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  1. How the fuck did we win that?? Shame I'm covid ridden as being a Wolves fan working in Birmingham is delicious at times like this!
  2. The Rising Storm is only 99p on Kindle today - get onto it, people!! https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08L4DQB7P/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apan_glt_dl_TZBRKD00SEHKNAQD4BTK
  3. Finished this the other night. Was expecting mindless goreporn based on the overall premise, but was very pleasantly surprised by the character development, tension and performances. Some really good plot twists too - this is a really good show and I can see why it's so popular.
  4. Despite the many problems with this, I was only ever going to play through the main campaign on my own anyway, so I've been very pleasantly surprised so far. It looks fantastic on the Series X and combat is decent fun. Hardly innovative but a LOT better than I was expecting. Just a shame about the post game issues.
  5. Watched the IGN one - they said they wouldn't say what happens at the end of one of the intro races. Watched the 2nd one and they showed it all anyway Ah well, my own fault for watching. No more videos for me until launch - really excited to finally play it on day 1.
  6. It *could* work as a standalone but its definitely worth reading Light of the Jedi first: 1. It's probably better overall anyway (not much in it) 2. As it's set at the same time as Into the Dark, you get a much better sense of context 3. LotJ introduces a lot - wouldn't dream of spoiling it but the familiarity helps when you read Into the Dark
  7. Properly addicted to this now. 47 attempts in, 20 escapes so I'm playing around with Heat and gifting everyone nectar to try and fulfill prophecies. I've enjoyed this play through way more than I did on the Switch at the start of the year.
  8. Yes, that's correct. I treated it a bit like one of the anthology films as opposed to the next proper instalment. Got The Rising Storm on my bookcase which I will be starting after I've read a couple of other (non-Star Wars) books on my long list of shame.
  9. The High Republic: Into the Dark by Claudia Gray Huzzah! A new Star Wars book by Claudia Gray! Always something to look out for. With the High Republic series still in its infancy, I'm very pleased that she has been given the opportunity to introduce and flesh out some really interesting characters. Step forward the main cast of Into the Dark: Reath Silas - a padawan Jedi Cohmac Vitus - a seasoned, wise Jedi Master Orla Jareni - a 'wayseeker' Jedi Leox Gyasi - captain of The Vessel (a charter ship in the service of the Byne Corporation who the Jedi use to investigate a mysterious space station) - a bit of Han Solo 'scoundrel' about him, a loveable rogue Affie Hollow - the young first mate of The Vessel Geode - basically a rock and the 3rd member of The Vessel's crew! All of these characters are excellent. Really well written, I really hope we see more of all of them as this series continues. So much more to them than the standard Skywalker Saga Jedi, with the supporting cast balancing things out brilliantly. This book is set during the same time period as Light of the Jedi, with the aforementioned 'Great Disaster' being the catalyst that makes the Jedi take refuge at a mysterious Amaxine space station. But this station has a very dark past, and the Jedi sense the darkness as soon as they dock. As with LotJ, Into the Dark explores more about the way Jedi use the force, and it's a lot more complicated that the original films have us believe. This is a good thing because it opens up so many possibilities. The story aligns well with LotJ, but I dont think its imperative to read that first. It probably helps but Into the Dark holds up well on it's own. The action takes some time to get going but by the end, its enthralling with the introduction of some tremendous new bad guys, and a neat back story into a past incident shared by Orla and Cohmac, when they were padawans. The real star of this though is Reath - such a good character. I shall follow his progress with great interest.... This is a very good continuation of the High Republic saga and as with Light of the Jedi, I was entertained throughout and excited about the new characters, new antagonists and new adventures. Very good overall. 8/10
  10. When you've finished the story, go back to the earlier levels and see how much more powerful you are! I managed to snipe the main target on the first level from literally the other side of the map Insanely good fun
  11. Had a few goes on this and I don't think it's for me - I really don't find it much fun, and I can excuse bugs for a beta test but I dunno - it feels a bit like a chore to play. Not a patch on the Halo Infinite flights over the past few weekends. I know they're different beasts, but I don't really think I have the time to sink into 2 FPS multiplayer games these days!
  12. It's much easier said that done to 'sever all ties' with the club you've supported for most/all of your life. A club is way beyond a stadium, the owners, even the players. Especially seeing as we've been unable to actually attend games for over a year - I've still not been back to Molineux since March last year, and I really miss the occasion. It's why I always have a lot of sympathy for fans whose club does things that are morally repugnant - and Wolves are certainly not innocent of this over the past few months. I agree that the Premier League should be doing something to stop investment of this kind but as has been said - when this country is governed by people who would sell their own mothers into slavery if it meant making a quick buck at the expense of others, what chance does the average football fan have? Especially when they're the ones who are thought of last - ticket prices are sky rocketing for some clubs, despite the fact that most Premier League clubs really don't need gate receipts to make any sort of financial difference. On a tangent here, but personally, I'm annoyed at our owners who have yanked up the costs of match tickets despite the 'product' on offer being arguably less than what we were paying for 2/3 years ago. You can't argue that it's comparable to other clubs because people aren't going to stop watching Wolves and decide to support Leicester or Villa FFS - football clubs aren't competing with other football clubs to 'win' hardcore support from them. It's not Xbox v Playstation. Modern football is great to watch but fucking hell - it's WAY too expensive.
  13. FINALLY! I can get Alliances - been waiting ages for that to be on sale. Cheers for the heads up, @Butters In other Star Wars news - I've almost finished Into The Dark by Claudia Gray - one of the new High Republic books. I'll post a review when I'm done
  14. Just binge watched the whole thing in around a week - what a brilliant, brilliant show this is. Fantastic characters and performances, and a feel good factor not dissimilar to Parks and Rec in places. Very interesting to see the plot development in the 2nd season - it's very cleverly written.
  15. 30 runs in, 7 clears now. Will start to increase the heat a bit and concentrate on getting some achievements. Need to work out how to unlock the hidden aspects - I'm guessing more conversations with other characters? Also, should you only give out nectar to each character once? I think I'm enjoying it more than I did when I first played it on the Switch.
  16. Can't wait for this. Fire and Blood has been on my bookshelf for ages - I must get round to starting it soon.
  17. Sex Education S3 Incredibly entertaining, diverse but never in a way that hinders the plot, some brilliant characters topped off with some very impressive performances. Possibly my favourite season of this so far. 4/5 Currently watching: Vigil (BBC) Squid Games (Netflix) Ted Lasso (Apple TV +)
  18. Done the first level on Avengers and it's not as appalling as I thought - nothing especially groundbreaking but it looks and sounds pretty enough. Anyway - which is the best Yakuza that doesn't have turn based combat? Never played any Yakuza game before but I feel like I should so wanted to know where to start?
  19. FIFA 22 - career mode because I can't stand that FUT stuff. I'm actually really pleased with some of the tweaks to this years game. Most notably, the game stats are excellent. So much more comprehensive, right down to the individual etc. Defending seems much harder, but in a good way - you need to work more to keep a clean sheet, ball physics are better, keepers make better saves etc. You can also now build your own club and put them into any league replacing an existing side. So my local team Stourbridge are now in League 2, as I begin my quest to bring the Champions League trophy to the West Midlands.... It's not exactly a groundbreaking difference but it's an improvement nonetheless and it'll keep me busy for a while between attempts at Hades and until Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite finally arrive.
  20. Got a question regarding storage. I've connected the 5TB HDD to my Series X, with the intention of moving stuff to the internal to play. If I play any games directly from the external hard drive, which Series X features won't work? I assume I would lose quick resume, but anything else? Enhanced frame rate etc?
  21. Can you play Big Team Battle against bots if you can't make the matchmaking times? Desperate to try it out but can't get on during the multiplayer hours.
  22. First escape on the Xbox version on attempt #23! Quite pleased with that - it took me 55-60 attempts on the Switch.
  23. Very true - seems odd it hasn't happened yet as the women's game is growing in popularity every season.
  24. My tactic with FIFA is to buy it every other year, when it's probably different enough to warrant a purchase. I'm gutted that what was once PES is no more - I just can't get along with Master League in the year 2021 - FIFA plays well, maybe not as well as PES used to but the licenses, presentation, vast game modes etc have to count for something. One question though - why is there no generic FIFA 22 thread? I know there's the FIFA online subforum, but I only ever play the offline modes. FUT can get in the bin - career mode is what I play 75% of the time.
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