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  1. Both of these are excellent, you have wonderful talent.
  2. The problem with that approach is the the cg then has a much higher level to achieve by comparison. Existing on it's own, one can suspend disbelief in the not-quite-realism of it, whether it's the lighting, fur or animation. All of that is cast in sharp relief if the previous shot had a real animal in it, or worse, in the same shot.
  3. Finally watched this. Story was pretty flimsy, but whatever, I was here for the visuals. I liked the striking comic book style, but the action sequences suffered from trying to squeeze too much business into each shot. This can happen a lot in films, the director is trying to tell as much story as possible but also has limits to overall film length and shot count costs. So the anim/mocap ends up hitting too many beats per shot and you get something that looks overly busy with a lessened sense of weight to the physicality. Still very pretty at times.
  4. If you have an issue with the black levels the Index won’t solve it. I’ve had one for about three weeks. Currently selling it on ebay.
  5. He's actually the fourth opinion I've canvased. All are consistent on the issue, I just wanted rllmuk's take. I'm sticking with oled.
  6. Thanks for that info, it's what I feared. I'm getting an Odyssey plus on loan for a month soon. Hopefully it's high Res screens combined with oled tech will be a winning combo.
  7. How are people finding the black levels and colour vibrancy on the Rift S lcd screens? Concerned about it coming from an oled headset, PSVR has spoiled me.
  8. Has anybody tried to stream the audio and visuals to tv either via facebook or otherwise? The ability to do that is fairly essential to the party aspect of this. The only thing holding me back on a purchase really, it looks fantastic and I’m ready to push the button.
  9. These are exceptional TommyG, you have a great eye for a striking image.
  10. Creativity can often be a painful process. When one is already in pain in one way or another, it is a lot easier to let that process take hold.
  11. Ah this question for me is emphatically answered by Spike Lee's insanely awful 'She Hate Me'. Not just bad, offensive to boot! I leave it to the eloquence of Rotten Tomatoes to sum up: "a movie that spews so much random, senseless, undigested matter that it seems more like projectile vomiting than filmmaking." "A uniquely insane film which should be experienced and needs to be seen to be believed." "Deeply offensive, staggeringly unfunny, pretentious and, at 140 minutes, about 135 minutes too long..." And my personal favou
  12. Ugh, Pixar are just a factory now, churning out boiler plate anim performances in their recent work and I don't see this being any different. They've never come close to the quality of the original Toy Story with either of the sequels. 'Ratatouille' was the high watermark for acting in animation (special mention to Amonalisa) 'Up' their last genuinely good film.
  13. Some of the mocap looks a bit floaty but overall I think this looks fantastic, the facial performance feels really on point. Looking forward to it!
  14. Aye, using an Oled. To be honest I found the colour looks more natural with the 'fake' HDR applied, but couldn't handle the washed out look. But with the contrast boosted at the 500 setting it seems to have arrived at an agreeable visual solution. Probably the most decent I can get it. I also changed the output on my PS4 Pro to 1080p only. Game seems to run at a more stable framerate (at least in Valentine, I haven't gone too far into the game yet), and the fans run pretty quiet.
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