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  1. Haunt (2019) on Amazon Prime There are a couple with that title on Prime - it’s the one about a group visiting a haunted house attraction. Standard Escape Room/Saw fare. Having watched a lot of bad takes on this setup, I found this one above average - brief bursts of nastiness, some predictable tropes, but it takes a few risky decisions (dialogue only makes the killer scarier, rare for the genre) and nails them effectively - “Mitch” being the standout. I’d rank alongside Terrifier - the best video nasties I’ve seen in the last few years.
  2. Sabrina was making bratty decisions throughout. Caliban the topless clay man is a snooze. Zelda is annoying. Hilda's transformation should've been more horrific - terrible effects. Hell was silly. No Salem. Awful songs. Big reset button. Finished it but they seemed to have dumbed it down for a younger age bracket. It doesn’t have the broader appeal of Buffy, so I doubt I’ll bother with Part 4.
  3. Burnout Paradise is the greatest.
  4. A spiritual successor to Paradise would be great, but given the size of the studio it’s going to be a challenge taking on the remaster of Paradise. And when the original DD came out I thought the devs said they preferred closed circuit racing? Unexpected choices, but I like the branding and will go in with open mind.
  5. Yeah it was decent. I got a little distracted at parts unfortunately:
  6. Castlevania / Bloodstained. The sense of progression is great and most of it is playtime based rather than skillgated, so it auto-scales difficulty regardless of player skill level, everybody gets to feel that sense of powering up and progressing.
  7. This is a big issue with all of the GaaS games.
  8. I wish the filter let you choose maps... it's only modes right?
  9. I've gone back to Siege, but the next season reveal has really fucked me off, so I'm itching to get back on MW. I'd love to post an extensive Year 5 analysis/rage about R6 Siege's GaaS strategy - I'd save it for the GaaS thread, but I guess I could bump the Siege one, just nobody here is into reading it!
  10. It's as boring as the last couple. Like... what is someone listening to this supposed to do? It's not got a dance beat, it doesn't have any tension-release, it's got some lethargic hooks, it's too sterile and vague to provoke any sort of emotional reaction. It's just there. Sam Smith and Adele were both shite too.
  11. Spec Ops is totally broken. I lost the ability to use any items or revive people mid-game. I got downed by the enemy and teleported 400m away from my team.
  12. But the Sonic embargo lifted on the 8th. No reason to be so cagey. Maybe. Anyway... Murray is in. On set interview. There was supposedly an email chain in the Sony leak threatening Murray legally if he didn’t cameo in Feig’s GB - but I haven’t read it. So only have the neckbeards word for it.
  13. I can’t think of any other imminent film that people would be relieved by, and the Bill Murray gif... 5 months to go.
  14. Shipment is too small for the number of players by design. Unless they implement a spawn queue it is unavoidable. It is annoying constantly spawning in the midst of enemy held territory, but there will be a reason the game isn’t spawning on the other sides of the map - likely because those sites are also occupied or under barrage from killstreaks.
  15. It’s only annoying if you care about K/D. Respawns are so quick you’ll likely spawn into safety soon enough. I’ve only got caught in a spawn death loop once on Shipment which lasted maybe 15 seconds. Mildly irritating at most then it was back to business as usual.
  16. I think Ash is all-but-confirmed - there was dialogue found in the datamine and Bruce Campbell tweeted a non-deconfirmation. Sheeva was also heavily developed in the single player campaign so seems like a certainty.
  17. There was a premium edition that included kombat pack 1 - I think they mean there will be an Everything edition for current and next-gen machines in 2021 when they’ve finished the second kombat pack - and it includes all existing content and a third kombat pack of sorts. Like MK XL.
  18. Leak leaks leaks Take with a pinch of salt but the leaks have been spot on so far.
  19. Battle Royale mode is called Warzone and will be F2P as a standalone title as well as part of MW.
  20. Well my resolve held out. Bought the Battle Pass option with 20 tiers. Got excited by Rust and the teasing of BR and Terminal. Plus the challenges carried over and there are ton of new weapon blueprint ones. Rust is awesome.
  21. 51gb done. Now it’s downloading a 19gb one.
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