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  1. I was getting them constantly in New York a couple of weeks ago, that's when I first ran into the '10 people' thing. You can have up to 10 waiting to play games, then 10 more at the gate, but that's it. I only had one tourist last night, a Swiss woman, the rest were English.
  2. Met my brother last night in Covent Garden, walked all around Soho, then Leicester Square and back to Covent Garden - only 7 hits! I even opened it up halfway through the evening thinking I'd have had 10 by that stage so I could get more.
  3. I'm doing a bit of photography for RideLondon in a couple of weeks, and will need a couple of spare batteries for my trusty D40x - has anyone experience with third party batteries? The Nikon official are £50, the ones on Amazon and eBay are £5-7. It's a EN-EL9 if that makes it any difference.
  4. Related to above: Sookies storyline is annoying the shit out of me. Although on the other hand, tits. I thought the scene with Bill and the Governor was bizarre, it really didn't look like he was doing what he did...
  5. I need to go back to it, and play it on a harder difficulty I think - it wasn't grabbing me and then Animal Crossinggeddon happened and I haven't been able to play anything else.
  6. Totally. More or less until GTA5/Dark Souls 2 the only things that have me properly interested are the 'indie' selection on Vita. Spelunky has slipped off the radar weirdly, something I saw on Twitter said the 8th of August, but I suspect that was wishful thinking considering it's a Thursday.
  7. There is inconsistency there, but I can get them *most* of the time now. It was mainly having my shield up accidentally that I had to train myself out of. - must have shield down - must be squarely behind them - no gap at all between character models, you need to be pressing into them essentially But yeah, like you say it'll not work even though you feel like you've done all of those. Dark Souls™.
  8. Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark is available on the Vita store.
  9. Oh nice, that's perfect.
  10. I wish Earthbound was on the 3DS. Same with loads of the classic SNES stuff that seems to be WiiU only. This is where people tell me it is already.
  11. Been giving this a rest for various reasons, fired it up again last night. I love that first hour or two now, always summoning someone to help me with Taurus, getting them to help me kill the Black Knight with backstabs, then hanging around to be summoned myself. Only died to Havel after someone insisted on going down there and I forgot myself for a moment and tried to block him as a lv11 Deprived wearing only a chainmail helmet with no shield
  12. Jesus christ, of course it was staged, or at the very least everyone in it signed a waiver.
  13. 117 for a birdwing, that's got to be enough. Got three bits of bug furniture off him first too!
  14. I'd only played the previous one on PSP, and loved that coming into it with no real idea what the series was about. It's totally accessible for a newcomer and pretty much as deep as you want to go strategy-wise. Get get get!
  15. Disgaea 3 just because I can't imagine playing a game like that for any period of time in front of a telly, but on the Vita it was 100 hours that just disappeared. Persona 4 because Persona 4. Hotline Miami because I haven't been able to play anything else since I got it Everybody's Golf because I bought a Vita for it and I'd still be happy if it was the only game I had on it pretty much.
  16. Woooo! I'm really struggling with how good Sony are being of late, how awesome is it that the Vita DLC is crossplay!
  17. Spelunky seems to have disappeared off the schedule considering it said July in that PS press ad. Boo.
  18. I don't play as such (well other than at lunch) at my desk, but leaving it open or quickly running around doing something, my boss doesn't give a shit. Letsbook - nice one, I'll try to hop on as soon as I'm home in two hours or so.
  19. It's the usual firewall on firewall corporate bollocks here, I've really struggled to get in or out in the past. I'll give it a go but don't be surprised if you immediately resetti or can't connect...
  20. Amazing! I'm on my work connection so might not be able to connect but if you could keep it for me that would be great - are you after anything? Edit - bah, yeah - I can't get out of my town. Will keep an eye on later when I'm at home. Thanks!
  21. You look great in that regal look. Or not. If you have it in the bank why not, I wouldn't give up a town project for it mind. Can people keep an eye out for the Knight helmet in their Able sisters please? I have a hankering for some Dark Souls cosplay and have the Solaire pattern from qrcrossing.com.
  22. That diagram is the island, not the mainland - the island isn't exactly beautiful to start with, it seems perfectly reasonable to optimise it for the valuable bugs.
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