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  1. I played through one of their older translation mods a couple of years ago and it was excellent. I'm definitely going to need to give this one a go.
  2. Zio

    Nintendo Switch

    I can totally see the value of a 4K Switch, or at least a souped-up Switch Pro. The Switch is, by far, my most played on system and I own a PS4 Pro and a good gaming PC. We've had some ambitious ports on the Switch like The Witcher 3 and The Outer Worlds to name just a few, all with varying degrees of success - but these ports always appeal to me so I can play these games on the sofa whilst my gf is watching TV, or in bed, or when I'm travelling (which naturally is much rarer now but still happens from time-to-time) and having a souped-up version of the console where these ports would have a b
  3. I've never had the joycon drift issue, but my launch console warped slightly when brand new (but has never got any worse) and both of the joycon sets I have (and have owned since launch) don't lock very securely to the console and can come loose fairly easily. I use my Switch both handheld and on the TV and the Switch concept itself is the main thing for me. I also own a decent gaming PC and a PS4 Pro, and yet have deliberately bought the Switch version of some games purely so I'd have the option of playing them handheld if I wanted. It was great before lockdown because I'd travel
  4. I had to switch my renderer to Vulkan before they started showing for me.
  5. I enjoyed it, though it's a very US-centric take on it all again. There's an episode coming up about Sega where they only ever refer to the Genesis: the words "Mega" and "Drive" are not uttered even once (except for once, when someone is speaking Japanese, IIRC). And there's no mention of the Master System at all. But it's still a very enjoyable show!
  6. It was on the Amiga too as that's where I had it. I remember thinking it was pretty amazing at the time, though I've no idea if it holds up now. I should probably give it another go sometime soon. As I recall, it was essentially Wing Commander-but-underwater.
  7. I do agree with this. I mean I could be wildly off base, but the idea of a small company like Analogue using artificial scarcity to hype their brand for extremely niche products seems a bit too much like shooting themselves in the foot to me. Again, I could be way out and the pre-order pandemonium over the Pocket could well be some amazing ploy to... not sell as many consoles or make as much money as they could've, I suppose.
  8. It was definitely the Lynx for me at the time, although the Game Gear has a lot of quality titles on it (I mean, there's no GG Shinobi on the Lynx!) and of course you can play Master System games with a converter. I've still voted Lynx regardless for this though. My own Lynx died a long time ago and I've never replaced it, but I do have a lot of nostalgia for the system. I think, of the games I owned, Paperboy, Xenophobe, Pinball Jam and California Games were the cards in heaviest rotation.
  9. I ended up relenting on the lack of riser for my Arcade 1UP Street Fighter machine - I saw one riser on Amazon for £40 late last week, so I grabbed it. I won't lie, it is nice being able to stand at the machine and play like you would a real arcade cabinet. I'd love a Sega machine with a wheel, but there's obvious licensing issues to overcome with almost all their racing games. But a machine with Out Run, Out Run 2, Daytona USA, Sega Rally and maybe even Scud Race would be my dream come true!
  10. I have to admit, I'm just not getting this game at all. I've sunk 9 hours into it according to Steam and I'm ready to move to what I assume is the second major area of the game after the area around Capital Knot City, so I guess I'm not that far into it, but I can feel like I'm enjoying it, roaming around the landscape and then suddenly I get attacked by BTs and it's not scary or captivating, it's just fucking irritating. It pulls me out of what I'm doing, heavily damages or even ruins the cargo I was transporting and, in general, pisses me off. Also, I'm still pretty s
  11. I just wanted to pile in to say I've got WRC 8 and Rush Rally 3 on my Switch and IMO Rush Rally is easily the better game. Or at the very least easily the more fun game. Admittedly a lot of this for me probably comes down to the fact it's a bit more arcadey and forgiving of mistakes than WRC 8, so for my money it's a lot more fun, especially as the Switch doesn't really have the controls for a super serious racing simulation, what with it's lack of analogue triggers. If you want something Sega Rally-esque on your Switch, it's a good one to go for.
  12. Alas not apparently, although it can be modified to run them.
  13. I'd presume GOG on Mac would be the easiest option for you to be honest.
  14. I'd like the riser, but it's hard to find in the UK and whenever I do it seems like a lot of money. As it stands I just grab a chair and sit at it when I want to play.
  15. Well... not in that photo. The OSSC is tucked behind the arcade cabinet and there's a mains socket back there too, so when I want to hook up one of those consoles I have to use wires to hook it all up. But it's tidy when not in use!
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