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  1. Given the production quality of DMC5, Capcom's general level of care and attention to their tentpole releases of the past few years, and that Senpai Itsuno is there, I am confidently putting myself into the hyped bracket. Good excuse to replay the first.
  2. Fair, but then Remastered had all of the DLC content as well as Factions. I am admittedly hung up on that as over time my abiding memories of The Last of Us comes from that multiplayer. A surprising amount of depth and really gave the mechanics a chance to shine in a more creative and freeform way than what was offered in the story.
  3. It's already going to be inferior to the original release and the remaster. It won't have the Factions multiplayer, right? That was a surprisingly excellent mode, releasing a remake with notably less content in this form is a bit shit. Though we'll see if there's anything substantial added to the single player campaign.
  4. It's not tonally similar to Parasite, more tangentially similar, but everyone should watch Kind Hearts and Coronets at least once.
  5. They're just updating her model to reflect our current era, because jesus christ the booty.
  6. Thought similar. Xenoblade Sonicles.
  7. It took a while, but I'm finally settled on where I feel my taste lies at this point of my life. Weirdly, I found numbers 11-20 a lot harder to figure out, as that's where a bunch of honourable mentions slipped in and out: 1. VVVVVV 2. Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf 3. Nidhogg (video game) 4. Ring Fit Adventure 5. Yakuza 6: The Song of Life 6. The World Ends with You 7. Pokémon Gold and Silver 8. Super Smash Bros. Melee 9. Super Hexagon 10. Panic Park 11. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen 12. Streets of Rage 2 13. Ōkami 14. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 15. Return of the Obra Dinn 16. Asura's Wrath 17. Time Crisis II 18. God Hand 19. Spider-Man (2000 video game) 20. Alleyway (video game) @Benny, will 11 be a problem? The full wiki page is just for Dragon's Dogma, but I specifically mean to include the Dark Arisen content, it's transformative. Quickie thoughts, as the deadline looms: 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20
  8. I may take you up on that. Will just get confirmation from my partner about what date would be best.
  9. I've been mentioning this to my partner, the 3DS is a system that has enough unique functionality that you're just not going to get through other systems, and is not easily (if at all) replicated via emulation. This is going back to the original DS, but The World Ends With You is a game that loses a tremendous amount of appeal and character when played on mobile or Switch. And as others have said, it's portable to a level far superior than the Switch, and some of that catalogue is never leaving the system.
  10. Friend of mine worked as a writer on it. I'm looking forward to trying it out.
  11. You had to give up five minutes from the end of the film?
  12. Despite the obvious sales this will make, it still feels at least a decade too late. The promise of a create-your-own Hogwarts student is hugely appealing, and I'm amazed it's taken this long for someone to have a crack at it. Really this is something that should have been done around the time of Mass Effect 1 & 2 being on the market, and personally I'm more amazed that we never got a HP MMO, something like that just seemed to make obvious sense. Looking at that footage, it still feels a decade out of time. Despite the possibilities of wizardry and how the various disciplines could make for a complex RPG system where you favour a style and spec into it, instead the game is pushed towards being Spell Bulletstorm with everything else as support elements. Imagine the scope for this world if you could be a true potions master, or herbology, and take routes around traditional combat using these skills? Instead it looks like we're being served a fairly rote chosen one narrative where direct spellcasting is the primary engagement. Big yawn. I'm sure there are people on the development team that have real passion and aspirations for what they want to achieve with this game, but what has been shown looks focus tested to buggery and even if you try as hard as you can to blinker yourself to all the problematic shit attached to Harry Potter, you're still coming out the other end with Third Person Open World Action Adventure with RPG Elements (2K22 Edition). As others have pointed out, a big issue with JK Rowling is not just her public persona of the last few years, but how these views and inclinations of hers are built into the world and thematic structure of Harry Potter (or Wizarding World as they now try to brand it). Within this game we're seeing the perpetuation of house elf slavery, the goblin uprising stuff that immediately felt spectacularly awkward*, something of a general 'might makes right' mentality and likely more that, while it has no direct involvement from Rowling, is all stuff that is built from her rotting foundations. *People are right to point out that specific image of goblins being hook-nosed and playing on anti-semitic imagery stems more from the films and is not explicitly stated in the books, but the functions of goblins in the books do use these kind of negative connotations (generally that of being obsessed with money, and untrustworthy because of this).
  13. Does anyone know if you can exchange your current stats to another device? I've been playing on desktop, but will be away for the weekend, am wanting to continue on mobile.
  14. The real games to pick up are the DLC Streetpass titles Nintendo released. Some really cool smaller games that add a lot of mileage to that functionality. On this note, I would really appreciate if they removed the limitations to how many Play Coins you can obtain in a day, and maximum held. Properly cripples some of those games when Streetpass is all but dead.
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