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  1. I think they mean the Vue in Leicester Square. If so, it's normal for them not to be showing a movie that's playing at the nearby Odeon or Empire.
  2. The audience I saw it with seemed to really enjoy it, particularly the Wonder Woman reveal. I've only seen The Force Awakens once, mind. The trailer shown was the long one which feels like it shows a lot but was edited slightly differently. The "who's that?" bit when Bruce arrives was missing for example, and a few other shots were gone. Still too bloody long though.
  3. First official look: The costume is looking good (although I think they could've gone further with the collar), I just hope it has the cinematography to match the source material.
  4. Oh yeah. By "can't wait" I meant can't wait to see it on the big screen. No way am I watching a dvd screener of this.
  5. Bookings are now open for the 70mm screenings in London. Got mine for the first Saturday and can't wait.
  6. That was fan-made: http://nerdreactor.com/2015/05/08/harley-quinn-tattooing-the-joker-fan-project/
  7. "They" being the filmmakers? Nope, don't think they ever did.
  8. I didn't watch that black and white fan edit that did the rounds recently but it doesn't represent what Miller intended. Miller's looked like this: Taken from here.
  9. I can see why people would find it annoying but I really like her humming. Find it quite soothing. I'm hoping that you can unlock her outfit as her default get up is lame.
  10. Same. As soon it that happens, all attempt at stealth is dropped and I go full John Wick.
  11. Never noticed it myself but that's brilliant. Would be good if he was airdropped in upon deployment too. Speaking of, I only noticed after the fact but it seems like you have to fulton any vehicles that you deployed. I foolishly assumed they were treated like D-Horse but any vehicles left behind do not appear on your sortie deployment screen.
  12. Mission 18: In other news... this game. THIS GAME.
  13. You'll be pleased to know that mine arrived this morning
  14. You swine. I know whose FOB I'll be pilfering from.
  15. Possibly. I ordered mine on the 7th August and my status is the same as yours.
  16. I've avoided reviews but it's heartening to see that the embargo isn't right on top of the release date which was starting to feel like the norm these days. Speaking of, what are Simplygames deliveries like these days? Would be great to get this before the Bank Holiday weekend.
  17. Can't say this trailer did anything for me (nods to The Thing or not) but then again, I didn't think much of the trailers for Basterds or Django and I loved both of those.
  18. This makes no sense to me. Why would you want to hate something before having seen it?
  19. The cape definitely is. The grimace looks real though. Fortunately they've still got a good nine months to finesse the FX.
  20. I'd hardly describe Caesar Romero, Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger as skeletal either. It's almost like they're each doing a different take on the same character, much like the various comic books artists have done so over the last 70 odd years.
  21. Nope, I don't buy it at all. Then again, I don't think I've read or heard them saying that had been the plan from the beginning. However it came about, I like that they're addressing it and from what I've seen so far, I like how they are doing it.
  22. It's out in a few months. I don't need a teaser and then inevitably several 'main' trailers. Despite the running time of 2:40, this trailer felt lean. Watched it a couple of times now and I get chills when they eventually reveal Rocky. It's quite understated. They've could easily gone for something more heavy handed.
  23. Im beginning to think that stock phrase is your signature because I don't think it's true in this instance. It's a boxing movie, better yet, it's a Rocky movie. Of course they're going to show the staple teases of the training montage(s) and shots from who knows which fight. I think it's a great trailer. I've gone from 'meh, I'll watch it for completion sake' to 'I'm really looking forward to this'.
  24. Based on that clip, the product placement is the same as in the first movie. Buy yep, this does look bad.
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