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  1. so, someone has gummed up my mob tower and not repaired it...
  2. Same - I've built a couple of large structures, and made some small contributions to the infrastructure and other people's works, but I'd rather not be on a new whitelist if it meant most people can continue to enjoy the game, rather than be on the whitelist and have people suffer this griefing.
  3. That might be a server or lag issue. Have you tried this on a different day? The reason I ask is that IME sometimes (now and again) a region as small as say 5x5x5 can't be altered or even reliably moved through, while everywhere else seems fine - return to that region a different day and that area is fine. I've experienced this in various places on the server, far away from spawn.
  4. There was a purge of all the trees a week or so ago. Some people are a bit scared of monsters, apparently...
  5. Doh! thanks - feeling very foolish. In retrospect, I was travelling in the wrong direction from off.
  6. Harvest the bottom one, so that all three blocks appear, then plant one.
  7. I'm using Alex's map to travel to the frozen wastes in the East (the bottom of the map, I think that's right) - it's taking a long time to get there, didn't realise how far they are. The portals will be very handy. [edit] no, i've confused myself - don't know if I'm travelling in the right direction.... i'm heading with the clouds moving from my left to my right. [edit2] no, i think i've fcuked this up.
  8. Just FYI, in case you guys don't know: "If a tree grows underground in SMP, most of the leaves may not appear instantly, but will "grow" out over time. Any players colliding into the soon-to-be blocks will get stuck/snagged until it becomes visible. This snag can even happen before the sapling sprouts." http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Tree I wondered why I kept getting stuck in my lair - thought it was lag!
  9. 30 diamond?! I can understand why you're annoyed!
  10. And excludes underground, which I have been claiming while you all busy yourselves overhead! mahahahhaaha
  11. I think he might teleport up - I suspect the difficulty will be in getting him back down (alive).
  12. Sutom, I got very, very lost, sorry. I put lots of string and feathers in the General Store's loot chest (Mukville).
  13. Is there a general store to which I can contribute some adventuring goods (e.g. string, feathers, arrows)?
  14. My mob tower has become more useful with this update. Feel free to grab gunpowder, arrows etc. I have some gold you are welcome to have - where is your HQ (or convenient chest)? [EDIT] found it - dropped 12 gold in the chest on the first floor
  15. If you want bones, I built an (inefficient) mob tower underground - there should be some signs about the place (there is access near the tower of lava ph0rce built). There are some bones stored in the chests down at the collection point, and it doesn't take too long to collect more.
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