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  1. It definitely was on over here for awhile, might have been on Virgin or Bravo or one of those type of channels.
  2. Never trust a man who doesn't enjoy a sausage roll. Even shit sausage rolls are good.
  3. They haven't done phone ins for goal of the month in years have they?
  4. Murphy's Romance is pretty good 80's though, it has Corey Haim!
  5. Sturridge got 8 goals in 12 games for Bolton in 2011 so he's gone on this kind of hot streak before to be fair. He's abit old fashioned but aslong as he stays fit and avoids major injury problems down the road I could see him being a 15-20 goal a season man for the forseeable future. He never got a chance for Chelsea up front really, iv'e rated him for years (intially regarding him as a much better prospect than Welbeck) and it's good to see him coming good for Liverpool
  6. Anyone else think this has a huge Curb esque feel to it? I'm constantly waiting for when he's going to fuck everything up or say the wrong thing.
  7. Yeah absolutely loved this, it was abit out there but the Brucie stuff, Berry's old mate and Berry in general had me constantly cracking up.
  8. We are Men cancelled already. Pity thought it had a good cast and decent potential. The US's lack of patience with shows irks me greatly.
  9. I like the idea of awkward Brit transplanted into a glitzy and glamorous US setting and enjoyed the pilot. Only problem was the cringey stuff was too cringe, could have done with being dialled back abit. Would have just left out him crashing through the table as his behaviour before that was awkward enough. Has potential though, think their lucky this is on HBO as I wouldn't see it lasting five minutes on FOX, CBS etc
  10. I can't really put my finger on it but while I enjoy the show I can't help but feel something's missing. The writing and acting are both good but the only episodes it got near the top Sopranos etc level were the last few episodes of season three for me. I think my main problems with it are I don't really think Buscemi is all that suited to the character of Nucky despite his obvious acting talents, I think the role needed a guy with a stronger presence. I actually think he would work better as his brother's character at times. The show also has many really annoying characters (Margaret, Owen etc etc) The only people I really really like are Chalkie, Capone, Nucky's butler and Harrow. Van Alden is pure comedy at times.
  11. Renewed for Season 5. This season has started pretty slow but then again don't they all? Hope they are building to something good but can't see it topping the last few eps of season 3.
  12. It's almost like a rockstar best of, with the best of GTA, Red Dead and even some bits from LA Noire wub. No worries MB I asked the same questions yesterday and no fucker answered and it took me ages of gameplay to figure it out. You bastards
  13. The driving is realistic, can be problamatic if you just want to bulldoze your way down the road through all the other cars, it's better than 4 and I find theres a big difference from car to car, i.e the better the car the smoother it is to control rather than just faster etc.
  14. All the years of pain suffered in Northern Ireland have been worth it for this.
  15. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Siku-Porsche-911-Colours-vary/dp/B000E4FHLO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1379195306&sr=8-1&keywords=porsche+toy Colors may vary
  16. You got me there, the sheer mass of the place outside the city is mental though.
  17. The shooting is pretty great in this, big improvement although I still think the driving is abit dodgy. I'm not sure what to be doing apart from the missions and side missions at this stage. Tried to go out to the country to explore awhile but didn't have a clue what I was doing or where I was going.
  18. I installed the first disk and am just playing the game off the second disk, for anyone wondering about noise it's not creating any and is much quieter than other games I have like Fifa etc, I have one of those 8GB slimline xboxs.
  19. Only up but MINE IS FUCKING HERE CHDHJDHRIRHDDIDHFIDIFHGNBSK. In Northern Ireland, gonna go load up now
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