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  1. Funniest match I've ever seen. Gabriel so deserved to win that. Superb performance.
  2. The last couple of days have been fantastic. Today kicked off with the excellent Dirk v Ross match too. For some reason I can't stand watching Rob Cross throw a dart so I'll skip the Cross v King match and clean the bathroom instead.
  3. Obviously without Vern (RIP) but this is huuuuge. I was 16/17 when they broke up so missed them the first time round. Some UK dates to follow, surely?! Best Post Hardcore band ever, probably?!
  4. This is a fairly barebones collection but it looks nice and Klonoa 2 is still dripping with that dreamlike atmosphere and is tons of fun to play. Really enjoying the first game too as it's totally new to me.
  5. Back on Lumines, and now can't stop playing Lumines. Damn it's still so great even through I am bobbins at it m8.
  6. Never thought that a Sonic trailer would initially make me think of Nier.
  7. iloverage

    Sleaford Mods

    Holy shit. Totally ripped off their sound wholesale.
  8. One of my first videogame encounters was playing the Pac-Land cabinet at Butlins when was about 5? Weirdly not played it since but the memory is so strong. Can't wait to dig in again.
  9. iloverage

    The Punk Thread

    Yeah! Got that late 70s garage punk by way of 80s goth post punk thing going on. Dig it.
  10. iloverage

    The Punk Thread

    Punk/hc things I have been enjoying at the moment.
  11. I just bought both volumes of the Namco Museum Archives not realising that they all contain NES/FC ports and not the arcade versions. Boo!
  12. Any love for Big Red Racing? One of the best racers of the decade for sure.
  13. I take this back.
  14. I was going to post this! I only had the demo courtesy of a coverdisc, but I played it for hours. Really need to play it again.
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