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  1. I know it wasn't forward thinking, but it's weird how much younger he looks in this show than his initial appearances.

    Looks like he drooped a good bit of weight from his first BB appearance. Have loved this, far more than I enjoyed Breaking Bad, but I've always been a huge Odenkirk fan so probably biased.

  2. The show still hasn't got a massive audience. It's big online and many of it's fans are hardcores (myself included) but I never really hear it mentioned by people offline. Read an interview with DeVito awhile back where he said more people come up to him to him today to talk about his part on Taxi than It's Always Sunny.

  3. Iv'e just been getting into trying more beer lately after being a carling/harp/whatever largers going man for a few years and strongbow/magners man before that. Iv'e really been enjoying ale's recently. Could anyone reccomend a few ales along the lines of Smithwicks/Hobgoblin/Newcastle Brown, like a nice ale with a sweet finish. Larger wise iv'e been enjoying Birra Moretti/Tyskie/Tsingtao/San Miguel anything available in the major supermarkets would be good.

    TLDR: New to decent beer, recommend me some

  4. I never expected it I knew it wouldn't happen but the WHOLE show has basically been Ted being in love with Robin but now she's marrying his best mate but it's all right cause he's met a female version of himself and their all gonna live happily ever after.

  5. The way they wrote the show in earlier seasons has just made it seem really unsatisfying that Ted hasn't ended up with Robin, I agree it's been terrible lately with so many gimmick episodes to drag out this awful final season. The mother is just a female Ted who is almost exactly like him but female. Not a satisfying ending at all.

  6. Anyone think a Capone/Chicago spin off of this could work with Stephen Graham et al. I know Boardwalk is ending but that part of the story is only really heating up. Loads of great history could be covered there and Graham has been excellent as Capone.

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