has done wonders (see the crowd at Austin as an example) and that is undoubtedly a good thing, but yesterday the spectacle came at the expensive of a bit of the sport's integrity and that cannot be allowed to continue. NASCAR started doing the same thing in the early 2000's and eventually it caused their core demographic to crumble away, leaving them in a pretty poor state as of 2021. How to fix it? Dunno. Masi either needs to go or needs a partner to back him up - someone who won't blink twice at telling Toto and Ron or Christian and Jonathan to politely fuck off on a Sunday afternoon. They need to go back to the rule books and start boiling down this year's contention points and rewriting the rules so they are fit-for-purpose. Oh, and they also need to start thinking whether 22/23 races per year is just too many, for the sake of exhausting the teams and drivers to the point where tetchy mudslinging at season's end becomes inevitable. Whatever they do, things need to change. I've been watching the sport since 1988 and I've never been more ready for an off-season and no F1 than I am right now. I'm exhausted. Dread to think how the race teams for each team must feel. I'll be back in 2022 for sure, but I'm definitely growing more concerned with the direction the sport is going. What happened yesterday only emphasised that more.
  21. Oh I thought that green C meant you were reigning champ! Perhaps I was wrong EDIT: Apologies, reigning champs was @JPR!
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