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  1. I agree with the sentiment, but as I mentioned we tried the same on another forum and it just didn't work. In the end we accepted that whilst in an ideal world people would be encouraged to go out and shoot specifically for the contest, in reality that just put most people off as real life gets in the way and so rather than encouraging their photography it just meant they didn't engage with the competitions at all. Surely it's better to have more people who feel able to take part?
  2. I've been involved on running similar comps on another forum, and by far the single biggest barrier to entry is the rule that 'photos must be taken specifically for the competition.' Many people have limited time, and in a 3 week timeframe just might not have the opportunity to take a shot on theme. If you allowed back-catalogue entries (providing they are all their own work) then you'll probably get a lot more participation..
  3. Buy the best one you can afford, and buy one in a filter thread sized for the biggest lens you'll want to use it on. You can always use a £2 step-down adaptor to use it on a smaller lens, but not on a bigger one! I've kicked myself in the past for buying cheap filters. Polarisers especially. You can end up with a nasty colour cast from cheap ones. Now, all of mine are decent B+W ones, or the plain protectors are the top end Hoya HD ones. If you go for a Hoya, avoid the basic one, go for at least the Pro-1.
  4. Couple of options... One, as you say would be use a polariser to kill the reflection. The downside of that is you'll be losing about 1-1.5 stops of light as a result which may be a compromise.. Alternatively, shoot on a tripod. Take two shots with and without your subject in frame and blend in the window from the one without the reflection.
  5. Had a wander round a very rainy Stourhead.. Stourhead by Richard Olpin LRPS, on Flickr
  6. Arlingham-8252-Edit by Richard Olpin LRPS, on Flickr
  7. It's pretty simple. Start with the default view in the develop module and apply the changes you want as above, then click the '+' icon on the presets pane and you'll have the option to name your preset and choose which adjustments you want included. It will only adjust the parameters you choose in that dialog, so you can make presets which only affect certain parameters whilst leaving the others intact
  8. Not strictly true..... the 430EX is a Canon dedicated flash. So the body will communicate with the flash, and shooting in Aperture Priority is fine. Yes, the Camera will expose for the ambient, but with the flash in TTL mode it will adjust the flash power for a correctly exposed subject too. It would only have a problem if you're too far away and end up maxing the power of the flash. As for the Orbis, it's great if you need a ring flash or a small diffuser for off-camera work, but it's not what I'd be using for general shooting at a convention. Here's a shot with the Orbis: Simmie by Richard Olpin LRPS, on Flickr and a little BTS to show how close I was.. Simmie, Orbis BTS by Richard Olpin LRPS, on Flickr
  9. A couple more randoms from the archives.. WaterDrops-3256 by Richard Olpin LRPS, on Flickr WaterDrops-6506-Edit by Richard Olpin LRPS, on Flickr
  10. It's not that they have more blades (if anything it would be less), but rather that the mechanism is simpler and the blades tend to be straighter resulting in more of a hexagonal shaped aperture rather than the more circular one which is retained by a better mechanism with circular blades. You'll see many of the higher end lenses have 'circular aperture blades' listed in the specifications.
  11. Anyway, pics... Some beastie portraits.. (whoever said never work with children or animals was right, about the children. The animals are much easier) BristolZoo-5401 by Richard Olpin LRPS, on Flickr Javan Langur by Richard Olpin LRPS, on Flickr Roar? by Richard Olpin LRPS, on Flickr
  12. Indeed. In that case it was 15 seconds @ f/16, ISO 100. The original intent behind the long exposure was to catch all the lights, as they're not all on at the same time, it's an animated thing they follow round the loop in a sequence. As I was shooting quite wide angle depth of field wasn't really an issue, but shooting at f/16 also meant I could ensure the whole scene was in focus too. The starburst was a happy bonus.
  13. Well I'd been lurking on RLLMUK for years and only just gotten around to posting any. I've got thousands I could post, but didn't want to spam up the thread with just my pics!
  14. Nope, that's the natural consequence of a small aperture. The starburst effect is caused by the points where the individual aperture blades overlap :-) You a Durzle then? I'm not actually in Dursley, I live up on Cam Green so we look down on Dursley and sneer ;-)
  15. A couple from Brecon.. Brecon Waterfalls by Richard Olpin LRPS, on Flickr Sgwd Clun-Gwyn Falls (Mono) by Richard Olpin LRPS, on Flickr Sgwd yr Eira Falls by Richard Olpin LRPS, on Flickr
  16. I'd not even noticed it until you mentioned it! I'm a sucker for the very long exposure stuff. In this one the only illumination was the moonlight, exposure was about 3 minutes Frocester-8587 by Richard Olpin LRPS, on Flickr
  17. Light & shade.. Light & Shade by Richard Olpin LRPS, on Flickr Night lights.. by Richard Olpin LRPS, on Flickr
  18. Same shoot as the mono shot I posted above: Emily by Richard Olpin LRPS, on Flickr
  19. Simple answer, I don't. Those type of groups and their fake 'awards' are just full of people desperate for attention. If I get those 'invites' I generally delete them and stick to posting in regular groups related to topics I'm interested in.
  20. Sure, though to be honest I'm not super happy with it as a 'panel'. When I originally submitted it, I did really just put it in as a 'punt'. I didn't take any photos specifically for the day, and I'd not seen any assessments before hand. I just knew they were looking for a variety of photographic technique so I picked a bunch of images which I thought would show a variety of techniques. This was the panel I put in: hat I hadn't really considered was laying out a panel that sat well as a set. They did comment on that at the time, but said the individual images stood up well and 'clearly met the requirements for technical standard and showed I had the good level of skill in a wide variety of styles'. As soon as I got home I laid out a couple of alternative panels on the floor. I did actually have some images already mounted that would have made a better panel, something like this: Still, didn't really matter as I got the 'L'. Planning to do my ARPS at some point, but that's going to need some actual planning and I need to decide which project to do from several ideas I have floating around. Here's the original panel as a set on Flickr:
  21. Couple of years ago. Must admit I didn't really make a big thing of it, just threw together a panel of 10 random pics which I thought would meet the criteria and they passed it ;-)
  22. First post in here for me, be gentle… ;-) Sunbathing.. by Richard Olpin LRPS, on Flickr
  23. Yup, I'm yer typical red/green colourblind and I do have a job distinguishing the colour of the balls, but still have no problem playing the game as the cross-hatch patterns make it easy for me to see which is which. Great Job, thanks!
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