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  1. Captain America: Civil War Solid MCU stuff with tremendous set pieces and a very enjoyable story that takes a direction you wouldn't expect. One of the best of the series IMO - loved this 4.5/5 Spider Man: Homecoming Good - especially Tom Holland and Michael Keaton and I enjoyed the mentor/mentee relationship between Peter Parker and Tony Stark. My main gripe is that it's not as good a story as the plot in the PS4 game! 4/5 Dangerous Minds Michelle Pfeiffer is awesome in this story about teaching annoying children. Bonus 1/2 point for Coolio 3.5/5 Frozen II I'm really not a fan of the original, but I promised my daughter I'd watch this with her when it arrived on Disney +. Lo and behold, I really enjoyed it! The animation is stunning in places. Good fun. 4/5 The Business Danny facking Dyer is a proper facking geezer in this right 'ard facking film about gangsters in Spain. 'Ave it, you facking cants. But don't facking bovver with this facking bollocks. 2/5 Frost/Nixon Quite superb performances from the 2 lead roles - pretty gripping throughout. 4/5 Sisters Had a busy week at work - Tina Fey and Amy Poehler did a good job in letting my brain rest and be entertained. 90 minutes of good titillation. 3.5/5 Doctor Strange An odd one - this looks utterly amazing in places - very Inception-esque - but it's the only MCU film thus far that my daughter had to ask what was going on! It's a bit convoluted and thus feels out of places compared to the other films in the series. Pretty good but a drop in quality IMO 3/5 Black Panther This was a return to form. Chadwick Boseman is an excellent lead, and he's superbly aided by Michael B Jordan who plays one of the most convincing villains of the series with aplomb. Great stuff. 4/5 7500 Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the only actor in this film I recognise, and does a sterling job as the co pilot of a hijacked plane, having to reason with armed terrorist. I really like how this was shot, making it feel tense and claustrophobic throughout. 4/5 Marvellous The quite beautiful, warm, feelgood story of Neil Baldwin - Stoke City's kit man. Truly a film that fits its title - it's just marvellous and everyone should watch this. 5/5 The Day Shall Come Chris Morris' latest film was a slight letdown for me - I adored Four Lions but the jokes here don't always hit the mark despite some strong performances. 3/5 Thor: Ragnarok Taika Waititi absolutely NAILS this in every conceivable way. It's glorious from start to finish, has just the right balance of action and humour, races along at breakneck speed, has a good few plot twists and you can see that every actor is having the time of their lives. Definitely my favourite Marvel film - I was grinning from ear to ear. 5/5 Eaten By Lions Two half brothers journey to Blackpool to meet the father of one of them. An enjoyable, inoffensive yarn that while doesn't do anything particularly original, made me smile enough to enjoy it. 3/5 Ant-Man and The Wasp I'm not sure if I prefer this to the first Ant-Man film, but it's another good entry in the Marvel series. I watched this before Infinity War and wonder if the light hearted nature of it was better suited as a relieving break between the hard hitting Infinity War/End game? 3.5/5 City of Life and Death I watched this Chinese film portraying the horrific siege of Nanjing by the Japanese just prior to WW2 after someone on this thread posted a very positive review of it. A review I agree with. Shot in black and white, this is one of the most harrowing films I have ever seen, so it's anything but an easy watch. But it's an important watch nonetheless and is a stunning piece of cinema. 4.5/5 The Visit M Night Shyamalan directs a very enjoyable thriller about 2 kids who go to visit their maternal grandparents who they had never previously met. The old couple really reminded me of my ex-in laws. Which made this even more tense... 4/5
  2. Day One for me on Xbox One X as I absolutely adored Odyssey. I really thought that Odyssey was quality as well as quantity and it had me hooked. This looks great.
  3. I went and bought this as I'm not ready to end my experience with Spidey just yet! However - I bought the season pass via the PS app on my phone, then a few hours later I went into the game and can't see where to download it. It says purchased when I go to the store on the console, but I have no idea how to access it. It's not under add ons or anything. Can anyone advise? Maybe I'm out of storage space?
  4. Whoa whoa whoa, what's with this negative mindset?! Still think we'll make the top 6. Have a bit of faith!
  5. Looking like I called this one correctly. Neither Leeds nor Albion are going to fuck it up from here.
  6. We've not been that bad. We've not played well by any stretch of the imagination, last night in particular was a really drab affair in awful conditions which had 0-0 written all over it. But we've played 2 well organised teams and although we look below par, we've been far from awful. We've not had the breaks - Traore scores his 1 on 1 v Arsenal when we were well on top and the game is totally different. Neves' free kick is 2 inches lower and the game is totally different. We absolutely need to improve and find a way to control games again but I'm not massively worried just yet!
  7. I've never even tried VR. The countless mentions of it on here make me feel a bit sad that I've yet to experience it! Shame I dont have a spare £300 lying around!!
  8. Agree - correct decision, the ref made the call after watching it himself on the monitor. It's why I'm not vehemently opposed to VAR, merely how it's used and - too often - what it's used for. And of course the fucking idiots arsing up so many calls.
  9. Plenty for me - realising just how incredible BoTW was within 5 minutes of starting it is a great shout, but this particular moment has to be my choice. After completing the first set of Tall Tales on Sea of Thieves with @mechamonkey and we were sailing back to the outpost as the sun was setting, completely drained yet pumped full of adrenaline from the mission. The feeling of accomplishment, the feeling of having taken part in a gaming experience which was so thoroughly immersive, and THAT scenery to end it with. A very, very special moment.
  10. I'm totally going to give the next film I rate 8.5/10 now you've said that.
  11. Roughly at level 5 - no idea how far in I am but just unlocked the The resulting carnage with the frost twats who are immune to the axe was simply delicious. I may have actually roared.....
  12. Nah we were flat and certainly below par but we weren't awful. Anyway, I'm sure Nuno will work them hard so we improve when we play Sheff Utd.
  13. Agree but we started the 2nd half really well and should have been level. Traore should have taken his 1 on 1. Having said that, very professional display from Arsenal, pressing us late on and not just sitting back. I don't think we were that bad but Arsenal deserved the win.
  14. Just finished White Lines. It's bad, but in an indescribable way that made us want to carry on watching it! The actress who plays Zoe keeps forgetting if she's from Manchester or Yorkshire, and pretty much every character in it is pretty unlikeable. Yet it didn't stop us binge watching it - we'd watch a 2nd season if they make one. It won't win any acting awards but it's bizarrely compelling.
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