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  1. I like that the final hit during the fights no longer triggers the slo-mo finisher; I always found those looked a little goofy, particularly the rag doll effect on the enemies. Still not sold on the Batmobile gameplay though. I loved Asylum and played through each of the sequels with diminishing enjoyment. The city looks gorgeous in this one (for example, Chinatown in the above clip) but nothing about this screams Day 1 to me.
  2. It's downright outrageous is what it is. I'd pay ridiculous amounts of money for a bluray boxset with audio commentaries from the creators. That and Animaniacs.
  3. I take it back, I like that. Just hope they show it. Bloody love seeing Batman punch that clown in the chops.
  4. I'm not a fan of the photo used for the initial reveal but these latest pics have given me more faith. On-set candid photos always look iffy but once lit and shot well, I can imagine this version will be similar to Greg Capullo's version of the Joker. I don't mind the neatness, the Joker has always been a dandy. Don't think I'll ever like what they've chosen to do with his teeth though.
  5. Unfortunately, BFI is indeed 3D and the best seats sold out weeks ago.
  6. Looks fun to me. Reminds me of The Flash which has been great. Spoiling the entire pilot in an an extended trailer is no surprise these days, networks tend to do it a lot.
  7. This needs answering. Looking around, all of the central London cinemas have again relegated the 2D version to the smaller screens.
  8. I thought it might be used to mask continuity errors or to hide the non-cast members in cars driving behind them.
  9. They didn't, it leaked. WB have been telling sites to take it down. It is bound to be used for promos but only after it's been retouched and comped into something else. The same thing happened with Ledger's Joker before TDK was released. Those ended up being used in the poster campaign. edit: This shoot was used for this:
  10. Guess I'm alone in being hyped for this. Can't wait.
  11. I need this movie in 2D and projected as large as humanly possible NOW.
  12. Sounds like you're holding 'X' down for too long. You only need to hold it down long enough to start the getting-into-locker animation. Once you're in there, you don't need to hold anything (but you can lean back and side to side once you're in there, plus hold your breath when the alien is nearby). You tap 'X' again to get out so I'm assuming that's what is happening when you keep the button held down too long.
  13. I've always felt Salmon as Bond would feel a bit too 'made for TV'. He's too bland. Maybe bland is too strong a word. Too vanilla.
  14. I'm all for a black Bond, but I think Ejiofor would be a much better choice.
  15. Seeing those vids plus next day delivery by Amazon equals a "don't mind if I do". Graphics whore you say? I'm a stone cold slut.
  16. That's the entire point. They've explicitly stated that it's set in a world where actual dinosaurs aren't enough. What you're referring to is the point of the first movie, not this one.
  17. A tease of the trailer that's due on Thanksgiving: I've got a good feeling about this.
  18. IFGO (yesterday). Yeah, I'm a year late but Alien Isolation looked and sounded amazing. Four missions in and loving it so far, when I'm not picking my jaw from the floor during Resogun of course. Got the Destiny bundle, looking forward delving into that after Isolation. My PSN is monkeysInc if you're so inclined.
  19. The Justice League movie is a two parter, so it's possible that they're essentially shooting JL scenes back to back hence the inclusion of some many characters.
  20. As Justice League is out a only year after, I'd say it's a given that they are essentially shooting back to back so it's not really a fair comparison. Also, remember that the release date of BvS was pushed back. There were set visits this week, I'd say most of BvS principal photography is done and they're now underway with Justice League. As for Ultron being in post, Kevin Feige has said that on all Marvel films, they schedule for reshoots and additional photography during post.
  21. Are those official facts then? There's been so many rumours and straight up fake news stories now, I can't remember if Batman never being photographed is an actual thing. Don't think it was stated officially but I could be wrong. I wouldn't say they're doing Superman backwards or wrong, just different which I quite like. Superman can be boring when he's perfect. Him having blood on his hands mixes things up a bit.
  22. You really should give Ground Zeroes a go. It's pretty great, if short, and looks gorgeous even on the PS3 and 360. Comparing your comments now to the ones at the beginning of the thread makes me Good to have you aboard.
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