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  1. I had to settle for the John Major Edition (cookies & cream). Oh well, at least I'm getting one.
  2. Thanks. I've been plagued by crap temps for what seems like forever. This is a bit of a breakthrough. Quake II RTX is peaking at 72 degrees, but now hitting 80FPS. This means 72% fan speed, which is approaching very loud, but no where near as bad as stock this time last week.
  3. Crikey, why didn't I think of this? More performance from somewhere, who knows. 10 degrees off. A new Superposition high score.
  4. Did you try setting the power limit to 115%? That fixed that for me. Some CoolerMaster garbage (Q300P). 10/10 looks, -10/10 thermals. I don't care much about dust. I quite fancy something open next time.
  5. I've also taken all of the covers off of my case to aid thermals. Things are now great. GPU idles at 35, then maxes out at 76-ish @850mV/1920MHz. 14800+ on Superposition without any hint of thermal throttling. It jumps between 1920MHz and 1935MHz throughout. I also set the power limit to 115%. This gets rid of the constant fluctuations from before without any impact on the temps. There's really no need for me to tinker any longer.
  6. New GPU + Shock Blue Xbox Series controller, which I get on the 5th.
  7. I've been self-employed/working-from-home for five years now. I estimate that to be 15,600 hours worth of potential use. That doesn't include gaming time.
  8. My Xbox 360 pad works, but comes with horrendous levels of input latency which I've had to adapt to. If I'm buying a new controller I expect it to work, of course. What I want to know is how well a Series controller works when compared to a Dual Shock 4 when it comes to input latency. The DS4 is 2-3ms of latency over Bluetooth, but then I prefer the Xbox ergonomics. I'd settle for anything under double digits. As an estimation my 360 pad sits at around 15-25ms. That's probably the main reason why I'm after an upgrade.
  9. Has anyone done any extensive testing with the controllers over bluetooth on PC? I need purchase-defining numbers, not just "It works great!".
  10. That's sounds like a bit of a discredit. The 'ROMs' are indistinguishable from the real deal, unlike all other forms of software emulation. I agree with you on having the full library on the card. It's a bit pointless with a great percentage of games being total pap, but it's nice to have all the same - if only for reference. I have the full library of PCE games on my Turbo Everdrive, but I always know what I want to play. If I hear about a hidden gem at any point I know that it'll be on there, ready.
  11. That Batman one looks pretty sweet, tbh. If it had the yellow Burton Batman logo and yellow stitching it'd sway me. I'm fighting for the pink D.Va one. Can't be arsed waiting until January for the cookies & cream fabric.
  12. I recently got a standing desk, which has been great. When I need to think at nights (or do any gaming) it's not ideal.
  13. Both me and my accountant are trying to convince my wife to let me buy one. The Cyberpunk ones were back in stock briefly over the past week, but now no more. I'm actually a big fan of the D.Va one, too. But considering I don't have any intention of playing Overwatch it seems a bit silly.
  14. I'm now running at 800mV with the boost set to 1800MHz (with +300MHz on the memory). Somehow that's now giving me 70-78FPS in Quake II RTX instead of 60-62, while also knocking off 9 degrees to bring things down to 70. My fans now sit at 1400RPM max instead of well over 2000. Superposition results are 14183 instead of 13400, as well. Something is niggling me to get more than 1800MHz out of it, but whenever I try it kills my performance. I'm just going to leave it like this I think. Update: 850mV @ 1920MHz The temp is back up to 79, but the fans aren't even
  15. This hasn't been linked yet? An actual decent video, for once. I think I'm going to go all in and micro-dose psilocybe for this one. I was settled on single-malts/Brewdogs (thanks again, @Lying Cat) and a bit of weed, but I want to be more plugged in.
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