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  1. Loved the feature on PS1 visuals. Had no idea about the indie games tapping into that aesthetic, and the piece did a great job of conveying the experimentation and variety of that era. As you point out, there really isn't enough respect for the artistry of those games.
  2. One of those that looks bad in slow motion but a fair jump for the ball at full speed. It's a big issue with VAR when it comes to attempts at the ball like that, or ones like Maguire's disallowed goal at Burnley.
  3. Marlowe


    What's the better PS1 pick up for a shmup novice - Gunbird or Raiden Project?
  4. If anyone's got one of these Namco arcade sticks knocking around you'd be interested in selling please give me a shout. Starting to build a PS1 collection and this looks ideal for fighters and shmups. Love the aesthetics of it as well. Recent ones have gone for £30-50 on eBay but the only current listings are people being daft trying to get £75-100 buy it now for them.
  5. Why does Fred ever shoot?
  6. It's bizarre what's happened to Martial this season. He was unstoppable after the restart last season. Get Greenwood on.
  7. Lost count of the number of times we've been linked with Ramos immediately before he agrees a new contract with Real. Can't see Varane happening either, just not the kind of signing we ever make.
  8. Control down on 00 Agent. Caverns is giving me a hard time though. First time through I shot the guard in front of the radio to contact Wade with an assault rifle and the bullets went through him and blew the whole thing up. How could I have forgotten about that. Second time through I tried to be more methodical and the guard blew himself up and the radio with it with a grenade. Third time through I thought I'd be clever and go and destroy the drone guns and dispense with the enemies in that final path to the elevator, in advance of contacting Wade, so I di
  9. They do with interior walls at least. For example in Control I've stuck a mine on a wall and killed the guard on the other side of it.
  10. Amazingly I've never played this series, or any dedicated golf game for that matter. Always had a blast with Monkey Golf in Super Monkey Ball though. What's better out of the N64 and Gamecube games?
  11. That's a really good read. Brings back a lot of fond memories of that era of the internet.
  12. My only complaint with this so far is he still does a lot of recapping between episodes, which would be suitable if it was a series going out weekly on BBC2, but not so much when it's an iPlayer only affair. Makes me wonder whether he'd originally hoped to get this out on broadcast but was shot down by BBC bosses.
  13. We really missed Pogba in this game. Fred and McTominay don't offer enough threat against the low block. In previous games this season against these kind of teams, Pogba's made the difference. It's a real concern if we do lose him this summer as even an in form VdB is a completely different type of player.
  14. Worry less about what the 'point' of it all is and enjoy how fascinating each of the story threads are, the archive footage, and yes the music. The overall themes emerge from all that. I'm 2 eps in and enjoying it immensely so far. A return to form for him.
  15. I agree some of the objectives would be considered obscure by modern standards, but then considering the ubiquity of the internet now, why is that something that was acceptable then but not now? If anything it's more of a reason to do it now - it satisfies people who work it out on their own, while anyone else can look it up if they don't want the effort. The levels are all so small that a map and objective markers would be overkill. You can see all of each level in anywhere from 1 to 15 minutes - and that's not speed running times, just assuming you're moving through at a fairly b
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