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  1. I think if one or both of the McLarens can get into the lead at turn one tomorrow then Max might struggle to get by. They’re pretty slippery in a straight line.
  2. Absolute disaster for Lewis. This and Sochi are meant to be the tracks he has a car advantage before we go into circuits that are traditionally Red Bull territory. He’s going to have to hope Danny Ric and Lando give Max issues off the line tomorrow or it’s a massive moment for the championship.
  3. kiroquai


    Portland this weekend. Should be good - getting to the business end of the season now! Will be really interesting to see how Callum Illyrian goes too. Oh, and I know I go on about Greg Moore a lot, but today is 22 years since Gonzalo Rodriguez lost his life in a Penske at Laguna Seca. Bloody good driver and by all accounts a lovely guy. Highly recommended people finding the documentary based on him called ‘Gonchi’ if you can.
  4. Apparently Leclerc stopped his race sim in P3 because he was feeling unwell
  5. Sainz binning it in P3 for the second race running
  6. That’s pretty interesting - I wonder if they’ll have a ‘random/dynamic’ option for normal online races whereas the FIA and Dailys will run on a set Dry/Damp/Wet/Very Wet level? Hmm. In any case, by the time this rolls around I should be set up in my new house with a new setup and should be able to rejoin the MNRC
  7. I thought the trailer looked cool! Definite old-school GT vibes with the map and showrooms etc. Plus, I’m really looking forward to driving on Trial Mountain in crisp 4K as it’s my favourite original GT track. Doesn’t surprise me that they’re looking like using a bunch of stuff from GT Sport. Given how that game was at launch and for its first year or so, I am definitely happy for GT7 to lean on Sport assets if it means it feels more of a complete game on day one.
  8. Yeah, my first race was the 1988 Australian Grand Prix . Provided a classic slice of Murray Walker: 'And that's ARNOUUUUXXXX'
  9. Bloody hell, that's made me feel old. Only one driver older than I am! When I started watching F1, only three of those drivers had been born and there were drivers racing who had been born in the 1940's.
  10. Talking of Mazespin, he put up a picture saying #NM99 on one of his socials the other day. People figure it means he thinks he's getting the number 99, which: a) Isn't how Formula One's number system works, as if Gio is out of a drive it'll be two years before the number 99 can be used by someone else (unless Daddy Mazespin throws a load of money at someone I suppose) b) Potentially spoils the fact the Gio is out of a drive before any official announcement is made, which is an incredibly shitty thing to do.
  11. Great news - am hoping for a Gasly-esque rise from the ashes for the guy as he's definitely got talent and it's always nice to see drivers sticking it to Marko and Horner. As for Zhou in the Alfa, yeah - I can imagine that might be the case. Not terrible as he's pretty decent, although his F2 season this year hasn't been as strong as you'd like to see from a third-year F2 driver in a good team.
  12. Oh yeah, fans/participants of the old RLLMUK F1 Racing League back in the day - keep an eye out for a private message sometime over the next few weeks. I'm working on a little article/retrospective that nutshells the thing as I felt the way it eventually ended never really felt like a proper send-off! Would be good to have those who raced get involved in it, although obviously you don't have to (and there won't be a time limit). CC @Thor, @Meers, @mexos, @myoozikk, @Marmite, @Moodmon, @Picasso Of Pain, @John0. I've obviously left out a shitload of people here (some, sadly, no longer seem active on the forum) so if you raced in the league and want to throw in your thoughts, hit me up via PM's
  13. Re: Russell to Merc, it's going to be very interesting. It's no coincidence that the two teammates that Lewis had no problems with are Kovalainen and Bottas, who are also the two team mates that weren't a threat to him on the vast majority of race weekends. Alonso, Button and Rosberg were much more of a threat and it's fair to say that there ended up being a lot of needle in their relationships (less so with Jenson, but it definitely was there). Could be a true 'passing of the torch' kind of moment. We don't get those too much; I suppose Lauda to Prost at McLaren was one such moment. It's going to be very exciting!
  14. True, could have been. He's definitely been promoted into F1 too early and could have done with a second year in F2. I think the most worrying thing about Tsunoda is that he still gets flustered/angry on the radio and keeps making mistakes. As early as Imola he identified that as an area of improvement, but it's not seemingly getting any better. I imagine a particularly attractive reason to keep Perez in the main team at the moment is that the additional funding his backers are bring in will really help with the additional costs that the engine program will bring.
  15. That’s a staff medal the team handed them out for each race win/championship win. I guess whoever is selling that one left and isn’t terribly sentimental!
  16. I'd love to see it if only to then see Dan Ticktum's reaction. It would be glorious.
  17. Waiting for the mic drop to happen when George Russell is announced to be staying at Williams and Nicholas Latifi hotsteps his way into that second W13 next year
  18. Yes, and pro-tip I learned from a Dutch work colleague: rest your stroopwafel on top of your coffee/tea/hot chocolate cup so the steam makes the caramel all gooey before eating.
  19. Fucking state of this. Mazepin is going to get someone seriously hurt some day soon.
  20. Race wasn’t a barnstormer (although I still enjoyed it, Lewis kept things interesting) but I hope Zandvoort makes a decent profit and this race stays around for a while. It’s been a blast.
  21. Right, looking forward to this. Time for the Dutch Grand Prix Presented by Meerman’s Windmills
  22. Watching the build up and man, F1 needs places like Zandvoort. It’s like a carnival!
  23. Guess that Williams is still mega sensitive to cross winds, then! Edit: and the driver putting his outside tyres on the grass, unsurprisingly.
  24. Croft’s opened his commentary by saying that Jan Lammers was the last Dutchman to race in his home race. He’s wrong: it was Huub Rothengatter in 1985.
  25. Horner going on about how it would be a shame if Mercedes blocked Albon from going to Williams. On one hand it would be a shame to see him miss out on a seat, but then again it’s more a shame that Red Bull have four seats and didn’t want him to be in any of them.
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