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  1. Fans allowed back into Molineux for the final game of the season v Man Utd. Cheapest ticket - £40. Fucking hell, Wolves - read the room. Really hope they see sense and change their decision on this. It's a dead rubber, in a almost empty stadium - charging 40 quid is a disgrace.
  2. It's very, very unusual for me to play any game for more than 100 hours. I finished BotW after 95 hours of pure joy and that's huge. I think I spent a similar amount of time on AC Odyssey. The few games I have played for huge amounts of time include Sea of Thieves (605 hours) and Battlefield 1 (420 hours) but they pale into comparison with the stats of some of you lot!! I'll never get close to putting in over 1000 hours on a single game, unless I go back to Sea of Thieves regularly.
  3. Stowaway Quite enjoyed this - the stowaway in question really was very fucking careless but it asked some interesting questions in an Apollo 13-esque way. Certainly nothing groundbreaking, but far more believable than the preposterous Netflix drama 'Away', when astronauts who had spent years training together suddenly start falling out over nothing. At least the trust and respect the main 3 astronauts have in this is slightly less like a soap opera. There are worse films to watch on a rainy Bank Holiday Monday. 3/5 Blow Dry Apparent
  4. My mate went to St Michael's Mount over the weekend and saw a film crew there. He didn't know what they were filming - he'll be interested to know it was this!
  5. I had completely forgotten that ALL appear in the first few episodes of the very first series. Now I really wish I'd have rewatched it all before series 6!
  6. Absolutely. TBF you could say that about the majority of that cast - John Hurt and Derek Jacobi in particular are fantastic.
  7. Relieved we didn't lose the Black Country Derby yesterday - our recent worrying form gave me very little hope of getting anything out of the game but we played pretty well. Pleasing to see that some of our young players gave a decent display - Silva, Ait-Nouri and Vitinha in particular looked good. Quite where Allardyce gets off lamenting our 'luck' yesterday after the farcical decisions that went in their favour when they beat us at Molineux in January... The Premier League won't miss him. And although I don't actively despise Albion (local rivalries are such bollocks), I am pl
  8. I also started Series 1 again last night - they all look so young, particularly Arnott! I still maintain that LoD has not become a bad show, not even close to it - it's just not as good as it was during its peak. I still think this series has been significantly better than other police dramas.
  9. New Roman drama starting on Sky Atlantic on May 14th - Domina chronicles the life of Livia Drusilla, the wife of the Emperor Augustus and mother of his successor, Tiberius. Anyone who has seen the incredible I, Claudius will know of the character of Livia - I'm a massive nerd when it comes to Ancient Roman history and I've been waiting for a big budget drama set in this time for ages. I just hope it's not a damp squib.
  10. I've never played Psychonauts - I know the sequel is on its way so this might be a good time to try the original. Is it any good? I know nothing about it whatsoever.
  11. 11. Hades (Switch) You know when something is so massively hyped that it actually puts you off playing/watching/listening/reading whatever that thing is? There's no way I could have ever enjoyed a roguelike game to the extent so many people seemed to. They're just not my sort of games - I've always thought they were okay but too limited to be anything special. They can't divert too much from the genre to stand out. Well that's complete bullshit and I've been so, so wrong, because Hades manages to do all the above, and more. It's absolutely teeming with content, and
  12. I much preferred this series to the previous one. I accept that it's not hitting the lofty heights of it's heyday but I wasnt as disappointed by the ending as most people seemed to be! It's still a bloody good drama. Time for a 2nd viewing from the very beginning methinks.
  13. I'd love to see more of Fable and Everwild. And I'm intrigued by Starfield. I don't normally bother with E3 but since lockdown I'm getting more interested in what the new consoles will release. And anything coming to Game Pass. Because Game Pass is magnificent. I just hope it isn't 95% games that won't appear til 2023, showing us cut scenes that constantly fade to black with some bullshit tagline at the end.
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