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  1. Damn. The receipt I have from Steam says I ordered at 18:09, so I was wondering where the fuck my email is. However when I use one of these Steam Deck Calculator things, it shows my order time as 18:25. I did have enormous trouble at the time getting the damn thing to pre-order on Steam, and the same calculator is saying I should get it in early June, so at least I should have mine before I next have any travelling planned.
  2. Don’t say things like that. They’ll change the engine again and then it’ll be another decade.
  3. I preordered my 512GB model at 18:09 on 16/07/21 and I've not had any email yet. I tried one of those prediction tools where it analyses your order number and where you must be in the queue, and it reckoned I wouldn't see an email till late June. So I wouldn't all go getting your hopes up guys.
  4. All 3 Shadow Of The Beast games have amazing music, but atrocious gameplay. 3 was at least approaching something you might vaguely want to play though, I guess.
  5. Cyberpunk 2077? Seriously though, the console market is starting more and more to mirror the gaming PC market. Beyond the haptic stuff in the Dualsense controller, a PS5 is almost literally a massively upgraded PS4, that can much more comfortably perform at 4k than a PS4 Pro and can do some limited raytracing. That's not to in any way dismiss the PS5 - I love mine - but I doubt we'll see much that's truly revolutionary.
  6. I have a Classic Workbench install on a virtual hard drive on my FS-UAE, with loads of WHDLoad images installed on that. As one of those nerdy kids that had an Amiga A1200 with a hard drive back in the day (420MB! I never more than 40% filled it, no matter how hard I tried), it feels like an authentic enough experience for me. But I do love the idea of having this cute little replica with a tank mouse and better CD32 controller for it.
  7. I'm really proud of my FS-UAE Amiga Emulator setup on my Macbook, like, really proud. I effectively have an Amiga A1200 laptop. So why do I so badly want one of these things? What's wrong with me? I'm so tempted.
  8. Yeah, a UK Megadrive 1 power adaptor will power a Super Famicom just fine. In fact when I first got a Super Famicom I just used a UK SNES power supply and had loads of problems with it. Eventually it just stopped working. I bought another Super Famicom off eBay and it had the exact same issue... until I tried a UK Megadrive power supply. It worked a treat being powered by that. Then I tried it with the "broken" Super Famicom and that worked a treat too. So I now have two working Super Famicoms.
  9. I’m totally in favour of Gilmour and Mason resurrecting the Pink Floyd name for this.
  10. There really was a lot to take in this week. There is this horrible little niggly feeling in the back of my head that it's going to go the way of Lost and just end up being a load of shit made up as the writers go along, but I'm hoping and praying I'll be wrong because I'm absolutely loving it so far. I'm very intrigued about the final episode, not to mention extremely pissed off that I have a big work event I need to attend next Friday so I'll have to wait to watch it.
  11. I had a go with this one: https://steam-deck-calculator.web.app/ Seems mine is due June 27th. But I want it now!
  12. Zio

    Nintendo Switch

    Yep, it's all the same cables. In fact you can happily use the OLED Switch in the old Switch's dock if you wanted to be particularly lazy about it.
  13. Well, who knows considering 90% of the game, including the single-player career mode, is completely unaccessible and has been since they released the patch yesterday?
  14. I'd assume so, considering it's unplayable without the servers only two weeks after release. I do love me some Gran Turismo, but I'm starting to feel extremely aggrieved at parting with £70 for a game I can't even play at the moment.
  15. This year I want to make a real effort to stop constantly blowing money on games I won't play, so I'm making real efforts to get some of the backlog done. This is my first post in one of these threads, so here's what I've completed so far this year: 1. Night Book (Switch) - My first FMV game since the Mega CD days! Honestly I thought this was mostly cheesy shite, but my missus loved it. It has made me want to try some of the other FMV games out there, and I already have The Shapeshifting Detective in my backlog. 2. Deathloop (PS5) - I came so close to rage quitting this fucking game so many times. Ultimately I definitely did enjoy it a lot, but there are aspects of the looping mechanic that can become soul-crushing when you fuck something up late into a loop and then have to trudge through all of it all over again. But, mechanically, it's a fun shooter and, considering the Dishonored games, I'm not sure anyone can do scene-setting like Arkane. 3. Spider-Man Remastered (PS5) - I absolutely loved this! This is definitely how you do a superhero game. Something else I liked a lot is that it's a substantial game, there's a lot to it, but it's easy enough to dip in and out of without feeling completely lost. That's usually something that really puts me off bigger games, because life means sometimes I'll end up taking a break, only to come back completely unable to remember what I was doing in the game or even how to play it. Not an issue with this at all. Loved it. 4. The Witcher 3: Complete Edition (PC & Switch) - This is another I've always been able to dip in and out of and have been playing it on and off for well over two years. I'd long since finished the main quest and Hearts of Stone, so this is really just to recognise that I've now done Blood & Wine also. There's definitely still a few unfinished, and maybe even undiscovered, side quests for me to do at some point later too. Very possible that this is my GOAT. 5. Return of the Obra Dinn (Switch) - I struggled through this in places. I did enjoy it and I can see why it gets so much praise, but it is properly hard. Sometimes I had to make some real leaps to figure things out. To my eternal shame, at one point I even needed to peek at a walkthrough online. Maybe I don't have the right brain for this kind of thing. One day, once everything has sufficiently faded from memory, I'll have another crack at it. But hey, at least I did fully complete it this time. 6. FAR: Lone Sails (Switch) - Honestly I put this on because I just fancied something fairly short from my Switch backlog. It's fantastic! An absolutely wonderful little adventure! Can't recommend it enough.
  16. Terraonion manufacture flash carts and optical drive emulators for various retro systems. They were initially based in Spain, now they're based in Andorra. They make well-regarded products, but already had a reputation for being... well, arseholes. They produce the MODE, which is an optical drive emulator for the Saturn and Dreamcast. Krikkz is a well-known manufacturer of flash carts based in Ukraine. A couple of years ago, he released a product called the Mega Everdrive Pro which directly competes against Terraonion's existing Mega SD, in that they're both Mega Drive flash carts that emulate the MegaCD hardware and allow ISOs of Mega CD games to be run on standard Mega Drive consoles without an actual Mega CD add-on attached. Krikkz's product is slightly less feature-rich, but is also smaller and cheaper. He recently had to escape Ukraine because of the war there and fled to Spain, where he has pre-existing ties. Terraonion figured this would be an excellent opportunity to tweet a dig at them.
  17. There's a deleted tweet from Terraonion in response to that one there from Krikkz that's made me really glad I decided to buy the Mega Everdrive Pro over their version.
  18. Scrolling down further, they also confirm they have no plans to release EDO to PS5 or Xbox Series consoles either. I somehow get the feeling like ED is being gradually killed off and it won’t be too long before PC development ceases too. But hey, Star Citizen is still in Alpha.
  19. There are Everdrives available that provide FM sound functionality to your ROMs on original hardware (at least on Mega Drive - I’ve not tried a Master Everdrive on a genuine Master System). Of course getting one of those right now could be interesting considering they come from Ukraine and, last I saw on Twitter, their maker Krikkz is sheltering.
  20. Master of Darkness is a fairly decent Castlevania clone. Phantasy Star and Ys are decent RPGs. The Master System port of Road Rash is nothing short of incredible, too.
  21. Same! I was extremely put out when my girlfriend clicked the "Skip Credits" button when we watched the latest episode last night. I'm wondering if this is going to be a self-contained season like Archive 81 was on Netflix, or if it'll be some ongoing mystery. I always feel deeply suspicious of shows like this after watching Lost back in the day and slowly having to come to terms with the fact there was no masterplan and the writers were making all this shit up as they went. Because so far I'm really into Severance.
  22. Zio

    Apple TV +

    I have an actual Apple TV 4K, so naturally it's great on that. But the Apple TV app is definitely not great on PS5.
  23. It's worth £4 of anyone's money! I played regular XCOM 2 (ie, without the War Of The Chosen expansion) all the way through on the Switch. Only thing I would say - on release it was a little buggy - enough that I wouldn't play on Ironman mode and would instead make plenty of saves as I went along. I had a couple of moments near the end where I'd use up all my action points, but for whatever reason the game would not let me end my turn, thus meaning I'd be completely stuck. I'd have to reload from one of my saves to sort it. It's been patched a few times since then though, so hopefully that's not an issue anymore.
  24. Yeah, it has a slightly different mechanic for speeding off from a standing start than Sonic 2 IIRC, plus it features a time-travel mechanic, whereby each stage has a past, present and future variant you can flip between. I don't think I ever quite understood it correctly, because as far as I was aware, it basically meant travelling to the past in each stage as soon as you could and locating and destroying Robotnik's machine turning the cute animals into robot monsters. There's also a very different (and much better looking) robot Sonic compared to the one in Sonic 2. And the bonus stages are vaguely Mario Kart mode 7-esque affairs.
  25. Mega CD games can be awkward like that. You can't boot the console into 60Hz mode because the firmware will give you an error saying you have it attached to the wrong region Mega Drive. So instead you have to switch it to 60Hz whilst your game is loading. In hindsight, I guess this might explain why I have two broken consoles.
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