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  1. Get on this today!! Claudia Gray High Republic book 99p on Kindle today https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B09BJ267FT/ref=mh_s9_acsd_hps_c2_x_4_t?pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_s=mobile-hybrid-3&pf_rd_r=EKBPXRZQQ0C9XAFZX7VW&pf_rd_t=30901&pf_rd_p=98327ccb-8288-4654-a9ad-4265def95a12&pf_rd_i=5400977031
  2. Anyone else think it was a satirical take on the current state of the UK? All British accents, lots of grey, plenty of rain, oppressed subjects etc. Brexit Star Wars style.
  3. I also managed to get the commendation for finding out who killed DeMarco - there's a secret cut scene you can only access by doing a few things first. Basically - it takes ages and aside from adding a bit to the lore, it's not really worth the extra effort!!
  4. The parrot set is cool! I do like the curses - they look good and it's a sign that you've had to grind to earn it.
  5. Updated pirate picture. Very menacing.
  6. Only watched the for 2 episodes, but the best thing about this is that it's so drastically different to the preceding TV shows. I've enjoyed all of the shows so far, but Andor definitely feels like there's something there for anyone who didn't enjoy Mando, BoBF, Obi-Wan etc. Promising.
  7. FFS got to wait all day before I can watch this! I'm incredibly excited about it - I absolutely bloody love Rogue One.
  8. Superb stuff. Possibly my favourite episode so far. Top series this - really enjoying it!
  9. It's very very satisfying to solo a Veil voyage - though there were 2 reapers on my server so I was very nervously checking the map after I destroyed the fort at the end!! Got every last piece of loot, even claimed the emissary voyage - lovely stuff. Over 100k emissary value in just over an hour. No idea why the reapers didn't come after me - they'd have seen the vortex thing for the final battle and were both grade 5 so would have been able to see me.
  10. No, nothing like the last one. Saw a few other ships at the starting island but that always happens at the start of an adventure. I did it all solo - no problems from anyone.
  11. The new adventure is EXCELLENT, although you might need a couple of hours to get through it. I really like the Sunken Kingdom and the puzzles in each of the shrines, so combined with a bit of extra lore and the chance to get plenty of coral treasure, it's a decent offering. Got a shitload of gold as I was clever and put the Gold Hoarders emissary flag up - easily reached grade 5 which is neat as there are a few chests of Ancient Tributes in the shrines that are worth plenty.
  12. Nawww, the one on horseback that you can't miss. The one that's about 20% of the size of whatever the fuck that thing is.
  13. Odyssey is fucking brilliant - easily my favourite AC game.
  14. Pleased that Ivan Toney has been called up to the England squad - well deserved. In a standard 'pissed off that someone from my club hasn't been selected' post, I'd have loved to have seen Max Kilman get the nod. Can't believe how consistent he's been over the past 15 months or so. A superb centre half, comfortable on the ball, big, strong, rarely troubled by big strikers (well, he might have a job against Haaland on Saturday...) I agree that Maguire shouldn't be in there.
  15. Over 10 hours in now. Still to get past the first area. Found a load of runes, I've even managed to get to the Roundtable Hold which of course means that I can finally upgrade/buy things making me so much tougher and battle ready. Went to destroy that tree sentinel son-of-a-bitch at the very start. I died within 45 seconds. I'm really not very good at this game.
  16. They've done nothing BUT cut costs over the past few years - they're not particularly popular amongst the stripy contingent. Which begs the question why the fuck they appointed an expensive liability in Steve Bruce in the first place.
  17. Ooooh you're closing in on Pirate Legend status....
  18. I hated the one with those sprinkle effects on the shoulders. Absolutely horrible shirt.
  19. Out of interest (and because I'm a bit bored), what are everyone's reputation levels? Me: Gold Hoarders: 75 Order of Souls: 75 Merchants Alliance: 75 Reaper's Bones: 35 Hunter's Call: 20 Athena's Fortune: 15 I really need to spend more time fishing and reaping! Money wise I'm on: Gold: 6,299,277 Doubloons: 2,700 Ancient Coins: 757 Need to buy more cosmetics.
  20. Checks to see who Man City have next.... Might have to go out for the day and not check the scores regularly like I usually do.
  21. Can't quite believe that West Brom haven't sacked Steve Bruce yet.
  22. The home one is rubbish. The away one looks like something you could conjure up on Pro Evo when you were in a hurry.
  23. Are these the original Tall Tales? I did them when they first came out but some of them are really tough! @mechamonkey and I did the final one together and it's a proper quest - but the feeling at the end was euphoric, such a brilliant finale. I think it was The Art of the Trickster which I found most difficult. SOOOO many traps! and I wouldn't have a clue what to do in the Legendary Storyteller, Stars of a Thief or Wild Rose tales and it was so long ago that I did them, and I've only ever done them once. The Pirates of the Caribbean ones are a lot less challenging IMO. So should you want to give them another go, happy to help!
  24. Had a go at the Seabound Soul again earlier - it really is a perfect follow on to that book. If anyone should see me online playing this, please do give me a shout - I'm solo slooping 75% of the time at the moment so would be up for a bit of variety!
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