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  1. It got really dusty in our house during that episode. Fucking properly irritated my eyes.
  2. I really need to play The Clue again. That was one of my favourites back in the day - I probably only bought it because it was one of the few AGA games in stock in Game and I wanted something to show off my A1200 with. I always remember loving it - a true under-appreciated classic. Sorry, just mentioning it because I noticed it wasn't in cancon's list, along with a few others I had at the time and loved.
  3. Oh man, apologies! I stand corrected. I had it in my head to check for firmware updates a few weeks ago for both consoles and found I was already on the latest versions. I'd just assumed it had all come to an end... but I guess not! Shame there isn't a Jailbreak release yet to match those. It doesn't normally take long for them to appear though.
  4. The latest jailbreak firmwares for both the Super NT and Mega SG there are fully up-to-date with the latest official firmware for both available from Analogue. There have been no firmware updates for either system in quite some time.
  5. I was all in for this, but I can't spare the money right now. It's safe to say I was annoyed when I saw the email from Analogue giving me a whole two days notice about it! And then I slept on it and realised I don't own any Hu Cards or PC Engine CDs, so what's the fucking point? I briefly owned a Core Grafx II about 20 years ago, but it's not a system I have a huge amount of nostalgia for. I've barely used the PC Engine Mini I have. I may as well just emulate in the unlikely event I ever get an urge to play PC Engine games. It is a beautiful looking device though.
  6. I am going to be genuinely very upset when this show comes to an end. It’s the big pick-me-up I need mid-week.
  7. Yeah, when I tried Batocera, Daytona 2 was on there, but all controls were on the left analogue stick. So you'd have to hold up to accelerate, down to brake and still use left and right to steer. It was technically all do-able, but far from an ideal way to play. I ended up formatting the SD card I'd set aside for Batocera to make room for more Steam games.
  8. Zio

    Apple TV +

    Season 2 of Ted Lasso wasn’t as good as the first, but the third one currently airing has been fantastic so far. Severance is absolutely unmissable. Don’t skip that. I personally also really like For All Mankind.
  9. Two fucking tracks, to be fair. Although they both share a small stretch.
  10. At the end of the install process, you should be able to use Steam Rom Manager to add Emulation Station DE to Steam. You can then run that within either desktop mode or gaming mode to launch all your games. One thing I would recommend, especially if you have a lot of ROMs, is to turn off the parser in Steam Rom Manager for all games, then only turn it on for Emulation Station - otherwise every single ROM will show up as an individual game within Steam and it can get a bit messy (although easy enough to fix with Steam Rom Manager itself).
  11. I used to own a copy, but it's been a long while. It's developed by Time Warner instead of in-house at Sega and has loads of new courses and vehicles, so it should be an amazing port. Somehow it's not though. The presentation is really dull - there's none of the cool options screens and sounds of the arcade version and the new courses have boring designs and graphics. It's a perfectly competent port, in many respects, but it just feels dull and lifeless. As a Saturn owner, you wouldn't pick it over Daytona USA or Sega Rally (or even Manx TT, which I've personally always loved, but I know gets some hate).
  12. PowerTools would help if you want to run Gamecube and beyond titles. You can use it to disable SMT, which will smooth out performance in the more demanding emulators. You won't need it for older systems and Valve are meant to be releasing a SteamOS update at some point with better SMT management anyway, so PowerTools should hopefully become redundant when that happens.
  13. It may well be my all-time favourite game. I understand what everyone says about the controls not being great and all that, but the world is insane. It sort of transcends being a game and becomes a real American west experience. I loved it and have been gradually making a second playthrough of it on my deck ever since getting the machine last year.
  14. It all came about because I couldn't see it installed on the Amiga 600 they had, but it was installed on the Atari ST next door. I couldn't get this one to launch though. I'm pretty sure I saw it on their 3DO too, but when Neil came over to ask how we were getting on he was all "no, no, no, we're getting you a proper version to play".
  15. Swainy's photos above are better, so I won't share mine, but I went here (and the Arcade Archive) on Saturday and had a great time - I can't recommend it enough. I'll definitely be going back if I can. I met both Neil from The Cave and Alex from Arcade Archive and both were really genuinely lovely people. My poor girlfriend, who I dragged around with me, only really wanted to play Lemmings, which to Neil's surprise was not installed on the Amiga 600, or the Gotek on their Amiga 1000. So he then made it his mission to find a copy for her to play - eventually finding a floppy disk with the Archimedes version for her. Most things are impressively hands on too. Maintenance must be a nightmare for both venues.
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