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  1. When your last spoilered point was pointed out to my by my partner I was like 'flippin eck a flaw that I managed not to notice!' You're right in that it made no sense other than the for the swerve. And yeh that side adventure that keeps getting mentioned could just be excised almost completely and time given to the other characters or just cut off the movie.
  2. MIxed bag for me, bit disappointed but some of that'll come from the tremendous hype I had for it. It's worst crimes for me were the numerous attempts at humour, some of which just fell flat and/or felt like they didn't belong in a star wars film, and the laboured social/political comment. It would be interesting to know over what points the studio stepped in and changed things to the extent it did on Rogue One and didn't with this film. At points it doesn't feel like a star wars film at all, not that there's anything wrong with change but these films have stylistic rules (for lack of a better term) that TLJ seems to buck. This is a tough balance though as some people felt TFA was too much like the older films. Since seeing the film I've watched/read a lot of balanced reviews which echo how redundant some of it was, how some of the humour missed and how some themes were either needlessly inserted or far too heavy handed. I'm looking forward to seeing it again now that I know what it is/where it goes and I can watch it without the hype etc. I enjoyed . Didn't much care for At the moment I got VIII not as good as TFA but similar to the prequels, maybe a bit above, not sure. IV - VI VII VIII / I - III Look forward to seeing it again but, as others have said, I'm glad Ep IX is back with Abrams, I just wish Kasdan was back too as I believe he was a big part of what made VII feel so right to me. In fact it's the love of the new characters given to us in episode VII that keeps the film afloat at times for me.
  3. Yeah he helped on the storyboards/pre viz on the movie. Primarily the Obi vs Anakin fight, don't think he was credited for it though.
  4. He tried to get other people to help but no one wanted any of it. Lawrence Kasdan was approached to help write but he refused* and a few directors (Spielberg, Howard & Zemeckis) were asked to helm but all suggested Lucas get back behind the camera himself. *Interesting that he no qualms working on Star Wars later without Lucas!
  5. Loved it, especially the story and how the themes of the original were played out this time on screen. Easily as good as the original for me.
  6. I believe that actually gets addressed in the book
  7. Spock is already an adult at this time as Discovery starts after 'The Cage', the originally unaired pilot of TOS with Spock and Captain Pike. In fact the first novel based on Discovery is out already and the crews of the Shenzou and Enterprise meet and have an adventure together...
  8. Started this today and really enjoyed the plot racing ahead at the start and catching up on the 15 or so years since Zero. A few chapters in and now the map has fully opened up so now I can hopefully slow it down, explore and get some substories going before progressing the main story any more. Mild map spoiler
  9. All the films above so far are top notch I'll add The Asphalt Jungle Kiss Me Deadly Criss Cross High and Low (Japan) Rififi (France)
  10. Chocky

    Yacht Rock

    RIP Walter Becker Raising a glass whilst listening to some Dan tonight.
  11. https://www.polygon.com/2017/8/26/16208640/yakuza-kiwami-2-hd-remake-announcement-sega-ps4 Awesome news, hopefully the western release isn't too far behind
  12. Yakuza 0 was my first Yakuza game and the most fun I've had with a game in ages. Day one purchase for Kiwami no doubt and I'm afraid Star Ocean and No Man's Sky will go on the backburner until Kiwami is finished. Loved 0 so much that I dusted off the PS3 so I could get 4 & 5 in the recent Big in Japan PS store sale. I'll space those two out between now and the release of 6!
  13. Were you the Gief in the Macho Man outfit? Just caught the last game of that set as I got in!
  14. I thought it was a good cinema experience but very much echo the above. It was very impressive film making but I felt it would have benefited from someone writing it with Nolan perhaps. I don't mind films that are more mood than story or those that have little or no dialogue but the film's main misstep for me was that I didn't really connect with any of the soldiers on the beach. Overall though I'm glad that someone like Nolan, with his big studio clout, can make a film like this clearly on his own terms with little to no studio interference.
  15. Managed to get Monday off work if I need it! Did alright last year though with going to sleep early and getting up at 4am for SFV top 8 then going to work. Here we go!!!
  16. I can't imagine they won't use him. Depending on how long the Sony/Marvel Studios arrangement lasts Marvel would love to use GG in their universe, especially as one of the big MCU criticisms has been a lack of decent villains. I enjoyed the film and thought it succeeded in the balancing act of having a new Spider-Man film feel like it's own thing whilst also confirming Parker's place in the wider MCU.
  17. I've played (and finished) Symphonia, Xillia 1 & 2 and Zestiria. Symphonia and the Xillia pair I really enjoyed, Zestiria was good but I wasn't a fan of the combining characters gimmick. I've finished FFXV last week and have had my fill of post game stuff already so this is coming out at a great time, can't wait to get stuck into it
  18. I thought this version was good but I very much prefer the original film version as that delivers more of what you mentioned seemed lacking, I'll not spoil it by mentioning the main differences. Whilst watching the film, especially towards the end, it seemed to me like Scorcese had made a more sanitized version of the story. I've never read the book so this may be a very faithful adaptation but as the author helped write the 1971 film (similar to how Arthur C Clarke wrote the 2001 screenplay w/Kubrick) I'll stick to that version when I want to watch the story again.
  19. Mixed feelings on the film. I enjoyed watching it and was entertained throughout so it succeeded on that basic level. I do wish it was more of a covert men on a mission style war film though. No idea of what came with the reshoots but my main gripe was how big the story became Fingers crossed that after the Han Solo film the Anthology films spread their wings and tell stories outside of what we already have seen.
  20. Congrats on the trophy! This year I've managed to watch most of the CPT events and am also looking forward to Capcom Cup, glad for the players that it's all best of 5 now too. I'll be flying for a holiday over finals weekend so will have to avoid spoilers and catch up over the first night or two in the hotel room! I'd like to see more of Capcom working with Red Bull on events as Kumite and Battle Grounds were both very professional. Think I might follow your lead and grind the Survival points on easy normal both for the FM and to get used to other characters.
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