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  1. Would prefer Spyro but I’d take it.
  2. They fiddled the stats for that though. They changed the criteria to “watched for more than 2 minutes” when Witcher was released. With Netflix I’m never confident they’ll take a show beyond 2 seasons.
  3. So they’re skipping MW2? I thought rust and terminal were confirmed. I was hoping for others.
  4. The Witcher is bloody brilliant. I worry it’s not as big as it deserves. It hasn’t ‘broken out’ like Stranger Things did.
  5. I thought the rumour was BR would be a separate app that others could play for free? I assume all BP and premium skins would only be accessible via the full game. But then I guess they won’t run two battle passes if they go that route.
  6. edit: this post is in entirely the wrong thread. Was supposed to be Bluepoint’s remake thread. I’ll try to move it. As someone who isn’t into the franchise, I think the hype around a Demon’s Soul remake is an interesting insight into ‘ground roots’ marketing in this industry. When Dark Souls blew up people weren’t to my knowledge clamouring for a Demon Souls remake. People weren’t raving about Demon Soul’s, citation-needed perhaps, but all the hype this gen was for sequels to DS, spiritual sequels and a DS remake. The DS remake came and went, and then I noticed on Resetera people started to name drop DeS praise some even saying it had qualities superior to Dark Souls, and because it came prior to Dark Souls and maybe wasn’t experienced by fans who joined the franchise later it’s grown into this much-hyped overlooked game in the canon. And here we are with absolute fever pitch hype for it on Era at least. Psychologically, it’s just interesting to observe this sort of groundswell of marketing by shared opinion. It will likely culminate in a DeS remake and it was maybe inevitable but it’s a chicken and egg scenario. The thirst is genuine, but to what extent is it a natural progression, as opposed to a seed intentionally planted and massaged by games companies? There are definitely occasions where a thread on Era pops out of nowhere “x (overlooked) game has the best...” and then shortly afterwards x remaster or sequel gets announced. All coincidence I’m sure.
  7. Less than 3 weeks. New generation reveals are the best. Sony's event could be as little as 10 days away.
  8. I really hope this is Bluepoint’s project. And not Demon Souls.
  9. Yeah third season is a tonal gear change. The first season had a cool, creepy halloween-town vibe with darker moments. The second built on this but it seemed to burn through plot very quickly. I don’t see how they escalate from here whilst maintaining status quo monster-of-the-week eps. Ep1 of the third season had some seriously low budget effects, garish sets and campy “teen show” moments. Hell was pathetically realised and Dorian Grey’s fetch quest motivated by removing a pimple!? Awful. How is Salem not talking / being a bad-ass demon yet? He had one moment in the first or second episode and then he’s done literally nothing. Hopefully it gets better..
  10. Well I hope they’re not. And I hope we get a decent Ghostbusters sequel this year. And Bill & Ted for that matter.
  11. All your Friday nights are going to be shit. Let’s face it.
  12. Didn’t say it wasn’t valid, said it was pretty baseless at this stage, and context suggests the film will probably review well. Having a good friday night?
  13. Nobody has seen the “art”. I’m fairly confident the point of art is not to be pre-judged based on a nothing or a feeling.
  14. in reply to someone predicting art based on... nothing. Also it isn’t “maths” to observe the team involved have a strong track record, and therefore are likely to deliver a film which scores well with critics.
  15. It's worth getting a wired connection if you're serious about playing any game of this type competitively. It's improved my performance no end across all games.
  16. Using aggregate review site RT as an indicator: Jason Reitman and Gil Kenan's last collaboration has a RT score of 75% and audience score of 63% positive. Jason Reitman has an inconsistent record, with 4-5 strong writer-director movies under his belt coming in at 80-90% RT aggregate. But in 2014 he had a couple of bombs. However, this also has the OG team and Ivan Reitman involved. Paul Rudd has a pretty incredible hit ratio. Out of his last 20 movies, 16 were rated fresh. So statistically the odds are it won't be a turkey, however GB16 did pretty well on aggregate reviews, because aside from the controversy it was a reasonably entertaining Feig comedy. That said, a lot of people think it's shit. So... if you already think "It's going to be shit." probably means you're going to think it's shit. My current reservations are that Murray is being forced to do these movies, and I am cautious it will do a TFA in repeating many beats from the original. Plus it might end up being more of a downer than an upbeat summer comedy, Finn’s single gag line from the trailer didn’t land. We shall see - seems crazy to be 6 months away from another Ghostbusters movie.
  17. Can’t tell if I prefer ‘Non-specificNon-specific’ or ‘Xbox Series X’.
  18. I got in but can’t see the crossbow challenge yet.
  19. Yeah wtf are these MP packs? Presumably getting around some size issue with the patches. There’s another 12GB Specs Ops one as well. Updating for days.
  20. It’s a bit disappointing that The Mick was just Dee as a nanny, and AP Bio essentially Dennis as a teacher. Both are extended plotlines that could have been worked in and revitalised later seasons of Always Sunny tbh. Particularly Dee, they could’ve introduced those characters into the show without much of an issue.
  21. There is only one. I want a Wii Classic already.
  22. MS whole modus operandi has been merging the home console space into PC gaming. Hell, their flagship franchise was money-grabbed from PC. Great if you want that. I don’t. I think this hardware design is unappealing, not console warring - I would defect if MS had a killer app - but Sony has me hooked thanks to BC and their unmissable first party output.
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