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  1. A discussion forum isn’t a place where people congregate to praise the things you like. I enjoyed a sizeable portion of of TLOU2, but if we can’t discuss things critically, what’s the point? May as well be a fan page.
  2. Can’t wait to finish this to bring my hot takes to the spoilers thread, but this game has a myriad of problems from concept and reference points to the core gameplay loop, characters, pacing. A real disappointment. Can scarcely remember such a sharp drop in my interest within a game or a game world / franchise.
  3. Not all of 1-1. Seems like it'll be a popular product but I don't get it at all.
  4. Isn’t the complaint more that the game sells itself as “become anybody” but it boils down to there being say, 12 character types, with little variation in how they play? Eg. Construction workers may have minor cosmetic differences but they all have the same toolset and playstyle. It could be really good obv, but I think it depends how character variation and NPC routines work. The other previews were impressed.
  5. This would not be as difficult as each NPC having individual routines. Look at some of the variation you get from very simple RNG and algorithms in Animal Crossing. A game pushing the envelope as a sandbox would probably aspire to create thousands of variants. Eg. Construction workers pulling from 3 age groups, 6 body types/ gender options, 4 personality types, 3 types of seniority/access, half a dozen abilities and tools. It would be crude, but more sophisticated than all construction workers having the same access, ability and toolset - and totally realistic with modern tech. But imho Ubi prefer smoke and mirrors and front-loading their games to actually pushing the medium forward. That’s not to say I’m totally down on this. It is on my radar but Cyberpunk and Spider-man PS5 arrive a few weeks later.
  6. Despite the praise in the previews we know they haven’t mapped identities and routines to every NPC so even if repetition wasn’t apparent in the first few hours it will obviously become clear over the full playtime how the game cheats and what the limitations are. I suppose it’s a question of whether the gameplay remains appealing once the curtain has been lifted. Stuff like the construction worker drone-boarding looks Saints Row goofy to me and at odds with the subject matter.
  7. Pre-orders rumoured to go up any day now, aye? Think they’ll announce a date and time in advance?
  8. It cannot be overstated how bad the modding is on ERA. There’s a Twitter bot that logs them for jokes but it’s run by a GAFer so not great either. But if you can ignore that, reading the reason stated and then the offending posts is often comedy gold.
  9. I'm getting the same recipes all the time but looking at other people's islands online there is a ton of stuff yet to unlock. Could really do with Nintendo announcing new items will be added to the Nook's Cranny / Villager crafting/trading pool incrementally.
  10. I have other Lego sets and for me the appeal is in the construction, the mini-figures and then having a model of something larger scale, like the Lamborghini or aesthetically-pleasing like the Ideas sets, with the novelty of them being made by Lego bricks. I guess it depends on the scale of this but 2,600 pieces and a £230 price tag suggest it will be at least the size of a Classic Mini. For me the concept of a Lego NES that worked, +/- an old-fashioned Lego TV with LCD panel (not out of the question as the recent NeoGeo Mini and Sega Minis have screens for half the price) would have been more appealing.
  11. I feel like Lego and Nintendo are a match made in heaven, but the products they are putting out are strange and left-field. Like the LCD screen on the weird Lego Mario figure, they've tried to "gamify" this Lego set with a handle to the TV so you can move the plastic Mario... as though this would be fun for more than 5 seconds. It's so weird, and not something I would make space for. If the mini Lego TV had had a real LCD screen and they stuck a NES classic inside the Lego NES, that would've been a day one purchase
  12. Peb Kacharach


    FOMO for one, in terms of the groups etc that I follow and keeping on top of news and interests. But also, as long as my friends / acquaintances rely on it, that's how to get in touch with them. Aside for a few people I exchange regular text message with, it would mean falling out of touch with people as though it were pre-2007, and some of those losses would be irreversible even if I created a new account. And that seems like an unappealing prospect even though in the long term it would probably be a lot healthier than the false sense of being "in touch" with people I haven't spoken to in years. I imagine other people on the fence are in a similar situation. It's also disengaging with political discourse, though I suppose social media is rigged so little good comes from it anyway. Maybe a topic for the FB thread.
  13. Rllmuk is mostly fine if you avoid Off-Topic. I once made a post on ERA which got me banned from there (taking the piss out of Nintendo), and then I came on here and someone had quoted it from ERA and was getting upvoted. Amusing, really.
  14. Peb Kacharach


    Facebook is a key example here. I fucking hate it and would stop using it tomorrow if everybody else would. But if I go on to Facebook and make a case telling all my friends why I'm no longer using it and why they should also stop, they either won't see it because of the algorithms, they'll think I'm a prick (standard), or they'll decide the false sense of social contact FB provides is enough for them not to care, or they might even depend on it for their mental health, or their business etc... Now obv, Ubisoft is different, but as pointed out, thousands of decent people work on these games. Me deciding not to give Siege any more time, or to swerve Watch Dog Legion, on principle and in isolation, adversely affects me more than it has any tangible impact on the abusers working for Ubisoft. If a groundswell of consumer action occurred and a boycott happens, with clear aims, then I'd sign up, sure. Side note: Ubisoft have pulled some real shit on the Siege community in terms of MTX, charging for pulled season content, bowing to China etc, gearing casual play to e-sports rules... all without re-investing in the core game. This is obviously a minor issue compared to harassment of staff, but I do not hold Ubisoft in high regard at all.
  15. Peb Kacharach


    Alternatively, how an individual feels about a company's work practices is independent of whether or not they use their products? See: Facebook, Apple, Primark etc. etc.
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