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  1. It's been a fairly quiet start to the year compared to 2017,18,19. Frankly I'm relieved to have some downtime. The second half of this year is going to be immense.
  2. Cheers. Sent them a message, waiting for response. Annoyingly I purchased 1000 V-Bucks to send the Battle Pass, but I could only use real money to purchase the gift pass. Frustrating in itself, let alone when it doesn’t actually work.
  3. I sent another account the battle pass as a gift... and it hasn't shown up on that other account. Not sure what to do next.
  4. Yup, I'm in. Feels like there have been dozens of these projects started but fallen on their arse, so it's great Sumo stepped in to deliver.
  5. But... was Resident Evil 3 a “classic”?
  6. The show lacks internal coherence, removing any tension or drama. Whitehall and Spinal Tap were terrible, the kids were underdeveloped and the dated, twee village setting didn’t help ground them.
  7. Outside of Sheen and Tenant it was sadly, complete shite. Incredibly messy and nonsensical though it seems to have a cult following amongst Doctor Who and, I guess, Twilight fans judging by all the memes. The confrontation with Satan was a colossal waste of time and budget,
  8. SOTC was on my shopping list so very pleased with that.
  9. I know, right? The firehouse was worth 100 alone at least.
  10. I still have the old proton pack in good nick, so I’ve preordered that new spengler wand, and hopefully the sale of one will cancel out the other. I’m going to spend an obscene amount on Ghostbusters tat this year, but... when are we going to get Ghostbusters 3 again? Also a few years ago I sold dozens of my old RGB toys - 2 large boxes worth of figures and vehicles including the firehouse with sign, stickers and original box... flogged them as a job lot for £100... I think I may have fucked up there.
  11. Shearsmith can be a great actor, but he often slips into a riff of Judee Levinson from LoG. I think his role in Misdirection would've been better played straight, without the scenery chewing.
  12. Yeah that second ep had so many great bits.
  13. The biggest progression sticking points for me were ( keeping it vague): - Locating a piece of armor in a very obscure location with no in-game hints. - IIRC Grinding a specific water enemy for crafting. The game didn’t instruct enough on these two instances , and for 100% I needed to refer to online guides which could’ve been a feature of the game itself. Now: Where the hell is all the DLC they promised? It’s nearly March, the Switch release was patched. What gives!?
  14. The magician one was great and would’ve been up there with the best... but Reece’s turtleneck outfit, wig and hammy acting really pulled me out of it. They usual nail their parts so this was a rare misstep and not enough to totally ruin it, still the best of the series for me: a superbly constructed twist.
  15. It seemed ok from memory - apparently season 2 was better but never aired over here. I’m amazed they don’t show it alongside reruns of Friends.
  16. If the PS1-3 BC rumours are true - how plausible would it be for PS5 to upres and add ray tracing to those games? It can have a big impact on early 3D games like Quake II. Would they need to rewrite each game (so no way) or could it feasibly be possible to implement globally at emulation level?
  17. If I need to put in a few hours a day to grind the full BP then I’m basically a week or so down at this point. I don’t wanna grind those small maps anymore. It kind of went South pretty quick this season. There is a problem with passes - progress too quickly and the unlocks have no value - progress too slowly and it just becomes a chore or unachievable. The former is the better option but both pose an issue with incentive. Also once you’ve unlocked one paid for operator or skin for both factions, what is the incentive to keep unlocking stuff? FOMO. Fortnite doesn’t suffer from this so much because of all the social aspects to the game - it’s fun to continually mix and match and add skins and emotes to your arsenal. Not so much with MW it turns out. Nikto’s blue flash has been the highlight of the MTX. And there are so many weapon blueprints I see some cool ones but cba to grind for them when I have a custom weapon I’m already levelling. Sometimes I love mtx aesthetics and other times I feel they’re a pointless grind. MW has fallen into the latter category. Just waiting for BR mode now.
  18. It’ll be a shitty panel thing with the actors looking back at clips and telling behind the scenes stories again.
  19. I can't afford the set and the sculpts aren't great so I went for Egon & Ray, will keep them packaged for nostalgia. The Fright Features line was better overall - would definitely be tempted to go for the full set of those if they release them next year. They've brought the Fright Features name back for toys from the new film. It's hard to tell how common these reissued figures will be - so better to be over-cautious with pre-orders. This DST Egon figure released last January is going for £150-200 now. They retailed at £25. I owned one and sold it for £50... kind of regret that now as it's a good figure. Should've bought two.
  20. Closer look at the ghost from the trailer: Plus: £99 from Zavvi And they’re rereleasing the 80’s Kenner figures £17 each on Zavvi or Star Action Figures doing the lot for £90.
  21. You can still cheese wins against pro builders in the endgame. It’s rare but with patience, a refusal to climb, and a well-placed shot it’s possible.
  22. Is there a collected edition which ends at reasonable point?
  23. Seems kinda dull if they haven't added any new vehicles or gameplay stuff. Have they?
  24. To be fair to Broker, there is a scene in Part 3 that is gratuitous and served no purpose other than to shoot the cast in lingerie. *shrug*
  25. Has anyone read the comic? Is the show following the same beats and is it any good? I know they do something audacious in the first arc of the comic, which the show was too chicken shit to follow, and as a result is stuck with a trash character it doesn't know what to do with.
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