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  1. In terms of Mario games they’d have to be crazy not to follow up this movie with a new one. That’d make for a pretty profitable one-two punch, you’d imagine? All these marketing screens for the movie are making me ready for one, anyway. If it wasn’t for the word ‘MOVIE’ you’d fully expect these to be marketing for a new game.
  2. Splatoon 3 definitely isn’t my GotY, nor the best competitive game I’ve played since glory days WoW. It’s also sold fuckall. So hopefully they won’t be supporting it for much longer.
  3. After that you can just dump all of the EverDrive packs of ROMs into their respective folders, if you want an all-out one ’n done, of course. My SD hasn’t left the port since once since setting it up almost two years ago.
  4. Well, me and the boy started this again last week. It really is chaos sharing a save file with a five year old. Together we’ll progress the main quest and unlock towers, as well as locate the various pieces of important gear. At night by myself I’ll sweep up shrines, koroks, materials/ingredients/ammo, etc. Then by the time I get back to it after he’s been on there’s nothing left! We’re now out of shock arrows after collecting all of them from the Lynel den, and they don’t seem to respawn.
  5. The reason I’m still in love with my 3DS is because after all this time it still feels like a little box of magic, especially when it’s playing something like A Link Between Worlds or Majora’s Mask.
  6. I still love my 3DS and the 3D effect. Stereoscopic output is of course still required for VR, which I like a lot. That said, I’d still take ray-tracing over 3D on a conventional display. Any day. Full-on global illumination and everything else under the RTX umbrella is overwhelmingly immersive, especially when paired with high frame rates.
  7. To stop the ball from potentially going into the net?
  8. I can see the Lite maybe getting a new revision. Besides that I don't think we're seeing new hardware anytime soon at all. They'd be mad to announce anything right now, even if the tech to do so was readily available (it isn't). They're probably looking forward to selling 120-150M Switch games next year - announcing new hardware would likely put a dent in that, that to a degree.
  9. It's even better when in control. I spend most of my time admiring the way the lighting works and setting up reflections and stuff. I was in The Hague last week, and was walking down the main high street stretch. There's like this special laminated pattern on the paving stones and it was catching the light of the animated billboards. I said to myself "This all looks ray-traced". Then did a mental face palm shortly afterwards.
  10. I'm at a very comfortable point in the game where I'm feeling like I'm maxing out my limited starting toolkit, thinking to myself that I could be doing with something, only to then find that very something available in the shop. I'll then buy the upgrade I fancy and then effortlessly work it into my routine. I repeated the first secret mission about 20 times last night experimenting over and over, mainly trying to time the on-hit Exceed charges. That really does feel a bit like the inputs for Dodge-Offset on Bayonetta, and as such I'm in two minds about changing the Exceed button over to R2. I've got jump on there currently for the evade/Table Hop input, but then I'm finding Table Hop to be stupendously strict on the timing (even more so than Bat Within), and the benefit when triggered isn't really worth it. As such I've not upgraded it yet, so maybe it gets better. Outside of technicalities it's great to be playing a Capcom game again. I genuinely can't remember the last time. Super Street Fighter 4 AE? It definitely looks, sounds, and feels like a Capcom game - like I'm returning home after 10/20 years away. How are the haptics on the PS5 version? This is definitely on my list of PS5 potentials, despite already playing on a 3080.
  11. Brutal. It's currently €10 on Steam for the GotY edition.
  12. The whole series would have benefited by each episode being The Viewing. Just the exact same episode, x8.
  13. It’s been ready to go for years now. I always bounce off after a few levels because work gets in the way. I just had to fix a nightmare work scenario this weekend just gone, so I’m trying to be strategic with my timing now. @ZOK playing Bayonetta also got me back in the mood for some of this style of gameplay. I’m also afraid that if I play DMC3 fully through first I won’t want to bother with any of the others.
  14. Did anyone ever have any issues with the vertical camera tilt? Whenever I try moving it up and down it also pans aggressively left or right unless I push it precisely down the middle, like there’s zero deadzone to it, or like my controller’s fukt (it isn’t).
  15. I'm liking this a lot already. Never really played a DMC game before beyond the first couple of stages.
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