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  1. Marlowe

    Squid Game

    Can't say I buy this kind of false consciousness stuff. It's popular with adults for the same reason it's popular with kids. The idea of a game with life or death stakes is nothing new in TV, film and literature, and it remains an intriguing and exciting concept to people. This is an especially well executed version of it. The veneer of social commentary allows some adults to think there's something more sophisticated going on, but there really isn't, and there's nothing wrong with that. Enjoy it for what it is.
  2. Marlowe

    The Man Utd Thread

    Rangnick apparently has his visa now, so will definitely be in charge for Palace. Excited to see what he will do, though I do think we'll need to have some patience as he's in the unenviable position of taking over at the start of the most congested run of fixtures of the season, and therefore won't have a huge amount of time on the training pitch with the players.
  3. Shame about the Nintendo ad in the second episode but otherwise it was good fun.
  4. I'm shocked that a middle aged man is insisting only games that came out when he was young are retro. I enjoyed the cover feature, good insight into a classic from a time before the FPS genre veered wildly off course with stultifyingly scripted single player campaigns and the focus on gamifying the online experience above all else. Wasn't such a fan of the list feature - seemed very open ended whereas I feel lists have to have much more specific criteria to hold interest. But otherwise a great issue.
  5. Marlowe

    The Man Utd Thread

    Aside from the shaky start that was a consummate European away performance. Defended as a unit, Sancho played in his natural position is surprise surprise rather good, midfield was much more compact, and Bruno looked more like his old self when he came on.
  6. Played some Super Monkey Ball multiplayer at the weekend with my best mate. We go way back but as is the way of things we don't see a huge amount of each other these days. As teenagers we both stood in line on the European launch day for the Cube, and SMB was our go-to multiplayer game for years until we went off on our separate ways to uni. Returning to it, it's every bit as good as it was back then. I know Target rightly gets a lot of love, but Bowling and Golf are both tremendously good fun. The use of the analog triggers for spin on Bowling is genius. One of the many shit things about adulthood is that I rarely ever get to play local multiplayer stuff like that, but with the right person, gaming doesn't get any better than that for me, and the Cube and that generation in general really was the peak for those games.
  7. Yeah, Octopussy is a romp. Great film. QoS has some of the worst edited action scenes in the entire series.
  8. I like Dalton, but Licence to Kill is rather too much Bond trying to do the 80s American action film thing and not doing it very well. Bond is usually at its best when it's confident enough to do its own thing and isn't too conscious of pandering to general trends, Casino Royale being the one notable exception which I put down to it still being anchored by the source material. Spy Who Loved Me was on the edge of A and B for me. TND I think is criminally underrated so I've probably been more generous as a result.
  9. Now the dust is settling on the Craig era, it's time to rank the series again: S Tier: From Russia With Love Goldfinger Goldeneye Casino Royale A Tier: Dr No You Only Live Twice OHMSS For Your Eyes Only Tomorrow Never Dies B Tier: Thunderball Live and Let Die The Spy Who Loved Me Octopussy The Living Daylights The World Is Not Enough Skyfall No Time To Die C Tier: Diamonds are Forever The Man With The Golden Gun Moonraker A View To A Kill Licence To Kill D Tier: Die Another Day Quantum of Solace E Tier: Spectre
  10. https://www.retrogames.co.uk/ have some US and Japanese games. Their prices are normally pretty reasonable compared to eBay.
  11. That Digital Foundry vid really brings home how much they've botched the art direction in this. I could overlook some frame drops and glitches, but not the horrible job they've done with that. It's like a colourised film noir or one of those awful remasters of classic albums we got in the 00s and 10s that compress the sound to hell and destroy any dynamic range.
  12. I think this is typical of modern fandom and its outlet on the internet rather than being specific to games. Witness pretty much any major film release in the 'nerd sphere', there's always this polarisation between: 1. This is the worst thing ever - cynicism and outrage, nitpicking over plotholes and lack of fan service as if that amounts to actual criticism 2. This is the best thing ever - how dare anyone else especially professional critics dislike this thing that I like, they must have some agenda against it
  13. Well there goes any chance of an interesting race with that start. Looks like this title battle is going to fizzle out.
  14. Marlowe

    The Man Utd Thread

    The back 5 up against a false 9 is useless. But if you are going to do that, you have to shift across quickly when they switch play and stop the crosses coming in. Failing utterly to do that. AWB isn't suited to wing back play. If we're sticking with a back 3, Dalot deserves a run there. Fernandes always struggles being pressed in a crowded midfield. DvB would be doing better there just through finding space and retaining the ball. Real test for Ole now how he tries to turn this around.
  15. Marlowe

    The Man Utd Thread

    VdB and Sancho coming on with *checks watch* 4 mins to go...
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