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  1. I'm still able to download and play games through the Microsoft Store app, despite no longer being subbed to Game Pass. Xbox app says no. MS Store app says yes.
  2. I'd be after a 3090FE as well by now if I'd missed my chance on the 3080 last year. 3080s being offered for utterly ridiculous money on Ebay.
  3. No worries. Sure, when it comes to both Spotify and Netflix my saved items are all of my 'classics' which I already have on my USB drive anyway. I'd cancel Netflix if not for my son, and Spotify is only active currently because of another really cheap deal, and I think the overall convenience is worth it I'm basically stuck in the past and default to a solidly cynical viewpoint when it comes to anything new. Something has to be genuinely amazing and fresh to hold my interest. Also, why Gears? Simply because I wanted to flex my new 3080 card befo
  4. I only ever sign up for Game Pass when I can get three months for €1, or something. I did that back in December. Played Gears 5 for less than five minutes. Logged back in yesterday to cancel my sub before it kicks in at full price. That was probably one big waste of €1 and an hour, to be fair. I'd have been better off trying to clear out Chrono Trigger from my 16bit backlog. A game I've never played before. I bet one hour on that would engross me enough to see it through totally.
  5. I'm going to try getting one of these for my 40th (17th). I've been desperately after one since the start.
  6. This is going to be another 20M seller for them, isn't it?
  7. Another cash injection for the Nintendo coffers. Love it!
  8. Oooh! They made it faster? That's nice to know. Like a Turbo Edition, or something.
  9. I'm going to need a VGA to either SCART or preferably BNC at some point in order to feed into the PVM/BVM. Any recommendations would be great.
  10. And some absolutely do come equipped with piercing qualities. The Golden Gun equivalent DY-357 LX can shoot through thin doors and multiple enemies, as can the Callisto NTG. Oh my, how immensely satisfying are the Magnum revolvers in PD? That delay as the chamber rotates and hammers the shot off. Glorious.
  11. Nice post, but I'm not so sure about this part. Movement and speed is at the core of the game - timing those real-time mission intros just right so that you can set-up the enemy pathing to favourably orchestrate your run. They even give you an optional timer as part of the UI for measuring performance, specifically. There are also loads of situations where the game throws scripted enemy packs at you, too. Maybe more so on Perfect Agent. The biggest defining factor between GE and PD, for me, is the hit detection. Goldeneye is very padded - like the enemy 'actors' are all wearing
  12. Yep. It launched on my birthday. 17th March 2010. Save it for when/if you get a new one. It's been given the upscale/4K treatments which I also have yet to sample.
  13. That's right! You know what, I'm just a couple of months out after completing Perfect Agent on XBLA and I never knew about this alternate route until then. I'd obviously played this game loads back in the day and even since, as well. It was a real surprise. That's another great level, by the way. Yeah. Pretty much all of the missions are great. The mission briefings and flavour text are top-notch as well, just like they are in Goldeneye. There's real character behind all of it.
  14. Nothing else as extreme as that. Some levels open up locked doors and alternative routes depending on your actions during prior levels. Such as when entering Area 51, you don't want to kill the guy by the hover bike, as he will come in and open up a door on the top level for you once you're in during the next stage. Exit this door and it'll take you to a secret route which ends with a room containing the Phoenix gun - making the rest of the level relatively easy. In fact that string of three Area 51 missions is one phenomenal piece of video game architecture. After a couple of runs you can
  15. It's an absolute fucking crime that we've only ever had GE/PD (and to a similar extent Timesplitters) representing this sub-genre/fork from standard FPS formula, before everything rapidly went to shit with checkpoint systems and regenerating health. The 'rinse & repeat' aspect is what I love the most about video games. It's why I'm in the hobby, why Perfect Dark is still my favourite game of all time, and why my top10 list is so diverse. I wouldn't even class myself as a FPS fan. I tried building a clone in Unity but it's just far too much work on my own, especially with my
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