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  1. Where does everyone stand on Finn versus Bresnan? For me, it's a no contest. Finn every time. He's a natural wicket taker with genuine pace who offers something different to Anderson and Broad. I don't really think Bresnan's runs should be a huge consideration, as we should be picking our bowlers to take 20 wickets in a match. Having said all that, I can certainly see England going for Bresnan and his reliability.
  2. yyy

    The National

    I think that's utter dross. Some National songs have more good ideas in them than most bands have in their entire careers.
  3. Eurogamer review: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-11-18-hitman-absolution-review 7\10
  4. This is still very much worth playing on 360, yes?
  5. The thing is people will obviously want to measure this against Halo. It's natural; Halo was the greatest firstperson shooter ever made and for all the various virtues of its sequels they've all fallen far short. But Halo was defined by the fact its magic didn't dim over months and months of repeat play. The campaign was thrilling first time round, but somehow even better the second time and then the third again. The combat and situations stood up to playing again and again and again. You'd use one gun for the bulk of a playthrough, depend on another the next time round, utilise different tactics and on and on. There is simply no way to know how this one will measure up at this point. Enjoy it for what it is and then let events take their course. If it generates a tenth of the number of memorable and inexhaustible moments that Halo did, then we've been spoiled. But that will strictly, literally not be governed by the splash the plasma pistol makes on contact or the gap between bullets when you fire the needler.
  6. This has arrived but I only got hold of Anniversary at the weekend and I'm up to Truth and Reconciliation. Really can't decide whether to finish going through the original again (for the first time in about five years I think) or plough into this!
  7. All I can think about now is getting hold of Anniversary and playing the campaign again. I never bothered with the update, and I don't think I've played the CE campaign for about five years now.
  8. Talk Show Host has said nothing of any substance over the last couple of pages. Mediocre stealth, indifferent, mindless, empty. What do you actually mean? These are all just meaningless phrases without context or explanation.
  9. Can you explain what you mean when you say the stealth DOES NOT WORK please? It's a fairly definitive statement, so it needs a little explanation. I disagree, obviously. To say that the game is fundamentally broken as it relies on stealth for you to get around is incorrect as well. There is enough evidence to prove this one or two pages back when people are complaining that it's too easy not to stealth and just bludgeon everyone to death.
  10. The levels in Batman are narrower, the solutions to problems less varied and more prescriptive. It's not a comparison that even begins to stack up. I love the Batman games. They are muscular, confident, tight. The combat is good. But the Batman games are not in the same stratosphere as Dishonored.
  11. Some of the complaints over the last page do not really make very much sense. Clearly, this is not a stealth game. If you judge it as such, it will obviously come up inferior to Thief. Every game is worse at stealth than Thief. The controls are excellent. I haven't played a game where climbing and grappling were so solid, seamless and consistent. The only issue is, playing on a pad, lining up blink precisely can be tricky; obviously this isn't an issue on mouse and keyboard. I also take serious issue with the criticism that different playstyles are not specifically "rewarded". Why do you need a particular incentive to play the game in a fun and inventive way? I take delight in the fact that the game doesn't play itself, that it offers you myriad possibilities for varied interaction. The pleasure and entertainment in Dishonored is not in completing an objective. It is not on progressing from A to B via the easiest route possible. It is not about taking the path of least resistance. It is about being dropped into a huge open space. It is about being able to go right, left, up, down, around. It is about being able to harness powers and abilities to devise interesting methods of progress. It is about testing those plans against the game's internal systems, and being delighted when the game permits you to pull off what would be inconceivable in other games. And it is about being able to improvise more creative solutions when the shit hits the fan. It's about going in one way and out another. It's about taking a quick look into a small door off a corridor, and discovering huge swathes of a level that you had no idea existed. The line about not bothering to stick a mine to a rat then possessing it (which is stolen from a blogpost linked on RPS' The Sunday Papers) because it's easier to have a swordfight is rudimentary and depressing. There has been no videogame in years to offer the possibilities that this one does. It's not getting rave reviews to promote this style of game and ensure more get made. It is just clearly in a completely different league to any firstperson game released this year.
  12. Another sign of how excellent this is: already excitedly thinking about repeat playthroughs and the possibilities they will bring.
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