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  1. There should be quick lock options menu for dropped & placed items ie. Owner Only Islanders Only Friends Only All Visitors But the MP is generally so poorly thought out and under developed.
  2. This is only really two production seasons, they just split each in half. And also the aforementioned plot threads they have set up, (salem, twins) which it appears will not come to anything. I suppose there’s still a chance they’ll do one-off films like Kimmy Schmidt.
  3. And possibly the differences in their ‘class’ and race. I don’t see any other reason why a thread about IMDY is being used to take down Fleabag.
  4. Are we judging whether a comparison is valid based on how many clickbait articles are written about it?
  5. The first season dropped in October and was the perfect halloween show. The set design and casting was pretty great and it had a decent budget. It wasn't that the second season was bad, but over the course of 8 episodes it went from Buffy season 2 to Buffy season 5, and literally had the gang outwitting a pretty terribly depiction of Satan. As though it had skipped 3-4 seasons of character development and monster-of-the-week material. Third season was trash.
  6. Either way, I can send you the pink and blue seating, I have tons of nook miles.
  7. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has been given the axe by Netflix. https://www.digitalspy.com/tv/ustv/a33254359/chilling-adventures-of-sabrina-cancelled-netflix/ Not massively surprising. S1: Part One was great. S1: Part Two burnt through the plot premise like there was no tomorrow. S2: Part Three was like a different show. Terrible. Such a missed opportunity as the premise could've sustained a long-haul series, and these were short seasons. Leaning away from the horror aspect and bottling Harvey's death was a mistake, instead they went full Glee. Salem was set up to have a fleshed out back story and was supposedly a very high power demon/whatever, neither of which were explored at all. They didn't even let him speak. They hinted that she had a twin as well, and that plotline has not been explored. Ugh. They basically started a great show, didn't know whether to go for gothic horror or teen shite, and they chose teen shite and then binned it. A shame.
  8. And conversely, I enjoyed Fleabag a lot more than this, by nature of it being a sitcom, on a superficial level it was more of a crowd-pleaser. IMDY is frequently uncomfortable to watch.
  9. Because saying one show / movie / band /album is "ten times better" than another show / movie / band / album across different genres is entirely subjective and ultimately pointless unless they're tackling similar themes or there are other strong points for comparison. That they are both comedic shows written and headed by women is not really strong enough - as someone has already pointed out Fleabag is much more of straightforward sitcom about a particular family - tinged with some fourth wall breaking and dramatic stuff about mental health, whereas IMDY is primarily a drama about sexual assault with a much stronger emphasis on aesthetics, wider social commentary and understated humour. Apples and oranges. When you say one show is x amount better than this show, you and Kerraig are really commenting on your personal reaction to them as opposed to any tangible critical analysis linking the two.
  10. I enjoy both shows, and I think we're lucky both projects were made, and both are headed by very talented individuals and I can't wait to see what either do next. Fleabag was a bit like an edgy Miranda, it's very white, upper-middle class, so I get the tendency to criticise it here. This is a very different show and not really sure why some people feel the comparison is so relevant.
  11. Agreed. That’d be a reason to own something like this.
  12. Those are amazing! Celeste brought a spinning flying saucer to the island this evening! Complete with Pikmin style alien visitor. Love it!
  13. Then the RNG is indeed fudged. I’ve had blue stripey board every other day for weeeeeks.
  14. Don’t you only get one surfboard per island? Like the nook miles items? I only ever get the blue stripey board and the orange retro fan.
  15. Any hint of a next-gen update to the Siege engine would be most hype. Pretty sure they announced it would be ready for launch but probably a straight port with minimal improvements.
  16. We’re already island chums. I’ll send you the clock and the teacups. Spotted pool, yellow phone booth and blue workman sign would be great. Let me know if you want anything else in return.
  17. Does anyone have this spotted paddling pool? I have a green one with a pink duck. Also, have a blue stripey surfboard - looking to trade for a red or flowery one? This is my nook miles catalogue - I'm after the pastel cup ride if anyone has it.
  18. I'm maybe around 60% done and progress has ground to a halt. I was on-board for the bold narrative choices, and I was wowed by certain sequences, but I just don't think the pacing has worked and reflecting on how those story beats were told I think they made mistakes. There's a conflict at the heart of this which serves to alienate and dis-engage the player. I've heard some people say the best stuff is in the final third, and that certainly was the case with the first game..hmmmm.
  19. Then why would his employer not provide information on who called him from the office? Why would the employer cease all co-operation with police? Why were the hotel conveniently unaware of his whereabouts for so long (no camera footage of him in the hotel etc)? How come some of his belongings appeared to have been added to the scene? How come some of his injuries were not consistent with the fall? How come the distance of the hole was so far away from the edges of the buildings and nobody heard anything? The weird note with masonic quote? I think a group were involved and they made that hole and his body was straight up planted there or thrown off after his murder but that wouldn't explain the horizontal travel from the edge of the building.
  20. Unsolved Mysteries is brilliant. Only watched the first 3 eps, but so far they are more like "unsolved" mysteries, in that it's obvious who the murderer is the cops just weren't willing or able to pin them for it. Ep2 takes a real turn towards the end:
  21. Super Street Fighter II for the SNES was crazy expensive and IIRC it was only available at Electronics Boutique in the UK. Maybe £59.99 or £69.99. Additionally, that guy needed a dentist.
  22. Games have been £50-60 for the last 25 years. I think it's ok for them to charge a bit more. My backlog would appreciate it.
  23. I haven’t returned to this since *spoilers*. I mean, I will, and I’m hopeful the Naughty Dog’s writing chops proves themselves, but... enthusiasm waned.
  24. I was hoping for at least Blades of Glory tier Ferrell. Sadly it’s nowhere close - a mediocre movie and not remotely funny enough. But the Eurovision bits are great and McAdams is a standout. If they’d cut it down to 90 minutes it would’ve been vastly improved. I’d watch a sequel I guess.
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