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  1. My girlfriend has insisted we re-watch seasons 1 and 2 before trying to tackle season 3 (we gave the first 3 episodes a go but I had to keep Google things to remind myself what had happened before). We did notice a few scenes in episode 1, season 1 are directly mirrored in episode 1, season 3 and that was a very nice touch. It's definitely one of the best written shows I've ever seen.
  2. Yep, can confirm my genuine Megadrive, running through an OSSC on an HDMI monitor, shows those coloured dots in the lower left.
  3. I also did this! It looks a bit blurry at times, but the frame rate is pretty solid throughout and it's a really excellent port. I got Wolfenstein 2 also off the back of how good Doom 2016 was but haven't gotten around to playing it yet.
  4. Gameplay wise, from the small amount I’ve played, is identical, but naturally it’s a bit blurry compared to the PS4 version. But it seems a decent port to me.
  5. It definitely gets it wrong at times but most of the time the pulse check tallies with my Apple Watch.
  6. Excellent review, and you've got me interested now in a game I wasn't before. That said, I did buy XCOM 2 for the Switch last week and have been absolutely hooked to it ever since, so it may be a while before I get around to this one.
  7. No one here seems to be mentioning Double Switch as far as I can see, and that's also out on the Switch. For the uninitiated, it was another Digital Pictures game released on the Mega CD which is essentially a spiritual sequel to Night Trap. The videos aren't quite as schlocky as Night Trap's but there's a better actual game in there IMO.
  8. I also have it and it's a decent port, although as others have said the lack of analogue triggers hampers it a little. I find I have to have more assists on than I do in similar games, but I've not played Grid Autosport on anything else, so I may just be shit at this particular game! It's a decent racer for the system anyhow - definitely much better than WRC 8 on Switch.
  9. When my dad bought us our first family PC in the mid-90s, I sold my Amiga A1200, 420MB hard drive and all my games to a mate for around £150. It hurts me to this day that I could be so fucking stupid. If I still had it, I'd have a memory upgrade in it and that hard drive full of WHDLoad games and I would be a very happy man indeed. I also briefly owned a PC Engine Core Grafx and a Multi-Mega, both of which I sold on shortly after and both of which I regret greatly. I think these experiences have mostly taught me a lesson as I still have my Saturn and Dreamcast collections, still own a modded PS2 with hard drive and a modded PS1 with healthy collection of official PAL titles. I did sell my collection of Megadrive games to a chap on here a few years ago - I think there was 70-odd in there. I actually don't miss them that much - they took up way too much space and my conscience is fairly happy with my ownership of an Everdrive cartridge. But I did include Japanese copies of the 3 main Sonic games in that, and I do regret that a little. The packaging on those games was magnificent.
  10. I’m currently stuck on Furrok, who it seems you can only damage with melee weapons. I’m getting there with him though!
  11. That's a shame... I mean I'm wired in a weird way that I don't really get on with the Souls games because of their difficulty (although Bloodborne clicked for me for a while), but something about Valfaris completely works for me. I've still not finished it yet - the boss I'm currently stuck at is a right bastard, although I think I know what I need to do to beat him - but I've loved every moment of what I've played so far. That said, my late teens were spent listening to metal, so even though my music tastes have chilled out considerably as I've got older, I think the whole atmosphere of Valfaris has some nostalgic charm for me.
  12. Later on, in addition to smoothies, you'll also unlock exercises that allow you to recover hearts. If the Ab Guard block was completely effective, you'd have no reason to ever user them. It does all work pretty well in the grand scheme of things.
  13. Scythe Digital Edition is very, very similar to the board game. In fact it was how I learned how to play the tabletop edition initially. I ended up down a bit of a rabbit hole when I first got into the tabletop version of Scythe and now have all but the final expansion (Rise of Fenris - I'm saving getting this for when lockdown is over and I can get my regular Scythe group together), realistic coins to replace the cardboard ones, realistic-looking resource tokens to replace the basic wooden ones and the legendary box to put it all in. I dread to think how much I've spent on that damn game. I personally think it works pretty well as a two-player game, but the more is definitely the merrier with Scythe. I did once managed to get a 7-player game setup with a group of friends and that was excellent fun. But 2-player games are fine and fairly snappy. Once you're comfortable with the rules, games should last around 90 -120 mins. Another good one you might want to consider is Star Wars Rebellion. Admittedly it helps that both myself and my girlfriend are into Star Wars, but it's a great little war game that actually works best with just two players. We've tried it with 3 players before and it became a bit of a chore to play, but it's amazing with just two. Games can go on a while though. The shortest we've had was just over an hour, but that was unusually brief (my girlfriend, playing as the Galactic Empire, got lucky and found my Rebel base within 3 turns - then she won the battle and it was all over.) We've had games go on as long as 6 hours - but admittedly that was whilst we were getting our head around the rules. Most games are in the region of around 3 hours long I'd say.
  14. I'm glad it's not just me who struggles to get it to register mountain climbers. I avoid that exercise whenever I can purely because of the frustration of it never properly registering.
  15. I do still have a bugged launch copy at my parents somewhere. For some reason I had it in my brain that my fucked copy would somehow end up being a collectible one day, so deliberately decided against getting it replaced. I didn't factor on virtually every Dreamcast owner out there buying the game on launch.
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