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  1. Paprika crisps in general are great, these Ruffles paprika are especially so:
  2. First gig I remember at least:
  3. Fairly recently too, so even if it does come back around it'd be a while. I don't think anything has been repeated yet though.
  4. Hrrm. Another playthrough methinks. How hard is hard? Insane can do one.
  5. Finished it last night. I don't know what I think about it really - I thought it was great in parts, with a good story but the 'strategy' bit doesn't really seem to come into play that often, it felt more like a game of getting my vastly overpowered units to one-hit everything, and avoiding same. My Chrom/"Me" duo was so overpowered at the end they one-hit the final boss which felt a bit anti-climatic. Also, is it a thing (perhaps down to me losing 80% of the 'story' characters in the first 10 missions?) that a lot of the side missions don't unlock for some reason? Only on the finale did all the stuff down the left hand side of the map unlock.
  6. I'm very much in the 'love the new take on the characters, love the universe but fucking hell that didn't make a lot of sense' camp. I'm all for just disengaging my brain and letting a movie just wash over me but I can't forgive the glaring inconsistencies.
  7. Most RPGs, never mind JRPGs make me want to pull my eyes out and I LOVED Persona 4. It's bloody brilliant.
  8. EG for a fiver is criminal. So much game.
  9. You'd have to be a lunatic (or have a TB HDD) to download everything every month. I 'buy' it all, but I only download one or two at most. I think I've only got Urban Trial this month so far. My biggest problem at the moment with the sit down consoles is all I ever feel like playing is Bulletstorm.
  10. It's so nearly done, let's just keep it the way it is.
  11. Jesus Christ, I'm an adult man in my mid-thirties. I've taken a week off work for this. I can't wait.
  12. The 3D seemed like a gimmick when it was first introduced and now two years on (?) still does. I play with it off, as does everyone I know with one. It's neat in Fire Emblem cut scenes, but you know what, I'd rather the console was £40 cheaper.
  13. I rang to get them to sort it out, they entirely failed to do that while acknowledging it's an known issue, fobbing me off with 'it'll be fixed soon, you'll get a refund' with no details of my account taken or anything. That's fucking awful customer service. I actually rang them back and the second guy by way of contrast was fine - he essentially told me the same thing, but gave me a case number, took my details and was generally far more professional. Edit: Shahid just tweeted: Update on Spelunky. Anyone affected during the one hour this morning will get an auto refund I hear. I’ll keep you posted.
  14. Holy shit, I had to call them just to see if they're as bad as people were saying. They are. He said people who downloaded it early today will be getting a refund 'at some point, I don't know when'. When I pointed out that's awful customer service he just went quiet and repeated it.
  15. I wonder did they fuck up - I'm playing the 'trial' and it seems to be the full game. As in the tutorial finishes, then the game starts and unless it ends after a couple levels more then I played, it's all there. Not that it's remotely good enough, at least I can play it.
  16. Gawd, I can't face rebuying/refunding Spelunky, they'll surely sort it out later.
  17. Fucking hell, I've got that Spelunky error too.
  18. I'd never camp at Reading again, as a 35 year old I could safely be someone's dad. I went again this year, but exactly how I was after Glastonbury, I'm sick. Actually worse, I'm not even in work because I feel so unwell. Skills. It was pretty good, spent most of my time in the Lock Up. Highlights were Frightened Rabbit, The Bronx and Twenty One Pilots. Eminem was awful. Took my 14 year old niece to see Bastille and had to suffer the indignity of climbing out the barriers because it was so crushed.
  19. I'm surprised that Bad Piggies doesn't get more love, it's a genuinely brilliant, clever game. Been a while since I played it though so can't remember what the powers are for.
  20. I haven't any regrets about buying Stealth Inc, it was a solid week of gaming for £7.99. Glad other people will get a go at it (or, more likely, add it to their PSN pile of shame, which is a shame in itself). Pleased with everything else, haven't played any of them.
  21. Rise! Right, where do I go to get a similar hit to Boys and Girls in America era Hold Steady? Japandroids sort of scratch that itch, but there must be something else out there with that soaring, wonderful rush that it gives.
  22. Looking forward to seeing them at Reading on Sunday, they were great last time there, and all the kids fuck off meaning you can get right down the front.
  23. Ah, brilliant - I forgot about bronze. Thanks!
  24. Right, it's clicked, and clicked well. I didn't understand pairing up for one thing, that's fundamentally changed the whole game. I am missing those early characters, but equally there's loads to download as it turns out and I'm not really losing anyone anymore because of the pairing and better healing. One question - I used a master seal and upgraded a knight type character to mounted archer - his bow proficiency is only E though, less then the basic bow's D minimum - how can I raise that when the guy can't even use the basic?
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