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  1. 11 minutes ago, Arn Ironjaw said:

    Anyone else reading Joker War at all?


    I'm up to issue 98 of Batman and i'm enjoying it so far and have a little theory on one of the characters introduced?


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    Is Clownhunter Damian Wayne?


    Now hear me out this is total speculative so keep that in mind. 


    When we first see him, his weapon is a baseball bat with a Batarang strapped to the top of it. He seems to also feel that criminals especially the Joker Gang have been given too much lenience and the only cure to that is for them to be executed. 


    When we see Clownhunter again, he has taken out a Batmobile (stolen by Joker Gang members) using some survival training & some gadget trickery. 


    Now Damien would have some really insight in ways to take down his father's gadgets as he would know them so well. 


    Now the other thing that leads me down this path is:-


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    In Teen Titans Annual 2, After months of build up we see Damian quit being Robin.


    After getting Alfred killed and not processing his death (and his love for him) his secret Prison and his renewed code that killing criminals not second chances is the only way he believes to save his loved ones and protect innocent lives, he hits breaking point declaring he is giving up his Robin persona to become who he believes he should be. 


    Now methodology aside i noticed a little thing which i don't know is a McGuffin or not. 


    Robin tears off his R insignia from the left breast. 


    Now if you look at Clownhunter you can see the following same height, skin color, access to Battech, methodology.


    But if you look at Clownhunters costume you can see a crossed out patch on his vest in the exact spot that the Robin R insignia would be. 



    Like i say i could be barking up the wrong tree but just something i had noticed and if anyone else that is reading has a view point please share. 



    James Tynion IV commented on that recently and denied it:





  2. 11 hours ago, Fry Crayola said:


    Yes.. and also no.


    Yes in that there was a mirror on the wall and you could see James in it. But no, because it wasn't actually a mirror as far as the engine was concerned - it was a hole in the wall behind which lay an exact mirrored copy of the bathroom and another James that you also controlled.


    Metal Gear Solid on PS1 did something like that too, but didn't duplicate Snake's model:



  3. I've been working my way through the Ultimate Edition for the last few months now and while I have really enjoyed the presentation and most of the mechanics (the enforced bedtimes can be annoying), I am finding it all quite repetitive now.


    After about 30 hours of playtime, I've done three palaces and am currently around lvl 30-ish. I see there are exams coming up soon (within days), does it open up a little more during or after the summer? If not, I think I might drop it and move onto something else in my pile of shame. I have enjoyed what I've played so far, but it is beginning to feel a bit of slog due to the templated nature of the palaces and drip feeding of the story. For what it's worth, this is my first time playing a Persona title. I tend to only play games in 30mins bursts these days so that's why it's taken me ages to even get this far.


    It also showed that Holly had a scratch on her right arm in the post credits scene. 

    Holly saying “Who’s Terry?” is the beginning of them formulating the cover up. Poorly done so yeah, it is a bit confusing. 
    The two ghosts were Ralph’s son and the elder Peterson kid, the one who Ralph shot at Terry's arraignment. 
    But aye, a pretty poor finale all told. Their cover up clears Terry’s name but leaves Maria Caneles in jail. That's a bit shitty.


    Did anyone else find the dialogue really hard to hear at times? I know it's a common thing on gritty TV dramas lately but this seemed exceptionally hard to hear at times. I ended up putting subtitles on. 

  5. 11 hours ago, shirubagan said:

    The Stretchers. 


    Does it have an audio language option?


    It looks like great fun but I think I was spoiled by watching the Japanese trailer before the English one. The translated version seems to be lacking in the OTT voices so would love to play it with the Japanese audio:




  6. It's just their usual vox pop really. Hardly presenting him as an insider. They literally say they met him while buying comics.


    Going back to the timing of Gadot's and Affleck's tweets, I agree that this has an air of orchestration about it. Will be interesting to see if Cavill does the same. I always got the impression that he prefers Whedon's approach to Superman.



  7. 14 hours ago, Art Vandelay said:

    A couple of stray thoughts. I watched the episode where simultaneously Frasier needs to write a eulogy for his hated great aunt, Niles needs to scatter her ashes and Martin is finishing his song for Sinatra. There’s just something about the finale in the church that chokes me up every time.


    A lot of the Martin moments do that for me, particularly the Christmas episode where Fraiser is keen on getting Fredrick educational gifts but finds out he actually wants a Outlaw Laser RoboGeek. 


    Marty Crane, possibly the best screen dad ever.

  8. I really want to give this a another watch, and it may have actually been more overt than I think but in regard to his mother,



    did anyone else notice that he seemed to be giving his medication to her? In one scene it shows him opening his pills, then it looks like he ground them up and seemed to scoop it into her porridge / oatmeal.


    Actually, do we ever seer him actually taking his medication?

  9. I know, right?!


    Bloody loved that scene. I loved Joaquin's whole take on Joker's dandy side. Visually, I think it's the closest we've seen to Neal Adams' Joker. There's a real grace to him.


    I also liked how he often seemed to walk or run as though he were wearing the clown shoes, even when he wasn't, and his more cocksure stride came later. It's a brilliant physical performance.

  10. 1 hour ago, Mawdlin said:

    Re the talk show:


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     It would have been more convincing for Murray to try wind it up but his insistence doesn't ring true. We've all seen car crash interviews but Wogan etc. all queue music at the first sign of things getting out of their control. 



    Hmm, I dunno.


    There are real world instances of interviewers not quite knowing when to wrap it up. Bill Grundy with the Sex Pistols, for example. I think Murray's insistence was due to him not wanting to feel like he'd lost control of the show, especially to someone he deemed to pretty pathetic and a joke. 

  11. I preferred the models / costume designs in Origins, and liked the crime scene investigation, despite how basic they were.


    But yes, the timing on the combat took some getting used to. I can't remember, did it differ for any particular reason?


    Arkham Asylum is my favourite of them all though, just felt so complete as an environment.

  12. 3 hours ago, Jarik said:


    It was because they were so clunky that I was unwilling to explore with them.  Using the Magnesis method however, I've checked out a couple of lakes & I'm planning to explore along the coastlines.  Just make sure you stop occasionally to "scan" the bottom of the body of water looking for those telltale Purple outlines of chests, & also keep an eye out for collections of gulls circling around, as its means there's something there too.


    I had no idea about this but ruddy love stuff like that.


    This game :wub:

  13. On 04/06/2019 at 12:49, Sabreman said:

    I know it's not Blu-ray, but my iTunes version of '89 has been upgraded and it looks pretty goddamn swish. They've also added all the extras (including the comic adaptation as a slideshow / gallery, which is another real nostalgia kick).


    I find it an unexpected and very pleasant surprise that this tends to happen with iTunes purchases. They're always sneaking in new special features and 4K upgrades. The only downside is they never give you any kind of notification it's happened, so you just have to check through your library for likely candidates.


    This was one of the reasons I've gone all in on iTunes for movies. Mad Max: Fury Road had the black and white chrome version added with pretty much no fanfare.


    Just had a quick look at Batman '89 and it looks incredible. It's probably one of my most watched movies as a kid and the soft VHS look is burned into my brain. This version is like seeing it again for the first time. 

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