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  1. The Black Corridor by Michael Moorcock
  2. All sports films are this: a bunch of no-hopers take up a sport and become good at it however just before the big final they have a fight and a key member of the team goes off in a huff. Then just at the last moment when the team is about to quit, they turn up again to rejoin the team and they do acceptably well.
  3. I think it’s from the one where he ends up in international waters, series 11 episode 12: the mansion family
  4. Kelsey Dionne who publishes under the Arcane Library writes adventures that are easy to run. She has a couple of free ones available too, including a 1st level one if you sign up for a newsletter https://www.thearcanelibrary.com/
  5. I would have suggested either the Call of Cthulhu or Takes from the Loop starter sets so if you don’t get on with D&D maybe try those.
  6. Nusfjord is good, we prefer playing it to Agricola, but this is possibly because my girlfriend always beats me
  7. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/181810/kodama-tree-spirits Best tree wins - not much interaction, each player has different goals they’re aiming for
  8. We bought Agricola purely because my girlfriend liked the bucolic theme
  9. Maybe they felt sorry for him after he had to be in films with Ben stiller and Jesse eisenberg?
  10. Manic miner's strike, he said, from 1985
  11. I wouldn't start with Pathfinder as it's gets quite complicated. There is a Dungeons and Dragons starter set that's got all you need to start with.
  12. That is the best non-child friendly children's book about spiders I have ever read and i have read two books
  13. However, for 5th edition http://www.enworld.org/forum/forum.php is also a good forum to look at.
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