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  1. In an effort to get into this properly it was the only game I took on holiday this past weekend - argh, I still don't get it! I'm six or so chapters in and all my useful (mages, healers, light cavalry) characters are dead with seemingly no way of hiring more. There's no way of restarting a battle without turning the DS off either? Can you hire more guys? Or have I missed the point and should restart and keep all those weak characters alive?
  2. Looper

    Nintendo Wii U

    I dunno, that Pokemon game does sound like the game equivalent of an abusive partner.
  3. All depends how it's handled I guess, it sounds a bit off colour from what she described but perhaps that's the point.
  4. It's more the rape scene she seems to have a problem with no?
  5. That looks fucking terrible.
  6. Walt's blates going to Rambo it up. Not sure on who. Maybe Badger.
  7. Glad it wasn't just me who thought that LOTR Lego was rubs - I got stuck about 30 minutes in with some sort of bouncing lift thing after 30 minutes of button mashing. Life is too short. Shame of it is that I love the couple of Lego games on Xbox I've played, would have been nice to have a decent portable version.
  8. Oh cool, I thought that was PS3 only.
  9. I love those two, never got on with FFT and I LOVE Disgaea There's a nice slow, fairly well explained ramp up and to be honest you'll probably finish it and not fully understand everything. Then you play it all again...
  10. Why wouldn't you buy a repair box?! They're like 3,000 souls or something?
  11. I've heard it described as a 'walking slowly around in a dress' simulator. It was panned pretty much I think.
  12. I was working at RideLondon over the weekend. Some of my favourites: All taken with that kit Nikon 55-200mm.
  13. My shop closed too - does that mean I can't now get the silver watering can?
  14. I used to buy all my DS games from a US website (movietyme?) before I got a R4, maybe people like me are the logic behind the region lock. Still seems stupid in this day and age with mandatory firmware upgrades and the like.
  15. I don't think you can have multiple PSN accounts on a Vita the way you can on PS3... anyone?
  16. Thanks, that's very useful. A good condition D90 might be right up my alley looking at prices, but then I guess save up for another couple months and get something I won't feel the need to upgrade from again quickly. That said, not sure that feeling ever goes away
  17. I wouldn't mind secondhand if it's in good nick is the thing, and I'd especially like the LCD on the top with the info... is there anything like that?
  18. Could anyone recommend a decent body upgrade for under £400 secondhand from a D40x? I have the 18-55mm, a 55-200mm and that nice 35mm DX lens. I'd like something with faster focusing mainly, with more focus points.
  19. SoCo - bit saucy price-wise, but it was worth it.
  20. The... horror... Actually the fried chicken was excellent, the red velvet waffle with maple syrup... less so after the first few bites. Taken in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago.
  21. XCOM down to £10.49. It's not the price but the comedy install size (3gb+!) that's making me hesitate.
  22. Stealth Inc 'finished' - thought that was as good a handheld stealth 'em up could be without some miracle bringing Mark of the Ninja to Vita, fun start to end.
  23. Is there a recommended tutorial for Frozen Synapse anywhere - I bought it ages ago but can't for the life of me even finish the first level without my guys dying instantly.
  24. I actually think I'm getting good at it, god help me. Nearly finished the core game, but will mess about with the other clone options for sure.
  25. That's the one where you're running in front of the green blocks? It's do-able, keep at it.
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