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  1. On 19/02/2021 at 17:56, Blunted said:

    They look ace @RiK


    Yeah I think so.  Should make for an interesting project to do something with them..


    Saying that, I'm still sitting on the parts to build a T-Synth, which is a Teeny based thing..




    I have all the parts, went for the black front panel version, just need to get stuck in and build it!



  2. Not done an update on here in a long time:

    This was the state of play recently during yet another round of studio tetris..




    A few bits not in that pic as they're out on loan with a mate, including the little Behringer Crave and the Modal CraftSynth. Still waiting on the arrival of the Pipes too (long overdue Kickstarter, sample player thing).  I have a bunch of random midi controllers elsewhere not in the pic too.

  3. On 14/01/2020 at 17:46, amc said:

    Oh man this was a seriously large drunk buy. I was sober looking at the Monologue, that was well under half the price of the XD. A few too many sherbets and it's crazy town, you only live once drunk nonsense. I need to curb all purchasing when I've had a few. Still super excited though haha.


    How are you enjoying the XD then?  The module is next on my list..

  4. On 07/11/2019 at 14:14, mindgames said:

    How's the Deepmind? I really fancy getting one, seems incredible for the price. 


    Well worth it in my opinion.  Very happy with mine.  

    Top tip though, definitely get the 12. You'll want to use unison to get the best out of it and so you're often going to be halving your available voices.

  5. On 22/10/2019 at 17:10, Eighthours said:


    Bloody hell, man. That's quite the setup!


    Cheers. it's always a work in progress.  Wasn't happy with the above setup as I really wanted the Prophecy front & centre, so I took advantage of a monitor upgrade in my office to stick the old one in the studio and have a shift round at the same time, here's where it's at this evening...





  6. On 20/10/2019 at 18:17, Blunted said:

    What do you think of the Craftsynth? I kickstarted it and loved the sound, but sold it recently because it felt like it really needs the companion app to get the most out of it and I work dawless apart from for recording.


    I think it's a great little synth for the money, and whilst I agree it's a bit help to use the app, I frequently use mine in a little minimal 'sofa' setup with my Digitakt.  I've got a few core presets loaded up in bank 1 that are bread & butter sounds I use when jamming with the Digis..


  7. Current incarnation of my music room...  




    Couple of new additions since that pic, including Behringer K-2 and a Volca Nu-Bass, and currently winging their way from Thomann are the Behringer Pro-1 and Crave as well..

    It's always a work in progress and things change around depending on what I'm noodling with at the time.  in the near future I'm hoping to add the Korg Minilogue XD module, and lusting after the Hydrasynth, though don't have the spare cash for that right now and I'm strict with myself, no credit for toys, so I'll have to wait until I've saved a few pennies before buying anything else.. 

  8. Imagine if you'd backed this and paid actual money, only to see it hit the shops as a F2P iOS game. I don't think F2P is evil or anything, and it can work pretty well when done properly, but fucking hell, I would feel like I'd been robbed if I'd paid to have a classic game Dungeon Keeper-ed like this.

    Imagine, if like me you'd backed it at a higher level which entitles you to not one, but TWO copies of the game!

    I feel doubly special!

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