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  1. It's called METAPHOR and RHETORIC. I do however think it's a bit silly applying it to every little thing like it's been used in this thread. "I spilt my cereal this morning, lol it totally raped me."
  2. The only games I've bought and been playing this year are iOS games. I've pumped 18 hours into Jetpack Joyride. Which is 5x as much as could be bothered to invest in Arkham City, bizarrely. Anyway, the problem for handheld consoles is that smartphone gaming is cheap and easy. Which is all people need from mobile gaming. I'm enticed by Mario 3D Land, NSMB2, Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus. But can I be bothered to part with £200+ for the privilege when I'll mostly be playing them sat at home. I'm not sure about ports of GTA etc. but limitations of iOS gaming are diminishing, developers are instead making deep and rich experiences around very simple swipe/press mechanic. For example, see the new Pitfall game.
  3. Phew! More here: http://www.pussyowl.com The comic finishes next week! It's been a blast, but an huge effort to churn these out every 1-3 days over the last 9 months. I might get one more post out of it.
  4. The game worlds in all the 3D Zelda games are tiny in comparison with contemporary RPG's. They're smaller than the amount of ground you cover in the average 3rd person action adventure. Ocarina and TP were basically a big field. Wind Waker (my person favourite) was padded out by oceans with very little land mass. If WW had one more dungeon instead of the triforce hunt it would've been lauded as an Ocarina-beater imo. I haven't played Skyward Sword because I saw some demos of it where you had to press A when you're near a teleportation thingy, skip through some text boxes, then watch cut scene of teleporting - we should be doing all that stuff intuitively in-game, not constantly popping out of the action to be told to press a button to activate something exciting or read repetitive text. Watching conversations in TP was just as bad. Midna bopping left to right not emoting or doing anything while reams of uninspired text streams at the bottom of the screen. Miyamoto said TP would be the last Ocarina style Zelda game, it's time for a complete overhaul.
  5. £279.99 is £30 above too high. I really will have to sell my 360 to afford one. This isn't 100% confirmed is it? Why has the French price supposedly leaked?
  6. I think £249.99 is as high as they could go without epic failure. I hope it's lower (£179.99 again please) but it seems unlikely given the tablet controller.
  7. Well that was brilliant. But. BUT. There were problems (bring on the negs! )
  8. That last video looks great. This and Mario appear to be solid launch titles. As long as the console isn't stupidly expensive my interest has been restored. Especially if GTAV doesn't make it for Christmas.
  9. grindmouse


    Actually I like 2.5 out of what will soon be 6 albums, but I never really listened to Showbiz much. Everything about The Resistance and the new material is terrible.
  10. You aren't ahead in any way. This is a show which went to great lengths until this season to portray Walt as a desperate man doing horrible things to save his own skin and protect his family. Whether you determine that as evil is open to interpretation. Just because people are now agreeing with you, in light of recent episodes, doesn't make you some fucking TV-watching Einstein. This is the first time:
  11. grindmouse


    Sorry to be a hater, but Muse haven't produced anything listenable since Black Holes, which itself was a bit patchy. That was 6 years ago. Saw them in 2001, 2003 and 2006 and they were one of the best live acts around. How far they've fallen.
  12. If you don't already think The Sopranos is superior nothing I will say will convince you, but: Breaking Bad has some great acting, cinematography and clever plotting, but ultimately it's purpose is to entertain - a sort of Faustian comic book. The Wire on the otherhand is a complex, interwoven social commentary and whilst it's successful, the dramatic elements are less developed than BB or The Sopranos. The Sopranos does all of the above with a much wider cast of characters and in the end is passing comment on the human condition. The last series is just incredible imo. Anyway, latest Breaking Bad:
  13. I'll be surprised if this doesn't get released before christmas. It's been 4 years since the last installment. IIRC both Vice City and San Andreas came out in November after being announced April of that year. The fact they're gearing up and releasing more screenshots over the coming weeks... I'll wager there'll be a second trailer and a November release date announced in September. I was only keeping hold of my 360 for Resi 6 and this. Responses to Resi 6 hands-on have been mixed and if this isn't out until Summer 2013 then I'm out until the next generation. Which will surely be devestating for Rockstar.
  14. Fantastic episode. Incredibly tense. My flatmate's verdict: "Well, that was shit!" He doesn't watch the show and loves Tron Legacy so that's all that needs to be said about his opinion.
  15. A couple more recent pics. The comic is winding down now. Only 10 or so strips to go.
  16. grindmouse


    I love The Great Escape, first album I bought. I cancelled my box set order at the last minute as the five remastered/expanded albums are only £9 each on Amazon. I already own most of them so just repurchased the shiny, individually-boxed Parklife-Great Escape-Blur for £27 versus the full box set for £130. 13 and Think Tank are the old masters so not worth a double-dip. The box is an awful lot of money for fluff, packaging, some demos and an incomplete b-side & rarities collection. It should've been less than £100. Plus they'll announce a new album by the end of the year the way they're going. They already have two tracks, that's a fifth of it done.
  17. Another thing that doesn't make sense/Nolan f'ed up: Bane: "I was born in the dark"
  18. I agree with this completely. I don't think Nolan ever properly planned it as a trilogy. The Dark Knight stands above Begins and Rises by some considerable distance. Begins is presumably the choice of comic fans, rather than film fans. I don't understand why people say TDK should've ended when Rachel dies/Joker is arrested. I think they would find that if that had been the case the film would've been far less successful and everyone would've complained about it being too short/open-ended.
  19. I pretty much agree with this though I thought Wayne was given more of an arc than in TDK: http://collider.com/...-review/182086/
  20. Just got back. I wasn't feeling it at all. Imagine if the boat scene from TDK was the entire plot for the movie. That's how I felt about the plot. Bane's plan is dumb and never fully explained. The passing of time during the second act is bizarre. Characters teleport around, defying internal logic. Huge gaping plot holes such as why was the whole plane hijacking necessary to kidnap that bloke? As far as I can tell it wasn't. Also Bane is supposedly Batman's equal intellectually as well as physically yet he was reduced to nothing more than a henchman with a silly and often inaudible voice. I enjoyed parts of the film - Anne Hathaway's Catwoman is amazing but just isn't given enough to do. It didn't connect anywhere near the level of TDK because ultimately intimate character drama, like a man holding a gun to someone's head, is more intense and interesting than a cartoony, big giant bomb. This really missed the mark for me, despite so many promising elements. By far the worst of the trilogy if not Nolan's whole catalogue. And saying that it sounds like I absolutely hate it and it must be awful, but it isn't. It's just so-so in ways it really needn't have been. I mean: And while we're on the subject how does it even work, where are the drugs administered? Why would a physically aggressive antagonist engaging in CQC have an overly complex weak spot located right in the middle of his face. Why not make the mask reinforced if you've gone to the trouble of making it at all? Why am I asking these questions of a comic book movie? I dunno. It was just... meh.
  21. Ah, be great to meet you guys. I look forward to seeing (and most likely purchasing) some of your creations there. It's my first time going so not sure what to expect!
  22. Thanks Swallow, c-cat! I think it's going well but it's hard to say how successful the project has been overall. I'll be at Thought Bubble in Leeds this November with a small print run and a spinoff project is currently in the works. It's mainly down to exposure, I think the reaction has been largely positive (500 Facebook likes , a small but regular readership, 38,000 hits so far) but if it reached a wider audience the potential could be far greater. And if I had a comedy writer. Those two things might help. :-p
  23. A June sample from comicville: Doing at least 3 of these a week and it's a wee bit knackering.
  24. Do you think there's a particular reason why Nintendo still aren't doing a full zelda-style 3D Pokemon for the home consoles? It seems like such a no-brainer...
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