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  1. My girlfriend knows I play Densha De Go on the Switch. Somehow that doesn't bother me... I've even streamed it to Twitch in the past. But I wait for her to go out for the day and set my Steam presence to "Offline" before I'll load up Train Sim World.
  2. The Vita is a funny system for me. I feel like I turn mine on once every 6 months to make sure the battery still works, then it goes away again. I couldn't part with it though, all the same.
  3. Annoyingly, some of the best stuff I've ever had I've since sold. I'd be more careful now, but amongst the things that have slipped through my fingers were a PC Engine Core Grafx II, a Sega Multi-Mega, pristine Japanese copies of the 3 Mega Drive Sonic games and a Japanese import original PSP. Something I do still have and may well be my most treasured item is a modded Japanese Mega Drive. There's something about that original Japanese machine with the scarlet and blue accents and the giant, gold "16-BIT" logo. I think it all stems from being 10 years old, in love with my Master System and seeing the photos of this upcoming wonder machine in CVG. I remember always feeling disappointed that they changed the look slightly when they finally released it over here. I also own two Super Famicoms. This is because I had one that never seemed to quite work right, so bought another from eBay which then seemed to have the same problem. It was only after that I realised this was because I'd been trying to power them with the AC adaptor from a UK SNES. This is a big no-no. Weirdly though, the AC adaptor from a PAL Mega Drive will power a Super Famicom no problem, so I still don't have a stepdown convertor or anything like that. Actually, I do also quite like my modded PSone. Such a cute little console, that.
  4. Zio

    Apple TV +

    I haven't seen anyone here mention Schmigadoon! I can understand that, as I thought I'd absolutely fucking hate it, but the missus made me watch it with her and it's genuinely amazing! Definitely worth a watch. I hate musicals, but I really enjoyed this.
  5. I really enjoyed it myself. It definitely can be bit janky, but it's good fun and properly creepy in places.
  6. I meant to share these when my design lab controller arrived. I was going for a retro/SNES-style feel, but now I've seen some of the monstrosities others have created here, I feel like this was a wasted opportunity. Ah well.
  7. I saw an interview with Jason Reitman where he said as far as he's concerned, GB2 is canon. Also:
  8. You can munch on people to your heart's content. Technically, it'll make the game much easier because you'll be much stronger/have more powers. To kill or not to kill when it comes to NPCs only impacts the ending you get. The less you kill, the better the ending, essentially.
  9. The Sixaxis came about because Sony briefly looked like they were in violation of some patent for having haptics in controllers, so they figured they’d instead try and flog gyro controls as a replacement. They even claimed early on that the haptics would prevent the gyro controls from working properly. As for analogue controls, they’ve been around for many years before the N64. I had an analogue stick for my BBC Micro in the 80s. I’d been begging my dad for a joystick so I could actually play The Empire Strikes Back properly and one day he came home with this thing that looked like it was meant to operate scientific equipment rather than play games. But I did get pretty good at shooting down probe droids and TIE Fighters with it.
  10. As a kid I had one of these for my Master System. Utterly fucking unusable. I guess it sort of looked cool to a 10 year old though. For a real hot take though, in a way, it's been the Dualsense PS5 controller for me. Hear me out: the pad is a joy to use, it's weighty, it's ergonomic, the haptic feedback in the triggers is fantastic, but the two I have are both broken. The one the console came with has some weird issue with the right analogue stick. To be honest, I only notice it in one game: PGA Tour 2K1 - basically you can't swing the golf club with the right stick - your golfer will stand there wildly swinging the club about like he's having a fit. 1 in 10 times it'll work fine. I've tried a DS4 controller and my other Dualsense and they're fine, it's just this one controller that has this issue. And I don't notice it in any other games. The second one I got at Christmas and it essentially arrived broken: the O button keeps getting stuck down. It's like the plastic is catching with the frame of the pad and you need to nudge it a bit to get it to release. I looked at the iFixit guide to dismantling and cleaning it out, and having seen what this entails my weekend plans now include begging Game to replace it despite us no longer having the receipt.
  11. I'm going to give this a go. My backlog is an embarrassment and every time I see something cheap I end up buying and adding to it. I've created a Backloggd account too: https://www.backloggd.com/u/BrixtonRifles/ I should stress, this is nothing like my actual Steam backlog or anything. This is just what immediately came to mind. I honestly think I have an issue at times. Small caveat: I've got about £20 in Nintendo Switch eShop credit from Christmas, and I'm not gonna count purchases made with that. But everything else I will.
  12. English is not my other half's first language, so whilst she's virtually fluent to speak to, she prefers having subtitles on if possible. I've now got so used to it that it's weird for me not to have them on anymore. I turn them on for everything - games, TV shows and movies if they're available now.
  13. Zio


    So... I've changed my mind on this. My brother texted me a few days ago to tell me he'd finished it and I told him I'd given up on it. He convinced me to give it another try. I got back the two slabs I'd lost, infused them, then carried on... and it's suddenly seemingly clicked for me. I even streamed it last night with online player Julianna enabled and I've got to say I'm really getting into it again now. I've even grown to like the extra pressure having Julianna enabled adds to the experience! I can see myself finishing this after all.
  14. Oh, it is absolutely a thing. There's Ghostbuster cosplay "franchises" dotted around the world like you see with Star Wars stormtroopers. I know this because I have my own Ghostbusters cosplay stuff. The somewhat frustrating thing with the 2016 film is a lot of people were genuinely excited for it - myself included - but it turned out to be a bit shit. Not because of the casting, but because it was a bit shit. But because the Internet has always got to Internet and there was such vocal toxicity towards the all-female casting, you feel like saying you liked Afterlife but didn't like the 2016 one is like sort of outing yourself as a raging misogynist.
  15. Really though? A lot of people seem to really like this movie. Does it's existence somehow ruin the original for you?
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