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  1. I really hope Wales defend like Senegal did from that corner when we play later.
  2. Well Clive is on the other one so this wins by default
  3. Just watched this and I think it might be up there with Band of Brothers as a quite incredible piece of film making, full of amazing cinematography, excellent performances and just bleak and harrowing as fuck. Couldn't take my eyes off it - why this hasn't had more hype is beyond me. I really rated 1917 but IMO this does a much better job of showing the brutality and futility of life on the front line. Superb stuff.
  4. 48 teams will not be a good thing for the tournament - there will be too many shit teams qualifying which will massively dilute the quality of the finals, and having 3 team groups is a stupid idea. We're going to get plenty of Austria v West Germany situations. 32 teams with 4 teams in a group is the best setup. I also want it back in the summer because it's just not felt right this time, and not just because of the unsuitable setting. The build up was wrong, and having BBQs, spilling out into packed beer gardens etc is one of the things I look forward to most about the tournament.
  5. Homes Under the Hammer is a good shout - need that Dion Dublin fix
  6. After all that - it's the correct decision!
  7. Pah - this Brazil lot are boring. Bring back Cameroon!
  8. This is another awesome game! My son is off school today as he's hurt his leg - he's picked a good day to be able to watch the football!!
  9. I really like Alan Shearer. When he first started doing media work he was very rusty but he's grown into the role well - he's one of the good ones.
  10. One thing that deserves some credit thus far is the referees - they are letting play flow as much as possible, bookings are (on the whole) fully deserved and they're doing all they can to prevent red cards. Only 1 so far is amazing, really - and that was only upgraded because of VAR and was the correct decision. So many tournaments are ruined by fussy refereeing but this one has been so much better. Not perfect of course (still don't understand why Maguire didn't get a penalty v iran!) but overall, very good. And as much as I hate VAR, it's been used well. As has been said, it's the rules that are shit - the way they've been implemented has been good.
  11. Not sure I agree with this. They're good, and are rightly one of the favourites but without Mbappe I really don't think they're all that. Spain, France, Brazil, England the 4 best sides thus far, although Croatia looked very good yesterday after their shaky start. There's definitely no clear favourite IMO - no side has been consistently good and no team looks unbeatable.
  12. Ooooh - what kind of book is this? Is it part of a series or a standalone? (Not heard of either)
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