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  1. 18. Gears of War 4 (XB1 - Game Pass) A nice surprise, this - a very enjoyable way of refreshing a franchise that had grown rather stale. Theres nothing particularly new here but the campaign is an entertaining romp full of bombastic cliches and impressive set pieces. The new characters are decent, and a few surprises throughout the story are a fun reward for veterans of the series. Horde mode is better than ever and the physics during lightning storms are a really good touch. On to Gears 5 then.... 8/10
  2. Agree with all of this. One thing I love about Diogo is his attitude. He's a tough little fucker - he was kicked from pillar to post in the championship but his answer to that was to get up and give a bit back. He's an absolute pest to play against and will run through brick walls for his team. It's crazy to say he could be world class yet isn't our first choice any more but bizarrely that's accurate - he's never displacing Raul and isn't as cohesive in the system we play as Podence and arguably even Neto now he's come on so well. Jota is a proper football
  3. I would rather sell Traore than Jota.
  4. I'd be absolutely gutted if we sold Jota - I love the guy. Hoever would suit us so I can understand the link, assuming there's something in it.
  5. I think it's fantastic - I love how unsubtle it is I've preordered one. It's so much better than the mess that is our 2nd kit.
  6. True. They're so far behind the times that they're only just opening a Gamestation store in Diagon Alley
  7. I got books 4 and 5 for my birthday last week. I will start book 3 very soon!!
  8. I love Clone Wars and Rebels so I'm probably the target audience for the Ahsoka novel! And yes - it's decent and definitely worth a read. She's such an ace character and she's handled really well. The story is a perfect intermission between Clone Wars and Rebels (even more so following the superb season 7 of CW).
  9. Blimey - I have never played a Dead Space game, a Need For Speed game and didn't buy last year's FIFA either. And I already have GPU. Amazing value.
  10. Crazy value by the sounds of it - although I'm not 100% sure what games are on EA Play having never used it. Any decent ones?
  11. This is SO exciting!! Cant wait to see him play. A few other signings supposedly close to happening next week - good news!
  12. I remember The Phamtom Tollbooth from school - haven't read it since but I remember it being ridiculously fun and charming. Perfect for me to read to my daughter. Thanks as ever, @Stopharage
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