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  1. I only had to do about 10 minutes of coin farming to get to 100% during my run (which I only spent on toad hints). Admittedly I'm missing one costume and didn't buy any extra moons from the store, but I'm happy with that.
  2. After replaying the final boss fight one more time, I have decided that the final song (you know the one) is possibly my favourite piece of original videogame music ever.
  3. So that's it done 100%, which I can never usually be bothered with. The volleyball moon was my final one. Good game init.
  4. 390 moons deep and can't see myself stopping anytime soon. Not quite sure that it tops the Galaxy games for me, personally because I prefer the platforming in those, but it is outstanding and magical and everything else that has been said a million times already. I adore it.
  5. After spending most of the afternoon with it I can say it's a lovely thing indeed, however the left joy con sync issue is a big problem. Thankfully I bought the pro controller because after an hour trying out the grip with zelda I died auto-running off a cliff and the game was honestly fairly unplayable when slumped lying down on the sofa. Sitting up straight with a clear line of sight between the grip and dock was fine. It's a shame though.
  6. You are right of course. On the other hand I've possibly had too many beers to fully appreciates it tonight anyway. That's what I'm telling myself.
  7. Right I've just got home. Left work at four and been out drinking with mates since then. Received an email earlier in the day from amazon saying that my switch had been signed for. I got home and it wasn't in the usual post spot. There was a card by my door saying that it was with flat number 4. Why the fuck did they take it in? They should have left it in the post area (it's an old Hove town house converted into 6 small flats - it'll be secure). I've got my Zelda from simply games. I don't have my switch. I'm a little drunk and angry. Do I knock on flat 4 at 10:30pm or do I wait till the morning? Are they playing on my switch. They better not be playing on my switch. I want my switch
  8. Pre-ordered a Switch and Zelda this past Monday through Amazon and received confirmation today that the Switch is being delivered on Friday! Result! Big problem being that there's no word on Zelda. God damn.
  9. I noticed that Amazon apparently has some grey allocation again. I caved in and ordered just now. Fingers crossed. First time ever buying a console day one for me.
  10. This is exciting. Looking forward to seeing if any old characters will make a reappearance. Looking back I think I was 18 when Episode 1 came out and I'm now 31 which is frankly a terrifying thought. ALSO, I knew I still had this somewhere and so dug it out. Episode 1 on CD, first pressing mail out. Its worth money aye?
  11. The digital instruction manual accessed through the dashboard game menu.
  12. I've not really posted for like 8/10 years and I don't really recognise this place anymore so hey, I feel new. Hello.
  13. I finished this earlier. Any frustrations that I felt throughout the journey completely melted away towards the end, It's magic. Also: Totally not a spoiler because it's clearly listed in the instruction manual, but just in case... Actual big endgame spoiler:
  14. My pal Enlish has a new record out and it's good https://enlish.bandcamp.com/album/slumdog-hundredaire
  15. As an aside I saw Mineral play their reunion tour last year and Frank Turner was there and looked like he'd been crying and it was the most emo thing I had ever seen in my entire life.
  16. I guess the term emo is pretty loose... Algernon Cadwallader are pretty cool n' mathy empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate) are pretty cool and emoish
  17. About 10 years ago whilst in my very early 20's, smoking a lot of weed and slap-bang in the middle of my noise phase; I Imported this from America. I remember purchasing after reading a good write-up in The Wire magazine. A 10 LP compilation boxset of mostly unlistenable noise. There is some good stuff on there, mind. The Amps For Christ side is pretty cool. I think it cost me about £70.
  18. iloverage


    That's great LaParka! It's really comforting to see great progress. I got an ex to teach me shortly before we broke up because I've always wanted to learn, but didn't get very far in at all; I didn't complete anything. This weekend I decided to purchase some needles and yarn and get cracking on scarf and it's going great. Really enjoying it. Should be finished in a day or so.
  19. iloverage


    Finished and got one of the endings tonight. I LOVE this game so much.
  20. iloverage


    I've not played Earthbound, but yes, you need this.
  21. iloverage


    Not to jump the gun or get overly hyperbolic or anything, but I'm 3/4 hours in and think that it MIGHT be one of the very finest games I've ever played. Totally in love with it. I need to stay out of this thread until I'm done, however.
  22. Bumping to post new doe Bloody ace band. New song sounds punchier/darker than their previous stuff (which is all great late 90s ish-sounding indie punk pop stuff) Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7tzIO678my6yGW0ZIhYEV3 [edit] They're British - pretend you didn't see the word 'American' in the thread title.
  23. This band currently soundtracking a breakup like the emo fool that I am. True story: I saw them play earlier this year and that Frank Turner chap was in the crowd and I think he was crying.
  24. It's a crime that no one listens to Roomrunner.
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