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  1. Defence Grid. Just managed to do Veil of Ice with only one core remaining Great game even if I do suck balls at it.
  2. Though I knew about the game well before you recommended it, your input did make me go for it ahead of Disgaea 3 and Valkyria Chronicles. Cheers ears Currently playing WoW (levelling the 'lock) and Fable III. Fable III was over a bit too quickly, so am starting it again and this time I'll actually bother to accumulate gold and buy property.
  3. I've leant it to a workmate and I won't be seeing him for a while now. Sorry about that. Would loved to have helped too as I owned Maneater (zapped its tail off even), and Flamelurker owes me 70k souls from our first encounter so it would have been nice to smack him about some too. I'll drop you a message when I get the game back from workmate in case you need a hand with anything. Apologies again.
  4. Demon's Souls. Helping people out on bosses etc. Feels good man. Also playing NG+ now and again. Steamrollered my way through Palace and Shrine.
  5. Yeah, being a long time 360 owner this was a WTF moment for me too. Now when I play some of the older games for the first time I do so with the ps3 offline.
  6. Still available from Amazon and Gameplay. Zavvi have it in stock too, though they're asking £99.99 for it
  7. I once called someone a cu*t because they were talking over the Thrall event in Nagrand I wouldn't have minded but he just went on and on and then when he got asked to be quiet he starts yelling. So I just called him it and he says reported! to which I replied with report this and proceeded to call him a cu*t in the yell channel Never heard anything from Blizzard about it though I ended up in a group with him a long time after that (had to take him off ignore) and we had a laugh about it.
  8. Easy mode?! More like Easy Mode++++++++++++++ Had I gone in with a melee character I would have given up somewhere down the line. This way I know what's what and when I come to play with a less godly class I'll have half a chance. Currently farming the Reaper on 4-2.
  9. I tried to kill him on the cheap it didn't work (hid behind the outcrop on the cliff and tried to range him -when I thought that would take too long I ran straight for it and hugged the ground below where it's sat... so the bloody thing cranes its neck and scorches the whole area! I'd guessed what he was up to and dodged back as quick as I could) but I didn't die either
  10. First boss dead Felt kind of sorry for him when all his gloopy chums had copped it. What this game desperately needs: banisters. I died twice walking over the edge of the taller sets of stairs The lack of banisters did me in more than the red knight, though I did shit 'em when he charged toward me Will be farming him next.
  11. Should have it by next week Been playing Case: Zero. Though I still won't be buying Dead Rising 2 any time soon, it did win me over despite the lack of you know who.
  12. Far chase cam. I like being able to see my surroundings, but I also want to be close enough to know when to make the smaller adjustments and to do so with confidence.
  13. I was going to buy that somewhere down the line (was thinking after Valkyria Chronicles) but I think I'll be making it my next new game purchase. Dunno when exactly though >_>
  14. It confuses me and I've been around it all my life! A couple of nights ago I needed a mere three runs to win, I had loads of balls remaining so it was a pretty easy task even though I was down to the last two batsmen *again*. But being the spaz I am, I came charging down the wicket to whack it out of the park (y'know, so I could win in style). Completely misjudged it. Got stumped by the wicketkeeper. Getting a bit bored of it now though as I didn't buy anything after finishing Yakuza 3.
  15. Oooh! Love the figureprint! A few of my old favourites. Last one's been touched up a bit.
  16. Basically I got however many runs it was I needed (70+ I think it was) with my last two players. Neither player was in the team due to their batting prowess (they're pace bowlers). I played my first game against Pakistan earlier. There was a very suspicious collapse by their top order and they dropped lots of catches too, though to be fair they bowled no no-balls
  17. International Cricket 2010. My first win thanks to a successful last wicket stand between Bresnan and Anderson against the Aussies
  18. Uncharted 2, MGS 4, GoW Collection, Heavy Rain and Yakuza 3. I shouldn't have referred to the first Resistance in my post as I'd only played all of five minutes of it Sorry. KZ2 was just the same thing over and over and over and over. While the game is solid (good enemy A.I., solid weapons, easy to get used to controls and some cool graphical effects -and the enemy accents cracked me up ) it just bored the pants off me as nothing exciting happened. As for Uncharted, I'd have finished it were it not for the spazzily animated bullet sponge bad guys (and I really wanted to like Uncharted too because I loved the second game).
  19. I recently became a ps3 owner after being a 360 only gamer since around the time of Fallout 3's release (I had a Wii and 360 before that too). The ps3 back catalogue is amazing and while there are some stinkers in there too (Killzone 2, both Resistance games and I didn't get on with the first Uncharted), I wish I'd bought it sooner. Whichever one you end up going for you'll be having some great times, though if you can afford it you should get the other one too at some point.
  20. Yakuza 3. I could wander about Kamurocho doing side missions and generally just gawping at the city all day along...actually, that's pretty much what I have been doing
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