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  1. The mix of snipers and regular joes in Ghost Recon is spot on imo. I've spent many an evening hiding in trees giggling as I drop man after man from my ickle hidey hole. The one in MOH is horrific though - no skill, just quicksaves and frustration
  2. Bust A Groove. I even have it on CD
  3. Looper

    And relax

    I'm at the start of: Island Thunder Hearts Of Iron I'm in the middle of: Secret Weapons Over Normandy Advance Wars 2 At the end of: Soul Calibur 2 (can't beat two bastard fucking missions in Quest mode)
  4. The sniper level is stupid - quicksave, die, shoot sniper, quicksave, die, shoot sniper ad nausem. Guys shooting you at ridiculous distances through bushes is another pet hate. As is the last level - mix of impossible snipers and fuck all health. Online play is great though. That Stalingrad level is great 2 vs 2.
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