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  1. I’n on Floor 6 and whilst it’s cranked up a notch, and is still very charming, the repetitiveness and simplicity is starting to grate a little and knowing I’m only a third of the way through makes me worry my enthusiasm will give out. Main gripe right now is the aiming controls are inadequate for the job of tackling these bosses. Very frustrating to judge aiming projectiles from this viewing angle with tank controls and no lock-on. Unless I’m missing something.
  2. I've seen this hyped a lot and it's very good thoughI kinda felt it meandered and the contrivances stretched credibility in places, which is fine for a black comedy, but when it shifts gears I felt like it undercut the drama... but it was smart. I thought Burning was the much better Korean film about inequality and class this year.
  3. Plague Doctor is my #1 skin. My personal favourites (though checking through the guide there are tons of cool ones I've missed): Look at this guy coming up...
  4. Bought! The quality of Fortnite's character design is stellar. Some of the best in gaming right now. Apparently the new season has been pushed back until February - I wonder if they're going to do some sort of month long Xmas event with unlocks etc - most of the regular players I know have maxed out the Battle Pass and there's not much incentive left to grind all the missions... they must have something planned to fill the time before Season 2.
  5. You think every artist works from scratch on everything? Don’t get me wrong - they should be able to do that if they’re any good, but I can understand why someone would do something like this. It’s lazy and wouldn’t have taken much more effort for them to come up with their own ideas, angles etc. Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo literally steals chord sequences from old songs, labels them random shit and dunks them in a folder. He then pulls them at random so he’s deaf to the source and writes his own melodies over the top. Has he plaigarised those chord sequences? To be clear: this animator has plagiarised work - but I don’t the process of creating ‘fresh’ material is as far removed from this as people think. I have no idea why I’m batting in this guy’s corner, he took work from someone else, passed it off as his own, and deprived someone else of paid work. Need to keep my contrarianism in check sometimes.
  6. https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2019/12/ghostbusters-afterlife-first-look Trailer Monday. Announcement of an announcement etc...
  7. https://www.vg247.com/2019/11/28/shenmue-iii-sales-disappoint-japan-uk/ Cool, I'm not trashing the game or the fans. Maybe he'll kickstart Shenmue 4 straight away.
  8. Hmmmm. I'm not entirely on the side that thinks this artist ought to be hung out to dry. We don't know under what conditions they were expected to produce this work. They've clearly plagiarised the framework from multiple sources and stuck rigidly shot for shot, which crosses a line into plaigarism, but I'm also not comfortable trashing the artist. People use other's work as references all the time, it's standard practice almost. It's not necessarily plaigarism to do this as long as you're making it your own, indistinguishable from source... but if you're commissioned to do work for Sony at a professional level and you're leaning on other people's work to this extent it's certainly not a good look or advertisement of your skillset.
  9. Look like this has performed badly in Japan and the UK. This is why I didn't get on board with this. Firstly because Shenmue 1&2 were a product of their time and hardware. Secondly, the decision to make this a continuation rather than conclusion. With technological advances this game could've covered a lot of ground compared to it's predecessors. Seems like they made an uncompromising homage, which is all fans wanted, but now you're back to square one. Start the petitions for Shenmue 4 now.
  10. I'll pick it up after Luigi's Mansion. Which is a delight by the way. I still think Pokemon Company are phoning it in, and given the revenue it generates can afford to pump more into development.
  11. Yeah just seems like a lot when I didn't get on massively with the beta due to random death syndrome - how is that in the full game?
  12. The Crew Expendable outfit? Seems like this not available physically - so I'd have to plump for the £75 Battle Pass Edition on PSN.... hmmm....
  13. What does the Operator Edition include? It says all expansions... but maps are free right? So better off going standard?
  14. Ugh so there were “insider” reports of the trailer dropping today - but the Mulan, Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman trailers are also arriving and so it may have been pushed. But then it supposedly is playing before Jumanji which is screening across the UK from Saturday. Fuck knows.
  15. Jason & Ivan Reitman wouldn’t have taken this on if they didn’t have a strong story. They were making a CGI film and had promoted it repeatedly. They were also pursuing a series. They also had a dead GB3 script. The ATC cast were willing to make another. Sony had other options. That they went with this demonstrates confidence in the concept. After Juno, Up in the Air and Tully - I have a lot of trust in Jason Reitman - this will at least have a strong human story at it’s centre. In addition Ivan Reitman will be directing/producing by proxy, they have Murray, the original cast and Harold Ramis will feature - they dug out unused footage from the original filming and cast a dead ringer for Ramis - Egon will be in this movie and it won’t be uncanny valley CGI.
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