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  1. I already two Analogue systems (Mega SG and Super NT), so naturally an FPGA solution for almost everything else, like MiSTer has always been a bit intriguing, but this RMC setup is probably the point where I'll jump in. I think it looks fantastic for a complete outsider to the project like me. Yeah, the case is maybe a bit disappointing (especially coming off of Analogue's products where the cases are so nice), but it just looks too tempting a proposition overall.
  2. It's a great game, certainly on PC I can wholeheartedly recommend it. And, on PC, even from day one it was vastly, vastly less buggy than Watchdogs: Legion, which I'd played through before. I could never quite believe the roasting Cyberpunk got and Legion didn't, although I appreciate the console experience was meant to be very different. I'm actually in Poland right now. We had a belated birthday party for my girlfriend and at this party I got chatting to someone who works in games design at a smaller studio here. He was telling me he has friends in CDPR who put the blame firmly on poor company management. He was telling me about whole features which months of work was spent on, only to be hastily cut to get the whole thing out the door faster. For instance, apparently a team spent around 5 months implementing a working metro system, only to be told at the last minute its out and being replaced by fast travel points. You can clearly see evidence in the shipped game (and in the trailers, for that matter) that you were meant to be able to travel around Night City on a monorail system. But yeah, despite it's issues, it's still a great game.
  3. Day of the Tentacle was the moment for me. I loved point-and-clicks on the Amiga and seeing that the sequel to Maniac Mansion was going to be PC-exclusive was where I could unquestionably see that the Amiga's days were limited.
  4. Ted Lasso is the best show on TV. Is that simple.
  5. Zio

    Nintendo Switch

    Nah, not really. It’s an action RPG and any complexity is introduced pretty gradually. It’s great on the Switch too, although to be fair it’s not one of the most demanding games out there. I’d certainly recommend it. The Witcher 3 is also great on Switch but can be a little more tricky to grasp at first. It absolutely is the worst version of the game in terms of visuals and performance, but still a fabulous, extremely good port of one of the greatest games ever made.
  6. I bought the all-white Ghostly limited edition Super NT when it came out and now regularly have to fight the urge to buy another just so I can have a regular one that looks like a Super Famicom.
  7. Just watched the latest episode. This is the best show on TV, isn’t it? Nothing else really compares.
  8. I've been streaming this on Twitch the last couple of nights. In general I'm enjoying it, but the creepy atmosphere and occasional jump scare are pretty unsettling at times. This, however, has been the scariest moment for me so far (no spoliers)...
  9. If you're on Mac (bearing in mind OpenEmu is only available for Mac), I'd say... depends. OpenEmu is my personal favourite because it's easily the simplest, bestest way of getting all your retro games together and emulated. It is just a fancy front-end for a bunch of different, included emulation cores, but it's so good. Really simple to use, really well put together. The cost of it's streamlining and simplicity is you don't have all the options available to you that you get with Retroarch. For me though, this has mostly meant that I occasionally notice input lag in OpenEmu that I don't with a properly setup Retroarch. Personally, I use OpenEmu.
  10. My Switch has been unquestionably my most used console of recent times, simply because I can play it on the sofa and still technically be spending time with the missus. Plus, in pre-pandemic times, we'd be back and forth to Poland a fair bit to see family. Now I'll be able to play PC games in the same way! No more double-dipping on stuff purely so I can play it portable!
  11. Zio

    Stream Deck

    I've got the original version - it's a great little device. Admittedly I do stream and it's perfect for that, especially if you're streaming direct from PC as you can use it to control stuff in OBS without needing to Alt+Tab out of a game, but I also use mine to control my Hue lights and Spotify. You can set it up for all kinds of stuff now - I also previously had it setup to move windows around into pre-set positions and stuff like that, but they've also got a little store now for downloading all kinds of integrations.
  12. I believe the terminology you kids use is "IFGO"!
  13. I now have "Your purchase may have been completed, but there was a problem checking on the status of this transaction. Please check your account status page or email for a confirmation receipt". There is no email, but on the account page it's showing as "pending purchase".
  14. Just throwing this out there, but if you were to install Windows on this thing, you could have GamePass for PC on it.
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