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  1. I don't think it stacks. It didn't at the xmas event, so any activated tokens were wasted. There is a battle pass double XP event for the next few days, but it still crawls at a glacial pace. It's a very stingy pass.
  2. I'm not sure what you're trying to do there, but ok Broker.
  3. Wasn't keen on the opener, but the twist saved it.
  4. This is by design though. It's basically a fast-grind playlist.
  5. Yes you're absolutely right here. TV was too broad a brush. I guess I mean similarly acclaimed shows in their field - so the upper echelons of TV like The Sopranos and Mad Men. And I get the criticism of Mrs Brown's Boys, but it has constructed jokes and they land for their target audience - I can't think of many videogames that deliver with their dialogue over a 20-50 hour period. I've rarely laughed at a gag in game - I can't think of any off the top of my head. Maybe when Bill Murray jumps out at you in Ghostbusters: TVG - the dialogue is one of the games biggest strengths, carrying the gameplay.
  6. Arguably it’s unfair to judge dialogue occurring over 15-20 hours with constant intrusions by gameplay, to forms that have been developed over a century and which have a much narrower remit of viewer engagement. Apples and oranges. But judged on their own merits, games need to do better as dialogue and characterisation is in most cases superficial, forgettable and at worst, cringeworthy or detrimental to the experience.
  7. The Last of Us was a cut above in this regard. Not always, and maybe not movie or even TV quality. But the two protagonists were fleshed out and the way they interacted with the environment and each other was genuinely engaging.
  8. Resident Evil original translation had terrible dialogue in a way that was entertaining and hammy. An episode of NCIS has terrible dialogue that is serviceable / disposable. The dialogue in GTAV was so pointedly unnatural whilst crowbarring in cliches, swears and racial slurs, that it drew attention to itself. I played the intro in company and the dialogue was an immediate point of discussion - in a bad way. Peter Serafinowicz tweeted about wishing there was a ”turn dialogue off” setting at launch.
  9. Imagine Count Dankula playing GTAV and giggling along with his nazi mates about how naughty it was. To be fair - that’s a false equivalence and overly harsh - I liked the idea of Michael in GTAV, it was just the dialogue was like a 14 year old trying to emulate The Sopranos or Goodfellas, it was painful and embarrassing to play in company. Trevor is the only character who didn’t cause any dissonance with the murderous gameplay (the way Niko did in GTAIV) but that made him incredibly unpleasant in cut scenes and I don’t trust that the writers considered Trevor to be “cool” rather than abhorrent. It just didn’t land for me - though it’s obv an incredibly impressive achievement. I can’t wait to see what they do with 6.
  10. I got around 8000+ on Hardpoint and 60-70 kills - it’s good for trying to chain a 15 killstreak. But it’s also mindless. And it equated to one Battlepass level even with the double xp. I enjoy it in bursts but knowing I need to cram this weekend - when it’s also competing with Siege, and Apex just dropped. There’s not enough time for all these service games.
  11. I don’t think I can cope with 20 hours of Shipment this weekend.
  12. It’s a brutal grind even with double everything. Where are you guys at? Clawed my way to 53 and will play some over the weekend but largely given up on hitting the high levels. Do the Battle Pass associated missions reset as well?
  13. The stuff I played in VR on a PS4 Pro already looked a million times better than a traditional tv screen even with jaggies thanks to the 120hz refresh rate and being inside the game.
  14. This is a really good call. But I imagine it will be a relatively passive rating system coupled with instructing developers to censor extreme content, however due to the PC modding community hard to actively enforce.
  15. I’d appreciate this greatly if you do!
  16. But if everyone else in the room is also wearing VR and you’re in the same game or experience - that won’t matter. Maybe they’ll invent arm and leg straps for full body tracking. Total immersion. Then people will start building VR rooms like Abed and Troy’s in Community.
  17. As soon as VR is as easy as me putting on a pair of glasses and pressing the ‘on’ button, and the tech has largely eliminated nausea and either scans the room / allows for instant flicking between the display and a transparent frame. Then VR popularity will explode.
  18. Yeah the anti-consumer implications are massive. You’re probably right, but after the XB1 DRM reaction, this practice is the only thing Sony could do that would make me reconsider buying a PS5. Consumer powers being stripped as they are, if this is what publishers want there may be little we can do.
  19. I don’t think it’s streaming services for a ton of reasons. But mainly the reason I don’t play more games isn’t because I can’t access them, it’s because there are so many games, I deliberately pick and choose the new ones I want to play. With so many season passes and deep games to learn coupled with being older, my time is limited - a streaming service would be wasted on me. 1. I think wireless VR without the faff and a more sophisticated user experience will take off next gen. I wonder if Sony have considered bundling a revision with PS5. (I know people are joking about the VR fucking, but once the tech is accessible & intuitive and the average Joe figures it out...). 2. Or the Wiimote again. Bring the Wiimote back with advanced 1:1 motion controls. 3. Holodecks.
  20. grindmouse

    Edge #342

    Picked up a copy from Smiths. Not had a full read but seems like a good issue. Just to note I don’t only moan about the mag in these threads.
  21. Did you pre-order?
  22. It made me download every piece of Kombat Pack DLC individually from the PS store - and Shao Khan still isn’t included in the Premium Edition. Sonofa...
  23. I read a suggestion his departure is related to the recent story of Take Two demanding faster turnaround releasing games. Surely his replacement will be tasked with delivering on that rather than coasting on MTX. I suspect people value GTA for the open world sandbox more than the campaign missions. They’re a solid way to structure the game, but they could release missions without all those cut scenes and I think the game would still be a huge success.
  24. There are hundreds of extremely talented people working all hours to deliver these games, they will survive the loss of the guy responsible for arguable the worst part: the campaign writing and dialogue. Imagine they hire decent writers and comedians next time. I think @Gotters is right and we’ll see him snapped up somewhere and re-emerge with some sort of GTA rival.
  25. Huh.... So on installing I get this message: Your save data is from a previous version of MK11. If you kontinue, progress maybe reset if the update is removed. What the fudge is that last sentence supposed to mean!?
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