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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Installing now and just about to stream: https://twitch.tv/fallows
  2. Some of the big streamers are bringing in up to 300K viewers now... Unreal. I wonder how much coin they're making?
  3. It's a real grower this game. Two nights ago I was butthurt over balancing, now I can't shove enough of it into my eyes. I just completed the second section that was previewed two years ago. The mall bit for the voodoo boys. Absolute quality all-round. You can tell that section has had plenty of time in the oven.
  4. I fair fancy modding some Perfect Dark guns into this, if I get the time. The Laptop Gun, for starters. That'd be right at home here.
  5. It's the opposite for me. Act 1 was effortless, now I'm getting thoroughly stuck in some places where stealth isn't an option. The first Panam quests were hellish. One bullet and I'm dead. I get that most of my points have gone into stealth and netrunning, but both of those are having zero effect in some scripted sections. Alternatively I take out a gun and it takes over 50 headshots, with lots of crits, to kill one guy. That's on top of my hacks. The weapon and armour balancing (or lack thereof) is the biggest thing that's hampering my enjoyment of the game.
  6. I also like the music, apart from that one track that's both a shameless and corny NIN/Reznor rip-off.
  7. You'll probably want MK8D as well after the settling in period.
  8. I'm an independent contractor. Since March I switch jobs every month or so.
  9. More a character flex than an arty shot. It's going to be hard switching out those threads. Everything syncs perfectly, and this was the exact theme I wanted before heading into the game; Kitsch, with a layering of Neomilitarism. This is how I'd dress in real-life, if I were twenty years younger, and heading to The Republic for a night out.
  10. I found myself walking around trying to see where the speakers were. It's ace being in such lush interiors and then just darting out seamlessly into the streets to razz around through the city. Clouds is another one.
  11. The problem with that is that they will take 3x as many bullets to the head to kill. I understand I've yet to dump any talents into increased damage and crit, but more realistic balance across the board could prove interesting.
  12. @SuperCapes I'd certainly prefer that over the community being expected to fix everything. I think they are going to come out with some form of creation kit later, once the fundamentals are tidied up. One very small tweak I'd like would be to increase damage across the board. It shouldn't take 20 bullets to the face to kill someone, at the same time it's not much fun running around as a bullet sponge also. I'd like headshots to be one-hit kills (cyberware/armour permitting), for instance. Much like what the Smilodon mod does for Skyrim, make damage realistic on a slide
  13. I've been thinking about how all the various foods could be doing with differentiating a lot more. There are different cans of cola, but they give the same buffs. The consumables could be doing with a rework. 1.05 just finished downloading for me (PC).
  14. You can also get it to act as a toggle with caps lock.
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