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  1. Honestly mate, I still can't get over this. That was one of the creepiest memories from my early childhood. If we were watching that on the original air date that would have made me 3yrs 7mths old, five months younger than my son is now. I remember my grandma also mumbling about the "silly" ending, but I reckon it makes for a pretty good twist - especially for the time. For anyone else do check out that episode, dodgy early-eighties production aside the weird acting adds to the effect of the plot. MC Night Shallawallamayan should do a reboot.
  2. JFC! That's it! Thanks so much, man. I just watched it all, talk about a blast from the past.
  3. This is one of my earliest memories of laying eyes on a television, so it must have been around 1983/1984 - no later. It was a VHS/Betamax rental. This film was about a family imprisoned in some kind of social experiment house thing. I somehow remember some green goo on a sheet of clear plastic. There, that's all I can remember. Massive props to any fucker who can name the film going off of that.
  4. Wrath of Man (2021) Pretty decent revenge/heist 'em up from Guy Ritchie. Each act unfolds well enough to remain interesting throughout. 4/5
  5. Jotego's instructions aren't the best. I remember winging my CPS2 and Qsound installations to get them to work. I'll post screens of my folders later if no one does it before me. I'm away from my desk today.
  6. If you like dungeons, yeah, it does.
  7. For better or worse, I agree. It could be great, comical, shit, meh; or a weird mixture of all four. Whichever of those makes for great discussion.
  8. Speaking of cabling, how are people anchoring their MiSTer to stay level with the surface it's sitting on? I have nearly every port filled at the back and it's some weight. The video cable is the main culprit, so I'm stuffing the Link Between Worlds limited edition GBA cart chest under it to prevent the port being potentially bent out of shape. Any better solutions? Taping the cable to the back of my unit is scrappy, and doesn't hold anyway. Clamouring after a second unit now for downstairs, but need a new LG as the existing doesn't handle vsync_adjust=2. The plan was to bring the Samsung upstairs and mount it vertically for shmup action, but it can get sold off instead I think.
  9. I think there's an off-shoot DoDonPachi core you can download from somewhere, maybe even off the official bloke. I had the exact same problems. https://www.patreon.com/posts/dodonpachi-46150113 Arcade-Cave_20210113.rbf <- here should be your fix. Get the .rbf and the .mra files from the bottom of that Patreon page. Sacrificing vsync_adjust=2 is an absolute last resort.
  10. I keep saying it but my son is into this and he's only three. He loves going through what little I have left of my old collection. I had to leave the SFC carts out because he kept opening the cardboard boxes to get at them. I'm thinking of selling off my PCE and SFC so that I can finally get another N64 and have it modded, but I just know that he'll get annoyed that he can't play the carts anymore. "But this is exactly the same!" *gestures towards the MiSTer* "NO! Da-da... This one has the picture on it. See? I can plug it in..." Me, of all people, I'm the one trying to sway him towards piracy/preservation, but he just won't have it.
  11. Nintendo didn't start those rumours though.
  12. ^ I have no idea how the other blokes functioned in that band. I wouldn't be able to keep my thoughts or emotions in check around a woman like Gwen Stefani, and I probably wouldn't be able to look her in the eyes and maintain conversation without acting like a rabbit in headlights.
  13. At least your space is functional. Let's see how tidy I can keep mine as I add more and more bits. I'm looking at a cheapo airbrush kit for priming/base-coating, so that's going to stand out a fair bit. If it's any consolation here's my regular workspace on a normal day:
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