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  1. Yeah wtf are these MP packs? Presumably getting around some size issue with the patches. There’s another 12GB Specs Ops one as well. Updating for days.
  2. It’s a bit disappointing that The Mick was just Dee as a nanny, and AP Bio essentially Dennis as a teacher. Both are extended plotlines that could have been worked in and revitalised later seasons of Always Sunny tbh. Particularly Dee, they could’ve introduced those characters into the show without much of an issue.
  3. There is only one. I want a Wii Classic already.
  4. MS whole modus operandi has been merging the home console space into PC gaming. Hell, their flagship franchise was money-grabbed from PC. Great if you want that. I don’t. I think this hardware design is unappealing, not console warring - I would defect if MS had a killer app - but Sony has me hooked thanks to BC and their unmissable first party output.
  5. It’s a terrible fucking film. Awful. Best thing in it is Alan Rickman’s heroic turn destroying the pathetic wife, Emma Thompson. Get a life and a hair style, Emma.
  6. Amended. Just angry at the arseholes in charge of any successful company raiding public pockets. I don’t have any evidence they’re arseholes either.
  7. So can some smarter people clarify some parts of this article: Rockstar say the £37.6mill VGTR allowed them to create 1,000 jobs. This is misleading as there were no constraints on them doing so without the VGTR. I assume all those jobs average £37,600 salary? No. So, this statement is horseshine, isn’t it? UKIE says the £100mill total VTGR supports 4,320 jobs. The return on tax payer investment is £400mill gross value added. So if this were funded out of the colossal profits by the companies involved, rather than VTGR, then this would add an extra 20% value to our economy, right? How exactly does this contribute to the economy other than employment and taxation of those being paid below the national average and expected to work 100 hour weeks during crunch - despite claims this fund is entirely used to invest in those people? And then for further context there is this: https://www.vg247.com/2018/10/26/red-dead-redemption-2-royalties-report/ Take-Two royalty payments to Rockstar in 2017: $383 million most of which analysts suggest goes to the Houser brothers. Revenue generated by GTAV Online as of 2017: $6 BILLION. Take-Two royalty payments to Rockstar in 2018: $583 million. They issue a denial this is given to the Housers and say it is spread among labels and staff. Of course they issue statements like “we’re proud of the team”, “everybody benefits”, “So smart of the UK gov to recognise this industry” etc. But ultimately the taxpayer should not be offering tax relief where it is not needed. Especially to a company with a record of crunching employees and not paying tax.
  8. Does anyone have any recommendations on figure drawing tutorials? There are a few on udemy but they look a bit ropey and I want to draw Jamie Hewlett / Disney stylised characters rather than traditional superhero stylised.
  9. The male gaze is starting to date films as recently as the 00’s. Supposedly The Hangover has a “paging doctor fag” joke and that was 2009? I know that from an Aziz Ansari stand-up bit.
  10. Well, certainly the most watched. Edited: I retract the shade I threw at Coherence.
  11. It’s the strongest season since 9 or 10. Still a bit ‘off’ now though.
  12. 2010 Obvious standouts this year: 1. Scott Pilgrim Vs The World 2. The Social Network 3. Black Swan 2011 Oof this year was rough. Scraping the barrel here: 1. Melancholia 2. Bridesmaids 3. Killer Joe 2012 Another year worse than I remember: 1. Dredd 2. V/H/S 3. Life of Pi Special mention: Hobbit HFR (specifically the HFR cinema version) 2013 Now I have the opposite problem. Too many to call: 1. Before Midnight 2. Inside Llewellyn Davies 3. Her Runners-up: Wolf of Wall Street. 2014 What a year. So many amazing movies: 1. Grand Budapest Hotel 2. It Follows 3. Calvary Runners-up: Ex Machina, Whiplash, Nightcrawler, Gone Girl. I could honestly switch out Calvary for any of those, but I doubt it’d get a vote otherwise. I guarantee there are obvious favourites I will have forgotten.
  13. I guess we can’t see the bigger picture of what Rockstar brings to the local economy. With film/tv they at least visually showcase the area where they are filmed and in some cases generate tourism. I don’t see how that follows for a videogame company. It’s like that Ben Folds song ‘Free Coffee’. Fundamentally, I don’t think government’s should be bunging successful companies to stay put, and tax relief should only be provided when tax paid exceeds the relief amount.
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