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    The Valve Thread

    The only PC I have at the moment is an old laptop running Vista (stop laughing at the back!) - am I right in thinking this new OS might give it more of a chance to run something like Company of Heroes (which it nearly can, but struggles more then I'd like)? Or is it more likely a case of 'out of the way old man, this isn't for you'?
  2. I've certainly done the 'get the wallet/bike back' and 'get lured into a mugging' several times.
  3. I have a great glitch with Trevor I noticed last night - for some reason he has 8,000+ shotgun shells. Makes the fully auto AA-12 equivalent highly amusing to use.
  4. I suspect people are getting their knickers in a twist over nothing with the microtransactions - property aside, everything in-game is fairly cheap, I've never lacked for something so far in the main game with the occasional exception of Trevor, but even he's loaded now. I'm sure doing a couple of heists/challenges in the online will net you plenty.
  5. That honestly made me shudder.
  6. Sorry if already posted: One to launch without surround sound? Doesn't make a lick of sense that.
  7. Looking through my stats on the Social Club, I have 700 kills with Trevor
  8. I deleted it the first time it did it. Can't abide games that bug you to play them. I'm scared of completing this now, I'm at over 50% but have been trying to do every side mission to drag it out.
  9. I think I've spent more time in the shooting range as I have doing missions. It's superb. Wish there was a different set in each one but can't have everything.
  10. Amazon come through - doorbell rings at 8am, no one there but a copy of the game on the mat. Happy days!
  11. I'm just going to throw it in the bin tomorrow and go back to work for the rest of the week. Gutted. A 9.
  12. Any Amazon normal edition people get theirs today? I had the dispatch email Saturday but the estimate is still tomorrow.
  13. Agreed. I don't know if it's a local misprice (if it is, it's been mispriced for months) but have a look in your Co-op for Banks's Bitter in bottles - £1.25 in my local one and it's lovely.
  14. LOL, I was about to get huffy about my application not being approved. I'm in!
  15. Obviously rough as hell, but that does tally with it all being 4x the size.
  16. I find it very hard to control - the dodge doesn't seem to work as consistently as it should, meaning you get the hell beaten out of you by the lowliest thug regularly. That was on an iPad though, not tried it on my phone.
  17. Not seen it, but at least from what I remember from the book (and what you're supposed to do in a nuclear attack) is run a bath full of clean water in case the supply gets contaminated or cut off.
  18. I'm honestly resentful I have to buy Live again to play GTA with my mates when there's a perfectly good PS3 sitting on the shelf next to it.
  19. Hundreds of hours in the GTA universe, in Battlefield, in Advance Wars and Disgaea. Countless iOS games that were cheap or free.
  20. Yup, I went digital after having the cart version.
  21. With Everybody's Golf, just buy the whole game again for £6.99 which includes the network pass. Or the network pass alone for £7.99 sensibly.
  22. Has it been noted that the complete edition of GTA IV (with Lost and Damned and Gay Tony) is only £6.49?
  23. You write that without mention of Smith's salt n' vinegar chipsticks... A fine crunchy stick. My immediate thought was the mighty Bobby's Snacks must have one and lo' and behold they seem to do Crispy Fries. Can't say I've ever seen them though, and my local corner shop has all the others.
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