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  1. Excellent news, one of my favorite shows ever.
  2. Barnet losing Dons score pen, Barnet down as it stands Edit: Barnet 2 down now, that's probably it for them and Edgar Davids, and Aldershot
  3. Wimbledon 1 up now edit: Fleetwood equalised
  4. The Searchers, great story about the desire for blind revenge and marginalization yourself from normal society. If you haven't seen it get on it.
  5. The woman who plays the psychiatrist really annoyed me in Goodfellas, that's all I have to add.
  6. Has anyone found themselves become a complete emotional wreck as they get older? When I was 12 I was a proper hard nut but now in my early 20's any old shite will set me off like a big girl.
  7. I wasn't even taking the piss but I did first see it as a young kid too so that likely had an effect. It's actually really good passionate acting from Lithgow considering he's playing against a pretend big foot, a model pro. Another one is obvious but as a kid and today I absoutely lose it when they put E.T in the MRI machine or whatever it was in those days.
  8. Harry and The Hendersons when John Lithgow tell's Bigfoot nobody likes him and he has to leave but he's only really doing it to protect him and has to choke back the tears when he finally goes. Emotional stuff
  9. Has the BBC recently picked up the rights to some Westerns? Seems their getting a regular showing Saturday afternnons
  10. Yes it must be incredibly "sad" for Chelsea fans the predicament their in, alright you've had a bad season or two by your own really high standards (and even then it's debatable but look at clubs like Accrington, Barnet and those further down the pyramid and then think about what's sad. I know your likely only interested in your own club and that's fair enough but the team that won the Champions League and F.A Cup double last season is making you sad, really?
  11. Iv'e just got this because of deal of the week but i'm currently playing oblivion loving it and am about 3/4 of the way through so far, done the Arena and most of the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild, should I bother finishing the main story in Oblivion or just jump right into Skyrim?
  12. The whole difference between characters in Frasier/Cheers I always assumed was explained by going back home and falling back into old habits, i.e hooking up with his overly snooty little brother bringing out that side of him and the fact that all his friends had been taken away from him meant he sort of reverted to type/autopilot while finding his feet. Sorry if iv'e over thought it!
  13. I love James Stewart, the man who shot liberty valance is a great late bnw from the early 60's shot that way for effect and to save money.
  14. Easy Rider, terrible self indulgent film with little real plot. If you like watching two guys ride motorcycles and incredibly weird and pointless hooker montages then this might be for you. Jack Nicholson still manages to be awesome as usual though.
  15. Downloaded the first episode and enjoyed it as I did the first season, really like the wackiness. His dad being completely like him, GOB completely changing his attitude after listening to the stupid tapes and Neil from The Inbetweeners is pretty good in it aswell, not sure where their going with him being filthy rich though. It's strange in a way because it has some pretty core plot points, his job his relationship with Alice etc and then all this completely wierd shit going on in the background that I assume will tie together at some stage.
  16. Could argue in M*A*S*H when Col Henry Blake's plane was shot down on his way home was a pretty ballsy move, after that and the departure of Wayne Rogers the tone of the show really changed from light hearted high jinks and medical comedy with the backdrop of a war to much darker themes and blacker comedy than was seen before.
  17. I immediately thought of Copland aswell reading that, I really enjoyed Copland though :/
  18. No Gillespie, Savage or Chris Casper, this is an outrage!
  19. Marry me? Beatles themed dinner sound absolutely awesome, probably because i'm a sucker for anything Beatles. You could go to Burger King and get the royale meal?
  20. They definately do over here (Northern Ireland) can get them in most shops.
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