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  1. For me, 'My Fave Console'TM, changes according to the games I'm playing. At the moment, my current fave is the GC. I've recently bought 1080: Avalanche and have decided to go back to REmake, Viewtiful Joe and Wind Waker. Before that I was loving Prince Of Persia and VF4 Evo on PS2. Before getting my Xbox chipped it was just gathering dust. Now, due to the wonders of XBox Media Player, I can watch screeners on the big TV. The DC is regularly swithced on for various thrills such as Virtua Tennis, Ikaruga, Headhunter, Mr Driller, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Bangai-O, Garou Mark Of The Wolves, Capcom vs SNK 2 and RE: Code Veronica. Yes, I know many of these titles are multi platform now but I own them on DC. My point is that it's the games that dictate my favourite console. There's not much else to it IMO. Online support, bad controller design etc. The DC has a bastard of a pad, yet it is still one of the greatest consoles made. The GC is pad is perfect for some games, completely wrong for others.
  2. While I can appreciate Nagoshi's enthuasim, passion and hard working ethic, his comlumn bore me. It often takes me several attempts to read it. It sometimes feels a chore to do so. Biffo is usually funny, Poole interesting and insightful. I have warmed to RedEye in the past year or so. I have found that many of his opinions reflect my own.
  3. You pedantic casual gaming idiot! I know what you mean. But I wasn't assuming the majority of PS2 owners were idiots, rather more that is how they are perceived to be by the elitist hardcore games. All this talk of casual/hardcore makes me sick anyway. What is a casual gamer exactly? I only play games 'casually' but I tend to follow the patterns that a typical 'casual' gamer wouldn't. For example: I own all the current generation of home consoles. - HARDCORE On a good week, I only clock up about 4-5 hours of gaming - CASUAL I read up on my hobby intently usually via forums, online sites and the old hardcore's favourite EDGE magazine - HARDCORE. I don't buy import games - CASUAL I'm not sure where I would I would be placed on the Casual gamer ------ hardcore gamer scale. Which is why I hate both labels.
  4. I see your point but surely the 'typical' PS2 owner would be a casual idiot and one less likely to post on an internet forum about their hobby unlike say, a GC or XBox owner? Just a thought....
  5. You raise an excellent point. Unfortunatley gameing culture has some of the worst cases of snobbery I have every beared witness too. If I had to class myself as any kind of gamer, it would be a casual one, if only to not associate myself ith elistist hardcore snobs who spend more time self proclaiming themselves to being hardcore than actually playing the games. Please note, owning lots of obscure games does not make you a gamer in my book. It mkaes you a collector. Being a gamer is about playing the games, not just buying them, playing it for a day then leaving it to gather dust on a shelf.
  6. Yes, there are a lot of shit games on PS2. Last time I checked, nobody had to buy a game they didnt want. I think it's fair to say that's there's an awful lot of shit on EVERY OTHER GAMING PLATFORM KNOWN TO MAN. PS2 will have more than it's fair share of dross but that is due to it's own success. Developers knock out crap knowing it will make at least some money on the markets number one platform.
  7. I can only speak from my experience but I've had my PS2 for close to three years now and not had a thing wrong with it. My XBXO I've had for about 14 months and have had several Read Errors. I don't anyone personally who has had a fault with their PS2 but I understand that faulty units are commonplace. Well obviously not that commonplace. As for the DVD playback, a lot people can't tell the difference between PS2/XBOX/standalone mid range DVD player. However, this doesn't stop Anti Sony folk to mention it even though they can't spot the difference themselves. This is not directed at you DJ Sack. It's just I often read posters claim these universally known 'facts' when they don't actually know for themselves. It's almost like it's a automated response. Similarly, when people claim that NTSC version of something is better when there is actaully no difference e.g. the PAL game has been optimised and runs at 60Hz. It's almost like it's the hardcore thing to do. Slag off the mainstream. "EA games are shit!" That phrase is so out dated, it isn't even true anymore. it was at one point but no longer. EA have produced some great games in the past few years. Any 'hardcore' gamer worth their salt would know that surely? I'm not saying this is true of all people who don't like the PS2/Sony. Alot of the disdain comes from bitterness (old Sega Zealots) or 'hardcore' gamers who hate the fact that Sony has brought their little clique hobby to the masses. Of course, there are many, many people who have more genuine reasons for their dislike of the Sony gaming brand. This post is in no way tarnishing all these people with the same brush. I do realise that I am genrealising a fair amount in the above but it is often the impression I get when I read some of the more unreasonable attacks on the PS2. I started a similar thread back on the old EDGE forum. It was titled "PS2: Too casual for some?" and discussed the reasons why Sony are so despised. To my surprise there were a number of people who added to my topic praising the PS2 and agreeing with my points. For what it's worth, I fucking love my PS2. It enables me to enjoy gaming treasures which aren't available on other platforms. Mind you, so does my Xbox. And my GameCube. And my Dreamcast. And my SNES. Etc etc.
  8. Do they accept receipts which show staff discount? I've read the terms and conditions and it mentions nothing about discounted purchases.
  9. Is RR:Evo out on PAL already?
  10. If it is the disc that is being given away with GCs, COMET should not be allowed to sell it. It states on the cover that it is for p[romotional use only. COMET may get into a bit of trouble ofver this so better get em while you can.
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