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  1. Arg, MW2 is so frustrating at the moment. So much fun I can put up with dodgy lag through questionable host choices and annoying perks but the amount of hackers on the PC version is ridiculous. At least 1 in 3 games recently has a wallhacker, and often aim bots as well. It also makes me wonder how many more there are doing it on the sly as the ones I spot are just the people that don't even try to hide it, tracking you directly through concrete. As there are no admins or even a vote system you either have the choice of sitting there frustratedly being killed by someone with x-ray vision or leaving and going through the lobby system again hoping the next game is free of them. No way even to make a demo of them to report them, not that I think steam would do anything about it anyway.
  2. On the PC version I haven't seen many glitches recently but the amount of blatant hackers is ridiculous. It's getting to at *least* one game a day where there is a completely blatant wall-hacker running around. No attempt at any subtlety as they know there is almost nothing you can do at all to punish them, all you can do is leave. It's ok though, I can just join that community server which has good admins that keep a lid on . . . oh wait
  3. Even if there is little difference it's all about feel. I liked the holograhic sight on my famas but find it annoying on the acr so just have a red dot instead. I'm still a bit unsure about the javelin, I am sure it can be powerful but i've yet to find a time to use it for any great effect without getting shot.
  4. There are a few different mods you can get such as dicodice but I prefer Rogue power bars which also pops up with evasion, cloak of shadow, premediation length etc as well. This is just something that comes with experience. You want them up as much as possible, but they can be weird to know when as it depends on what you're fighting, how hard they hit, what your tank is like etc. If in doubt (and they aren't mobs that will one shot you) you can always evasion -> ar -> bf and then vanish when needs be. It's nice on a boss to vanish to completely wipe your agro and then go into a full bf ar trinket rage time. Why would you shiv spam to an envenom when on average just 2 backstabs will do more damage? Multiple mobs is prime time for the blade flurry, though make sure you don't get agro off your primary target so he turns to face you . What's your characters name ooi if you don't mind me having a bit of a poke on Armoury?
  5. I don't know why everyone keeps creaming over the episode with future hiro asif it had some massive action packed fights. There was a clip of hiro slowly cutting down some guards and then Suresh holding back a door closing on Sylar and Peter walking towards each other with glowing hands. John Woo eat your heart out!
  6. Patch on Wednesday \o/ (00:38:20) (@Brannoc) *Tesurly* Are the harsh keying requirements for entry level->end game raid zones going to stay for future expansions, or will some sort of backflagging option be available? (00:39:06) (@Tigole) First off, players will be happy to know that there are some *limited* backflagging solutions going into the game tomorrow. It's not for all zones but for a select few. (00:39:18) (@Kalgan) omg patch tomorrow (00:39:32) (@Eyonix) omg! (00:40:30) (@Tigole) btw (00:40:34) (@Tigole) Patch tomorrow =P
  7. Obv they're not gonna buff the arena weapons by much seeing as season 2 gear isn't that far off.
  8. Mutilate can do pretty decent pve damage but it's quite complicated having to deal with all the combo points, keeping find weakness and such up so perhaps not the best idea. Something like this: http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=f0xfoLZ0eybMEz0M0otV Would be a standard combat daggers build. Open with garrotte or some such and go straight into slice and dice, then backstab away, making sure to keep slice and dice up at *all* times. Get in a rupture if you can inbetween but not at the expense of slice and dice. EDIT: Oh yeah, and though there are poison immune mobs they are a bit iffy ie you can still stack wound poison on curator so still get the damage bonus even though he's "poison immune"
  9. I can't imagine playing without bindings. I think the only thing I have that aren't bound are the smelting tab for mining.
  10. Afaik though full t5 is still beaten by Wastewalker
  11. It 'll be the power levelling service used a bot and got caught, same thing happened to the main tank of one of the big guilds on my server.
  12. It probably is as that item seems crazy, though it is legendary so who knows. The fact they're in the belf starting area doesn't allude to anything though - could easily be an alt or such. If it was a private server and they were trying to make it look convincing, why not enter a few simple commands to make yourself a high level in decent gear and teleport yourself to a believable zone?
  13. Yeah it was: "I anwser to someone who's instructions supercede yours." - "In this company?!" "In your daughter's life" I don't think she has a power, but she's definately quite involved behind the scenes.
  14. I never really thought about it before but now that you mention it there is a shocking resembelence, more than just a coincidence.
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