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  1. Finished The Minish Cap on my lunchbreak there for the first time. Enjoyable but flawed. Some of the overworld puzzles were fairly obtuse, and the overworld itself was....fine? Good bosses, including the hardest final boss run in any Zelda I've played since the NES games. Clever but unchallenging dungeon design. 7/10
  2. Some of y'alls gameboys are too sexy and I want one.
  3. I've spent some more time with the rg351p and I was definitely too harsh before. I was playing Kuru Kuru Kururin (badly). For stuff that requires twitchy 360 movement it's not perfect, but its fine for everything else. I've learnt to love the damn thing!
  4. Ah yeah. I came to this thread after ordering. My comment was based on YouTube and web reviews. Still really like it though!
  5. I bought it mainly for GBA emulation, and to be perfectly honest im thinking about just getting a modded SP and a flashcart.
  6. So I took a punt with the RG351p, my first emulation handheld, and it arrived this week. The thing really is superb, with one major caveat: the D Pad. Lots of travel, feels 'unbalanced' and not nice to use. Is this just what to expect with emulation devices such as these? It's a real shame and surprised to see no reviews mentioning it.
  7. Exactly what happened to me with the two codes I bought this morning. Seemed like it was going through okay and then wham, code already redeemed. They advised me it was applied, I said I couldn't see it online, they went away for a few minutes and then it was fixed.
  8. I just managed to get 2 years of Game Pass Ultimate for about £80 (I didn't want to risk adding a third given my issues with code redemption this morning!) Thanks guys
  9. I think there must be something going on with Microsoft's redemption system this morning. Get on webchat and they'll sort it out.
  10. After a brief webchat, MS have applied the codes to my account. Apparently there was something wrong with their system after all! Phew! But yes, will definitely not use G2A again.
  11. Yeah, I've not used G2A in the past and am regretting my choice here. With regards to CDKeys, I've used them plenty of times before with no issues. The fact that this has happened on both codes is leading me to believe either the MS service is screwed at the moment or I've done this completely wrong. Silly me.
  12. So I just purchased a 12 month live key from CD keys to do the Ultimate upgrade trick, entered the code and was told it had already been redeemed. Okay I thought, I'll get a refund on that one, it can happen. Purchased another one from G2A and received the same message. Am I doing something wrong or have I been screwed over twice? Uh oh.
  13. I've got properly back into gaming again over the past few years. Having never played an Xbox One, I'm going all in on a Series X next week and looking forward to catching up on a whole MS generation. Or I might just play Skate again. We'll see.
  14. I only had to do about 10 minutes of coin farming to get to 100% during my run (which I only spent on toad hints). Admittedly I'm missing one costume and didn't buy any extra moons from the store, but I'm happy with that.
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