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  1. No. I keep mental tabs on everything and I’m a massive pothead. l sometimes struggle remembering what I still have and what I may have given away due to my small collection from 2010-2016 still being kept in my wife’s wardrobe back in Malaysia. That’s about as difficult as it gets.
  2. Yep. Good for getting out of bother.
  3. Pro tip is pulsing the map at every available opportunity to better position yourself. That alone made substantial gains for my ranking.
  4. As @StumpyJohn says, only if there's no one to super-jump to and I'm returning to mid. Purposely inking the base is the best way to sabotage the match for your team for about two dozen reasons.
  5. I have absolutely no use for these sea snails anyway, considering both my main and sub gear builds only need another 8 ability chunks for completion. Plus I'm swimming in cash I don't know what I'm going to do with. Had a 100X battle shortly before the Splatfest closed, which we easily lost because we had base inkers. It's astonishing that you still see that close to level 40.
  6. This is exactly why this game is up there with AvP. Despite my love for both Alien, Predator, and beat 'em ups, personal preference makes SoR4 my #1 all-time scrolling fighter, which was not something I expected when I first saw it revealed.
  7. You can, but it’s very expensive. 45 chunks. I got to Ruler +3 and didn’t see a single Team Fun until one tri-color battle. Weird. I’m glad that’s over with anyway. At least I managed to get better with rollers and unlock enough Sheldon Licence’s to buy all the weapons. I also discovered a liking towards the dualies that have the beacon as a sub weapon and Tacticooler for special. They’re great for someone playing support and I can’t wait to try that in Clam Blitz.
  8. Modding Skyrim can be very, very time consuming. I’ve been doing it once every two years since 2014. Finding ‘good’ mods can be very subjective, and comes down to personal taste and whichever theme you’re going for. Even asking how to simply enhance the vanilla game is a barrel of fish for an answer (that’s not the right context for that phrase, but you get what I mean). First of all you’ll want a clean installation of the game, and then Mod Organiser 2 somewhere else on your hard drive. After that you’re best rolling back the game to a pre-anniversary state so that all the best mods are compatible (AE brought nothing much of worth anyway). Once that’s done you need to clean the game files using SSEEdit and install SKSE. Then you can start adding mods. Look for Gamer Poets’ tutorials for all of the above on YouTube. He’s by far the best tutor to follow when it comes to this stuff. I can recommend a whole host of stability, system, and display mods which will only alter things under the hood. Handy if you want a stable game that runs above 60FPS before going crazy with whatever else.
  9. I reckon all the 8/10 reviews are because it's been game journos (lol) vs game journos (lol). This is easily a nine, maybe higher.
  10. Turf War is random AF. The only sure-fire way to win is to dominate the opposition in the middle and do your best to keep them contained. If just one can break through and start painting your base it can go either way. One person can go back for them but if they lose that 1vs1 they have the game pretty much wrapped up. One good thing about it is that it teaches you to keep popping the map open as often as possible. My ranking has been climbing quickly since I've started doing that.
  11. Half-way through Ruler +1 (as Team Grub) and not seen a single Team Fun yet.
  12. Also, is anyone noticing more DCs than usual during 10X battles? I get the impression it’s dickheads pulling dickhead moves.
  13. Internal real life freshness, yeah. Turf War is not the best of warm ups, let alone a whole weekend of it. All this being said I’m having great fun with rollers finally. Using them is like playing a whole different game entirely, so doesn’t really detract. I’m also practicing reading the map at every available second. It’d be nice if Freshness was based around recent k/d or w/l ratio instead of being just a grind.
  14. Any night is good for me, but Thursdays are best. I’m a bit bored of this Splatfest already. I can only really use Turf War for trying out new weapons because using my mains is degrading my zoneness when it comes back to ranked (up to 68pts, btw!). Also, I’ve not seen a single Team Fun out of about 40 games. WTF? Oh, I put Ninja Squid onto my Splatfest tee and got the six chunks of Quick Respawn back. It seems you can switch around without losing chunks. Time for some single player I think.
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