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  1. Hi rlmuk, this is my first post in a music thread. I started to learn how to play guitar during the lockdown, I've always had the desire to make a song from start to finish but didn't have a clue how to go about it. I record everything into my iphone and use garage band to put it all together. This song is a bit of a motorhead Ace of Spades inspired thing. The sort of thing to shout along to when you're out drinking.
  2. Is there anywhere you can petition/make suggestions for the next Doctor? My son and I think that Richard Ayoade would be an awesome choice.
  3. Is there a way to switch hands in RacketNX? The game defaults to right handed play and I cannot see the option to change it in the settings.
  4. I've just got a Quest. I've only really had a quick go of Robo Recall so far but I've been blown away by how good it is. My oculus name is MichaelMartin_526.
  5. I got to go to Oculus Connect 5. I tried superHOT and Dead and Buried Arena on the new Quest hardware. Both games were fantastic, ran smoothly with good position and hand tracking. SuperHOT is a nice room scale experience, with the freedom to duck and dodge the bullets as they fly towards you. It worked well. But playing against another team in the arena game was a standout experience, extremely fun and seemingly working with very little setup. They kept the game simple, a gun in each hand and no reloading, plus bonus weapons to pick up when you died. I loved it and getting one when they are released.
  6. "a mix of Super Hexagon and Poker" - I need to know more!
  7. It's been done in unity, so yeah is should be easy. I'll have to save up for a vive!
  8. I totally agree, but most of the people who have downloaded it haven't even read that it requires a joypad. ;-)
  9. I don't have a vive and I'm not sure it would work as well. I've kept it very basic with a fixed point in the center of the world that you look from. I'm not sure that would work as well on a vive, but I've got no experience of room scale, so I don't really know! Wow partious, I don't think you know how chuffed I am that I've gotten decent feedback! OK - Rules. you have 3:20 mins to complete the grid. You do not have to fill every square, just surround every tower with your colour and turn them blue (there are 54 towers). Enemies can kill you by crossing your hatched path, enemies cannot enter your solid blue area. You can kill enemies by crossing their hatched path. You cannot enter their solid orange area (you can only enter the enemies area if you are invincible). The >> power-up makes you travel twice as fast for 25 seconds. The * power-up makes you invincible for 10 seconds. Press the A button to activate the power-up. You score points by claiming space and killing enemies each tile you fill is worth 1 point. If you surround a tower you get 1000 points, and if you kill an enemy you get 100 points. To make it a little harder you cannot always fill space when crossing boundaries (dark blue hatched edges of the cube). This is just so you cannot travel the circumference and fill a half of the grid. Generally, if you cross the boundary area and return within a 2 - 3 block spacing it will fill. The amount of enemies is random 3 -4. in future I am hoping to increase it to 5 all the time, but currently the performance suffers with that many enemies. thanks Kryptonian!
  10. Yep, exactly that. No, it shouldn't be hard I just don't currently have a bluetooth xbox controller. When developing it I supported what I thought was the standard input for GearVR (stratusXL).
  11. Total shameless plug (and already posted elsewhere on the forum)! I've made a game for GearVR and Oculus Go. Its called Occupy and its a retro style VR game with a similar play style to paper.io and it is FREE. Made in Unity. It requires a joypad to play - currently, the 8bitdo, StratusXL and xiaomi mi gamepad are supported. It is recommended that players use the D-pad to control the game - it offers the most responsive and direct reaction. it is available here - Occupy
  12. OK, so I gave up on the cardboard version of this game. In the month or so that I released it, I had a total of 7 downloads and 5 of those were my friends. I found that the distribution for Cardboard games was crippled for VR games. Google wants all VR games to go through the daydream platform and if you don't distribute the game via there you have very little control over the hardware that your game targets and visibility in the store. I spent way more on Google Adwords than it made. Lesson learned - people don't want to pay £1.29 for retro VR indy game. So I decided to export it to a specific dedicated VR Platform. I chose the GearVR/Oculus Go as Oculus don't have a problem with games that use Bluetooth controllers for their games (Daydream seem to want to force the use of their VR remote). I fixed a lot of issues with the enemy aggressiveness and movement and battled through the Oculus submission process. One thing I did have to do was was rename the game, Oculus wouldn't accept a title with VR in its name so I renamed it to Occupy. I also made it free to play with no in-app purchases. Its been out for about a week and has had about 650 downloads. I have 9 reviews, 8 one star and one 4 star. As you probably can guess I am the sad bastard that gave my own game a 4 star. The main comments in the reviews that I have it that it doesn't support the xbox one joypad. I currently support the 8bitdo, StratusXL and Xaiomi MiPad. I might add xbox joypad support. There have been no comments on the actual game, I am unsure if anyone is actually enjoying it. I thought that I had a good idea - something a little different. The current reaction isn't positive, maybe most VR users want something more visual, maybe I haven't communicated the objective of the game well enough. Or maybe it's just not very good. If there are any members who have GearVR/Go and a Bluetooth joypad please give it a go. It's available here - Occupy
  13. Sorry about that, unfortunately it's a big issue with creating for Mobile VR. I was considering converting it to non-VR, I'll have to see how well it works and if there is a demand.
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