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  1. Let them go (they won't) and use the money to fund new talent to replace them. It only "works" because the rich are telling you that's how it works. And in the broader social context it's not working, because it's not how taxation is supposed to function and we're seeing a huge rise in poverty and deprivation at the lower end of the spectrum.
  2. And £80million of that tax gets donated to a company whose last GTA game made over $6 billion in revenue. Take from the poor to give to the rich. I don’t see how the next GTA game can claim any high ground from which to throw shade / satire in any direction. They'll probably take the Gervais route and punch down at woke culture.
  3. You're right, in that legal tax avoidance is common. But surely the point of the fund is to give smaller developers the opportunity to grow into a future 'Rockstar North'? Not subsidize a mega-rich and successful company? It's the same argument the bankers made after the financial crash. You've got to retain the "talent and wealth-creators" no matter how greedy their demands! It's a poor strategy - let them leave if they won't play by the rules - don't bend the rules until they agree to stay. But this is a broader, Off-Topic issue.
  4. Maybe Edge will ask them what's up with this? They could do a feature on tax avoidance and developer crunch and never get an exclusive feature again! Ha... ha...hmmm. https://www.taxwatchuk.org/rockstar_2019_tax_relief/ https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/jul/29/grand-theft-auto-maker-uk-corporation-tax-rockstar-north-games So... as a dumb person, what's the deal? Is VGTR just a way of bribing Rockstar to keep it's studio and jobs in the UK? It seems a little bit cheeky (or should-be-criminal) to drain a government money pot (presumably tax payer's money) without paying anything back in tax, whilst turning over a ridiculous profit with one of the most successful franchises/studios in the industry.
  5. The textures and audio files for this game could be accessed and edited using basic MS apps. Me and a mate re-recorded loads of the dialogue to make each other laugh. It didn’t make it any better tbf. At the time this wasn’t a bad fps game, but it’s main hook was the Lock-Stock/Pulp Fiction criminal aspect. Since then GTA has blown it out of the water really. I think Soldier of Fortune did that not long after. And Half-Life. The only other memory I have is of it starting pretty well and then becoming very repetitive later on.
  6. Supposedly Fincher wanted 5 seasons and having looked at the background to BTK, a time skip would probably be needed. Maybe Fincher is confident he could return to this project in a few years when the cast are older. I read speculation the BTK stuff was juxtaposed as a way of undermining what the unit was doing... I didn’t think there was enough presented on the show to draw any conclusions.
  7. Some decent tracks on the album first listen, but could chalk that up to nostalgia. I could imagine a lot of these tracks playing in clubs circa 2002, but the year is now.... *checks* fuuuuuuuuu
  8. Would an extra vote have pushed Bloodstained into the Top 20? We may never know.
  9. No Season 2.
  10. PS. I see the Contra collection and Capcom Belt Collection are still on offer. And Shakedown Hawaii. Dear rllmuk which one of these should I buy? Never played a Contra.
  11. There are online rankings in Hi Score mode.
  12. So... why couldn’t this Direct have waited 12 days for an immediate drop? I guess it might have leaked between now and then but still.
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